5 myths about hypnosis

1. You are not in control

Wrong. You can come out of hypnosis whenever you want to - you are always in control. This is what makes hypnosis a legal state which is used by many NHS doctors and dentists.

2. Hypnosis is not safe

Wrong. Medicaments, drugs, potions or instruments are not used in hypnosis. There is no physical contact. You are fit to drive afterwards and return to work.

3. The benefits wear off

Wrong. The benefits of hypnosis really stick. The change can last forever.

Hypnosis is a deep process. When we drive our car we can see the gear stick, instruments and windscreen. We can't see deep into the the engine which drives the car. Hypnosis utilises the engine of the mind, the unconscious. This is an immeasurable reservoir of experience, emotions, memories and habits which keeps everything about us going. If we are to make the changes we need, we have to address change at the root, buried deep down in the unconscious. This is the change that lasts.

4. You will be put to sleep

Wrong. You will be awake and alert in a state of focused concentration. We all know what it is like to be lost in our thoughts or deeply absorbed by a powerful film or fascinating conversation - these experiences are similar to hypnosis.

5. You will know all there is to know about your unconscious mind

Wrong. Hypnosis is astounding because it goes through the unconscious mind. This is the part of us which generates imagination, so no-one can know the limits of its power. Before we can have anything, we have to imagine it.

It would be wrong to attempt to limit the imagination, as it would deprive it of its power. Without it there could be no surprises, innovations, dreams, inventions or creations. 

Intrigued? Why not give hypnotherapy a try and discover the power of your own mind for yourself.

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Cambridge CB21 & London W1G
Written by Marian Barry, GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England
Cambridge CB21 & London W1G

Marian Barry is an advanced cognitive hypnotherapist practising at the Harley St Hypnotherapy Clinic London and Gt Abington, Cambridge. She has given talks at conferences around the world specialising in personal change and confidence building. She is a best-selling author of many popular works published by Cambridge University Press.

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