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GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England
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Available for new clients

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Cambridge CB21 & London W1G
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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

I am an award-winning hypnotherapist and open and approachable person. I offer a professional, caring and safe service in a comfortable private environment. I work  either in the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, or Finsbury Park, London N4, or Great Abington, Cambridge as well as ONLINE sessions.

I specialise in anxiety, depression and confidence issues, obsessions and compulsions, alcohol abuse, gambling issues, weight loss, eating disorders, anger management, stopping smoking, overcoming fears and phobias and exam nerves. I can provide a reference from a senior GP.

Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I grew up lacking confidence and when my first book was published, I could not bear to open it - someone else had to do that for me. As a first time mother, I used to hang over my son's cot wondering how anything so beautiful could be mine. Years later, a deep personal crisis led me to seek help from a hypnotherapist. Even though I had qualified as a counsellor, I was overwhelmed by stress and irrational feelings, which I felt  counselling would not help with. For some unexplained reason, I turned to hypnotherapy. It gave me my freedom back, which is why I now wish to do the same for others.

How sessions work
The first consultation is very powerful. It includes a full case history and assessment.  You learn how hypnotherapy will help you using the unconscious parts of the mind to change habits, attitudes and beliefs.

Sessions are unique for each client as everyone is different. The first stage of the session involves an open discussion, followed by hypnosis. After hypnosis, you have the opportunity for feedback. I have regularly achieved outstanding results, even with clients who felt they were doomed to suffer from intractable issues. Clients leave feeling inspired, empowered and deeply relaxed.

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Training, qualifications & experience

I am an honours graduate, international trainer and a published author of ten best-selling books,(Cambridge University Press) which I am happy to show or lend to clients.

My many qualifications include a certificate of counselling, certificates as a master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Time Line Therapy practitioner. I am also a respected trainer in hypnotherapy.

I have international experience and have delivered training in Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Oman, China, Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Professional Memberships
I am registered with the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners and bound by their ethics and code of practice. I am also  a member of the Royal Society of Medicine (Senior Associate.) I am a published author of several best selling books published byCambridge University Press and belong to the Society of Authors (SoA) and Author and Licensing Collecting Society (ALCS).

I have been qualified as a counsellor since 2002 and a hypnotherapist since 2007.

I regularly undertake professional training in areas that will benefit my clients. I have recently updated training in the areas of addiction issues, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger management  and depression.

I am fully insured to practise and have an enhanced CRB clearance.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I offer support with, preparation for, and recovery from, surgery, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, essential tremors, bladder problems, nervous stomach, interview techniques, issues with dating and driving and driving tests. My former educational background has been of great benefit for  children's problems and young people's issues.

Customised training packages available to work  1-1 or in small groups to develop professional hypnoptherapy, NLP and counselling skills.

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£90.00 per session

Additional information

Clinic Sessional fees vary.

Hypnotherapy Clinic Harley St, London, average rates from £80- £100 per hour. Sessions up to two hours.

Great Abington, Cambridge,  average rates from £60 per hour. Sessions up to two hours. Average session 90 minutes.

I offer some flexible appointment times and online appointments- please enquire for details.

When I work

I offer some flexible times depending on availability.

Further information

Client Testimonials and References

Dear Marian

Thank you so much for your care and professionalism. The benefits have lasted several years.  From being able to get my mum with dementia and dad with Parkinson’ s  have the best Care, my claustrophobia and fear of flying right through to changing my career, the unthinkable has been made possible. Most of all, peace of mind has been restored.

Miss C. K


Hi Marian

Dear Marian
All of my life I have struggled with an anxious mind, accompanied by fear and worry sitting in the drivers seat. I have always looked around at people not living like me and envied them, how do they do it? I reached a point where I wanted to make a change and wanted to live with a different mindset and a much more carefree life. I thought there must be a way to change the inner workings of me. I researched various different counselling techniques, self help books etc, until I came across a page on hypnotherapy. The inquisitive part of me, thought hey, let’s give this a go! This sounds interesting!

Everyday, I am so incredibly grateful that I took the time and energy to start my hypnotherapy journey with Marian. A great of example of the work we’ve been doing is I used to be so scared of flying, that it used to take away from the excitement of going on holiday. Now, with the help of Marian and our sessions, I countdown my holidays with excitement, not dread! I sit on a plane thinking about how incredible it is to be up in the sky seeing everything around me and laughing and joking with my partner enjoying the experience. No longer gripping the arm rests with all my strength for the full 4 hour flight! 
We have worked on so many things that I have had a tremendous impact on my life and on the way I think and go about my day, everyday. I would highly recommend starting your journey with Marian if you’re ready to start living your life to it
s fullest and being free from the things holding you back. Thank you Marian for everything you are and do. 

Ms D K

App Developer

Hi Marian,

I hope you’re well. I just wanted to say thank you so much. After several months, I am still smoke-free even though I have been around people smoking and drinking here in Cairo which normally would have triggered me slipping back into my old habits but I feel totally in control.

Thank you so much.

Callumn, Engineer, Cairo

Hi Marian

I wanted to get in touch with you with a very belated Thankyou.

Having hypnotherapy with you has taught me many things and you opened up memories for me that have been a comfort and joy ever since.
You also gave me the confidence to recommend you and hypnotherapy in general, to others, including patients, which I know has helped them too.

The anxieties I experienced can be settled with a press of the finger and I am a nicer, calmer person for it.
I am now working full time in a different setting but enjoying it instead of being eaten up by responsibilities and anxieties.

So a big Thankyou!
Love from Dr A,(GP, Suffolk)

I just wanted to thank you for your work with me back in xxxx. It has helped me greatly with work and at home! My colleague has noticed how calmer I have been and how I am starting to get back to my normal self and am becoming more assertive again. I had a good interview with the new head of xxxxx about my experience and aspirations and he is happy to for me to get further training to become a xxxxxx. (my kind colleagues also helped steer him towards this)

Things are still troubling at home, but I am working through them as I am more able to control the stress. N. T Cambridgeshire

Marian has enabled me to break free from my dental phobia. My teeth were in bad shape as I dreaded the dentist and hardly ever went. I would sit in the chair feeling like a trapped animal. Now the dentist and I can chat like old friends. He says the change (three years ago)  is remarkable and wishes more of his patients would consider hypnotherapy. I am now contacting Marian wondering if she could help my son, 19, who has anxiety ...

Mrs H.


Marian, my work confidence is so much better, when I walk into the office, people are much friendlier calling out greetings  whereas I used to feel as if I was  ignored. The icing on the cake was that today I got  through the final stage my Chartership and I have satisfied the Panel. I had been turned down at this point many times even though I had passed all the written exams.  It  was the  the presentation and Q and A with peer review. I have to thank you and also my wife who was the one who found you in the first place. The world has opened up and I might take off and travel with my family, expand my career  or stay put in the same job but getting more money now I have all the qualifications.

Thank you again

Mr M. P. near London.

Going to Marian was the best money I ever spent.



Marian, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with a very difficult time in my personal life.



If I could I would give Marian a gold star, an OBE and an island! Depression and anxiety was my life and she enabled me to break out.

Mrs A Cambridgeshire

Firstly, Marian, I did my presentation  and it was really good with  no self doubt. Since then, I have done a 1.5 hour video  and today I volunteered to  present to the managers.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I want to thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your expertise. I want you to know how much this (and you) have meant to me. Thank you again and continue doing what you are doing Marian, because you make a difference to people's lives.

Ms S, Cambridge

Marian, you may remember ,I came in for some hypnotherapy sessions with you at Harley St. I wanted to let you know that I passed my promotion assessment recently. The sessions I had definitely played a big part in this and helped my successfully manage stress, ensuring I could perform at my best. And I think they helped unlock something that would be been difficult by other means.I wanted to say thank you so much, I don’t think I would have managed it otherwise!

Mr J, Switzerland

Marian, after I left you I danced around the supermarket! Thank you
EW Cambridge

Thank you very much Marian for being a great hypnotherapist. I could not have done it with  your help and support!  Miss FH, Libya.

To Marian, I can't thank you enough for all your help with my situation. You've given me my life back. I'm eternally grateful. C. F. Cambs.

4 years Marian helped me with my addiction to tobacco and 4 years on I am happy to say I am smoke free. I decided it was time to face my alcohol dependency and with the help of Marian and my determination once again we have been successful. Marian I just want to say thank you for giving me my life back you are so dedicated, kind and understanding, it was such a relaxing experience... thank you.

G - Suffolk

Marian, Just to let u know I nailed the presentation .. Although I was  nervous before going up I actually found the presenting  easy and I felt very relaxed .. Very happy .. Thanks Marian SG IT North Cambs

Thank you Marian the future is now looking a lot brighter.
Andrew F. Musician, London

Thank you for help with what was a humiliating problem.
Annette, retired, London

The holiday may now be a great memory but the help you gave me for my phobia is not! The picture is me  at the 6,035 ft. Last year I couldn't even get on the lift to go up!
It was amazing. Thank you! EB Entrepreneur, Cambridgeshire

The most impactful therapy I have ever had.
Simon, London W2

Thank you Marian. It has been a life-changing experience.

Jade, Surveyor, Cambridge.

Things have gone so well for xxxxand we are all really grateful for the help you have given her. The changes in her have all been subtle and I’m not even sure she is aware of the changes we see in her.

As she has told you she has got a part time job with xxxx which in itself was a huge accomplishment but more significantly she seems to be dealing and coping with the everyday stresses of being the “new girl” and not knowing what to do and making mistakes. On top of this she got her xxxxxx  which gave her confidence a a massive boost, very quickly her life has had a lot of positive things happen, this has provided her with a lot of positive energy which becomes self fulfilling in the same way that her negative thoughts had previously.

It might be wishful thinking but we both think she is walking taller with her head up. We are thrilled to see this young woman collecting up her car keys to go to work, something we were worried might never happen for her.

Her friends had arranged a xxxx and not told her, rather than dwell on it she asked them if she could go, and went and had  nice time, we could only have dreamed of this scenario a few months ago.

Many thanks Marian
A and H xxxx

My daughter xxxx, had suffered from emetephobia, for nine years. It began when she was seven and very seasick on a boating trip. It got so bad, XXX could hardly even say the word 'sick.' I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if it might help her and it has succeeded in just a few sessions. The idea that XXXX herself might vomit does not concern her and she is quite tolerant of it in other people. The other weekend,  for instance, we were visiting friends when their toddler, who was sitting on xxxx's lap, was unexpectedly sick. My daughter  wasn't bothered about it at all.
The whole experience has been fascinating.

Ellie, parent, Saffron Walden

When I saw Marian I understood  in just one hour more about myself  than I had gained in months of psycho-analysis.
Hugo, businessman, Finchley, London.

My daughter xxxxxxx came to see you about some issues with bullying that she was experiencing at school. I am delighted to report that she is loving her new school, and growing in confidence! I was very happy with the way you approached xxxxxxx's situation, and wondered if you might be able to help my other daughter?
Anya, Pimlico, London

Before I went to see Marian, my confidence was so low I asked my boss to sack me. When he refused, I decided to get help and have not looked back since, thanks to you Marian.

Georgio, Consultant, Central London

Just to let you know I am so much better with no feelings of sickness or nerves. I even went to a 50th birthday party and  didn't want to leave, but had to because of the babysitter.
Thank you Marian
Kimberley, scientist, Cambridge

Before seeing Marian, I was continually looking away when talking to people and it was ruling my life.   I had no wish to enter long term therapy but it was affecting my job. A brief intervention with Marian  made all the difference.
Thank you again.
AW Dress Designer, West London

Marian, the future looks great. It's  down to our sessions that I  got rid of the fear that I would only ever be a 'one hit wonder.'
Rupert, Musician, Central London

I just wanted to let you know that your sessions so far have been incredibly valuable, and I really feel I am on a track to resolving my  phobia. After our session, I went into xxxxxx and spent ages with both my hands on the xxxxxx which I have not done since I was six.
Arabela, Hedge Fund Manager, Central London.

You are always in our thoughts for making it possible for me to be in P xxxx with E. Everything went well and still going well thanks to you, Marian, many thanks yet again.
Mr P E, Engineer, Cambridge

I am still doing really well, have lost another half stone and still no wine, so to be honest I don't feel that I need any more help. You have done a super job on me.
Many thanks Marian.
From Lesley, Bishop's Stortford

I came to Marian to help my 12 year old daughter who was suffering from low confidence, had a lot of anger and generally wasn't feeling very happy about herself. Having completed 4 sessions, I have seen a dramatic difference in her behaviour at home.   She seems far happier in herself and the anger that was being vented at home has completely gone. This has made a huge difference to the way she now interacts with me and her sister and the house is now a much happier atmosphere and relationships have improved dramatically. Although she initially didn't know what to expect, Marian made her feel at ease very quickly and I felt more than comfortable in leaving her to do the sessions alone as I felt this way she would get the most out of them (and she did). Marian has made for a much happier daughter and a much happier home. She loved coming to the sessions and thinks hypnotherapy is the coolest thing. She literally came out of every session on a high. Thank you
Mrs J.M. Peterborough.

I feel like a changed person, I am totally calm and have not shed any tears for  days...
How unbelievable is that?  Thank you so much for your help and optimism, Marian.
KL, retired teacher, near Cambridge.

I haven't smoked since our session ages ago, it all seemed so easy and I wish I did it years ago. Thanks again, I meant to call but gave your cards away to people!

DP, IT manager, North London

Better than Paul McKenna!  My fear of flying meant I would arrive exhausted. Now I am  looking forward to a long flight to South Africa.  

Sean, Financial Services, Cambridge

Marian, I am very pleased with the outcome. The change in my confidence really is remarkable, and I have been much calmer and measured in dealing with situations.

Natalie, Training Manager, London

I have been really well and feeling positive. I believe our sessions were a great success. Felicity, Midwife, Colchester.

Just to say thank you Marian. Since  seeing you a few months ago, I have not gambled since. Graham, IT manager, Bishops Stortford

I got so much confidence from only a few sessions  that I am taking my mother, who has been on medication for years, to see Marian. Adrian, Transport Manager, near Newmarket

Only a few sessions with Marian ended the horrible, self fulfilling prophecy that my relationship would inevitably fail. I am a strong, supportive partner now.
Chris, Estate Agent, Croydon.

Convictions about being  a failure and  letting everyone down have gone, along with my depression. Thanks so much, Marian
Josh, Business entrepreneur, Huntingdon

I can enjoy being good at what I do. My problems with confidence are over.
L. M.  Firefighter, near London.

I no longer bottle up those awful feelings. Anger management with Marian gave me my life back. Ed, Financial Services, near London.

Marian, I just want  you to know that I got the job! I was able to use that 'now or never' feeling to convince others of my worthiness and be proud of who I am, rather than hide.
Dr M J, Addenbrokes Hospital, Cambridge

I feel really positive about my future and have the anxiety under control! So thank you again, Marian, for all that you have done for me. Susannah, Primary school teacher, Norfolk.

I am free from the gambling 'hold' since seeing Marian. My investments and family are safe and I feel normal again.
Oliver, Company Director, near Saffron Walden

This is the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much, Marian.
Miss L B, Administrator, Sawston

I have been on medication for my endless anxiety since I was a teenager, but hypnotherapy with Marian has enabled me to retrain and even go on  a mountaineering holiday in Spain.
Alice, recently qualified teacher, near Haverhill

I manage my ME so much better, can work part time, and I have even lost weight and am back to the size I was when I got married.
Mrs J M, Librarian, Royston

I was sceptical about hypnotherapists and I chose Marian because she looked trustworthy. I was impressed with the results. I got more than I ever imagined possible.
Dr C W, Senior Project Leader, Cambridge Science Park

Thanks to Marian, I am now swimming in all parts of the pool, even the deep end with confidence.
Sharon, Human Resources Manager, near Huntingdon

Getting over my compulsion has meant a lot: confidence, nicer shoes and clothes, more time, feeling happier, better hand hygiene, less pain and even wearing flip flops on holiday without getting embarrassing questions. Thanks a million Marian.
Josie, Dental Surgeon, Cambridge

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I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapy trainer, and supervisor. I offer 1-1 tailor-supervision on a flexible basis. References available.

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