Why does hypnotherapy cost so much?

Perhaps you are someone who has toyed with the idea of hypnotherapy but been put off by the costly fee structure.

So why is hypnotherapy a more expensive therapy than counselling, or similar therapies? Hypnosis is expensive for a reason, which I explain below.

Unlike other therapies which are largely based on listening to the client, making the occasional observation or asking a question, hypnotherapists are responsible for the input of subliminal guidance which is completely tailor-made for the client. Sessions may be up to two hours long, and 'trance induction' is also included. This requires immense concentration by the hypnotherapist who will do 90% of the talking in the session. The demands on the therapist are naturally much higher than in other therapies. Reputable hypnotherapists limit the number of clients per day so they can give their best.

You might think this means the hypnotherapist gets the client into a trance and then orders the client about, well, that is a common fantasy of the media which ridicules hypnotherapy as a 'magic wand' that takes control away from people. Clinical hypnotherapy is nothing like that.

The first consultation is done at the conscious level and involves taking a case history and helping the client define a goal or outcome for the therapy. The goal must be achievable, precisely defined in considerable detail, and morally ethical. Typical goals include becoming free of anxiety and phobias, being more confident, embracing developmental stages, giving up addictions, passing exams, interviews, losing weight. Some people want it for coping with pain and for medical procedures including having teeth extracted without anaesthetic.

We say 'seeing is believing' because deep down we all know, if we cannot see it, we cannot get it (as any high achieving person will tell you). Believing is also seeing. Under hypnosis, the unconscious begins to see the goal clearly and to believe in it. The unconscious will then search for ways to knock obstacles out of the way in order to reach the goal. This is a unique path for each client.

This action can be very fast which is why hypnotherapy is often a shorter form of therapy, depending on the client, of course. Hypnosis goes straight to the heart of the problem and corrects it and then moves on to enabling the client to visualise a compelling future.

Yes, hypnotherapy does cost more, but the results are more than worth it. And they can come surprisingly quickly, I promise.

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Cambridge CB21 & London W1G

Written by Marian Barry

Cambridge CB21 & London W1G

Marian Barry is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist practising at the Harley St Hypnotherapy Clinic London, and Gt Abington, Cambridge. She has given talks at international conferences around the world specialising in personal change and confidence building. She is a best selling author of many popular works published by Cambridge University Press.

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