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Watch our series of hypnotherapy videos. Join us as we speak to our experts about common hypnotherapy topics such as online hypnosis, motivation, fears and phobias, and what really happens in a session.

Does online hypnotherapy work?

Is online hypnotherapy as effective as in-person hypnotherapy? What happens in an online session? What do I do if the connection drops out? In this video, we chat with hypnotherapist Emily Fennell to answer all your questions about online hypnotherapy. 

What really happens during a hypnotherapy session?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have hypnotherapy? Or how it feels to go into a trance? In this video, Anne Gregory shares what you can expect from a hypnotherapy session, as well as a first-hand look at what it means to go into a trance.

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It’s actually like a daydream type state. We all go into trance many times throughout the day. You may have experienced it when you’re driving a car or out for a jog, where you’re just completely focused on doing one thing, but your mind is freed to focus and think about other things.

Help with... Fear and phobia of needles

Are you worried about the COVID vaccine? Or perhaps you've always had a fear of needles, but have never considered hypnotherapy. We speak to hypnotherapist Natasha Crowe about fear and phobia of needles, and how hypnotherapy can help overcome these issues. 

Hypnotherapy for... Mindset and motivation

Whether you're setting New Year's resolutions in January or personal goals throughout the year, it's easy to lose momentum. In this video, we speak with Sophie Parker, a cognitive hypnotherapist and coach, about motivation, self-confidence and mindset, and how hypnotherapy can help to keep us on the right track.

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