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BSc, MSc, PostGrad, Masters

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A Very Warm Welcome from Natalia

Holistic Therapeutic Services

Hello, I’m Natalia Nad, I’m a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist (Regressive Hypnosis, Analytic Hypnotherapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and energy healer. If you have emotional, mental, psychological, psychosomatic, social, spiritual, physical or even financial problems, I am confident that I can help you. 

My holistic hypnotherapy healing approach is integrated with energy healing and ensures complete and permanent cure by resolving the root causes of traumas instantly while limiting belief systems across all levels of the mind, whether they be conscious, unconscious, genetic predispositions or brain connections. For many of my patients even one 2-hour session resulted in a positive life changing transformation.  

Why My Holistic Hypnotherapy Healing Approach

Regressive, analytical, hypnotherapy can be a great tool to help identify the root causes behind many problems. However, regressive hypnotherapy can also involve reliving painful or traumatic memories, and hypnotherapeutic treatments may require many months of work and do not guarantee success.

My Holistic Therapy Healing avoids these intrusive, prolonged periods. There is no need to relive the hurt of past trauma as results can generally be achieved after just one session, without any need for regression.

“We create our own reality but most of us are completely unaware of our mental power” 

It is my firm belief that you can be, do, or have anything you desire, the only limitation is your mind. I can help you harness your mental power to create the life you want.

Negative beliefs work much like unquestioned commands, limiting what we can and cannot do. I dispel these negative thoughts on a conscious, subconscious, and genetic level, freeing my patients rapidly from past traumas and painful experiences that hold them back in life. My work is well known for its rapid and transformative results, and my patients’ health and happiness is my number one priority. 

I am based in London and can achieve the same results via face to face or remote sessions. The initial 15-minute online consultation is free of charge, after that each session lasts two hours and costs £400.

If you would like to transform, heal and move forward with your life, please feel free to contact me. Rest assured our communication will be subject to the strictest confidentiality. 

Take the positive steps to create the life you want!

Contact me on  + 44 7848 004400 or email

With best wishes, 

Natalia Nad BSc. MSc. PGd.

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP, Reiki & Theta Energy Healing Practitioner.


 1.     “If you want to tackle your inner most demons with the friendliest healer, you must meet Natalia. Many therapists I have seen in the past have identified various issues, but I can say that they never managed to go beyond making me feel good in the short-term. I was fooling myself that I was better. Natalia managed to tap into my subconscious mind and reveal to me the underlying issues I was trying to deal with since childhood. It is, after this, that she started her real work. Her ability to tap into the universal energies to fix and rewire my thinking was beyond my understanding. Not only did she deal with psychological issues, she managed to heal me rapidly after suffering from a stroke and its neurological side effects as well. I would very highly suggest to anyone seeking psychological or physiological help to meet Natalia and receive the healing she can offer to the mind, body, and soul, to become permanently cured of illness.” 

- Kasun, London, 2019.
Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments: I healed Kasun of his mental and physical issues using my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy. His physical and mental health issues disappeared after just five sessions. With spiritual healing, his mind rapidly transformed. His mental and physical health was restored and he healed from issues induced by his stroke (difficulty to focus, cognitive disfunction, stress, procrastination, nose bleeds, and traumas/PTSD). I also helped to remedy his low self-worth, relationship issues, confidence problems, and general life stagnation. Healing all levels his mind (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) including his past and present lives (without a need to regress), as well as DNA/genes healing, resulted in rapid and permanent positive changes for Kasun.

 2.  “ You are simply the best. I was suffering from several fetishes for 16 years. Also from obsessive addictions over shoes, hills, feet, humiliation and sex workers. I desperately wanted to be healed in order to have a normal life and be loyal to my wife. Initially Natalia helped me to understand my problems by asking analytical questions. Then she explained the need behind my fetish addictions and the cause of the fetishes. The final step was to heal me. 

The healing session was conducted via Skype in just 1.5 hours, but it worked 100%. Since the session I’ve completely stopped, like magic. I totally ignore my fetishes. I do not wish or think about any fetishes. I no longer have a desire to be close to my wife's feet, to watch porn, or to sniff my wife’s panties and socks. I was very surprised about the instant results as I expected to work for a much longer time with Natalia, but I am healed! Thanks for everything Natalia, I really believe that you have changed my life.  
I recommend Natalia's healing for fetishes and I encourage people who are suffering from fetishes to give her a chance to heal them because they will feel much better by living a normal life and being able to enjoy the real pleasures of life." 

- Michael, Greece, 2021.
Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments: To heal Michael from his fetish addictions, I provided a 1.5 hour session of my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, which heals patients quickly using a proven combination of mind and genetic reprogramming, and spiritual energy healing.

3. “Before seeing Natalia, I had many issues that I needed help resolving. I had a mother that was increasingly irritating (I could barely spend five minutes with her without snapping), my speech was extremely slow and monotone, and my successes were hindered by illness and injury, which was incredibly frustrating. 

For many years, I couldn’t maintain success and kept on failing. Subconsciously self-sabotaging success, I kept myself working hard to get to the top, only to repeat the process over and over. I had trouble connecting with women. I couldn't see myself anywhere near a relationship owing to the fact that I was so disconnected from women. I had concentration and memory issues. My inspiration was lacking. I took a variety of medications to try and support my concentration, while I was in medication but also while I was in school. 

What changed is when I started coming to see Natalia. She told me that I should start coming off my medication, which I did. I'm now 100% entirely medication-free and I have better retention and concentration than I've ever had before. My spelling and writing used to be very bad before the sessions and are now much better, and that is without medication. It was very bad in comparison to how it is now. I could barely spell anything and now my spelling is very good. I can spell the hardest words in the dictionary. We worked on my ADHD also. I used to find it very hard to sit still and now I find it very easy to sit still and focus on specific tasks, one at a time.
I had difficulty with retention when it came to reading. I could read a single page of a book five times and still not be able to recall what had happened. Even on that one page, which was extremely frustrating as I study many academic subjects which require me to be able to recall what I've just read. Now, without medication, I am able to retain much more information. I can actually now read a book and be able to extract the information I need to use in my essays. Previously, I had a mental block when I came to go into lessons, I found it very tiring. I was just constantly tired for no reason, even if I didn't have training. I was just tired but Natalia worked on that.  Now I'm alert in lessons, I don't constantly feel tired, I'm much happier and able to concentrate. With the help of Natalia and her holistic healing integration of spiritual energy healing with hypnotherapy my dyslexia is now cured. 
One other issue that I suffered from prior to my sessions with Natalia was IBS. Everything and anything I ate, would cause me to bloat. I also couldn’t hydrate myself. No matter if I drank four plus litres of water every single day. I took hydration, salts, electrolytes but, no matter what, I could not hydrate my body. Now I don't get bloated and hydration has gotten a lot better. I still have to drink lots of water because I do a lot of exercise but at least now my body actually hydrates.
I found the sessions very eye opening. They helped me on an entirely new level I'd never really explored before. The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind and I think Natalia is one of the very few people that are able to truly work on the subconscious mind and transform you into a much more enlightened human being. 
Healing with Natalia is one of the most powerful experiences you will encounter, because of what you notice in yourself after the sessions. I saw changes from the very first session. It's not a long process to see results in yourself. I've been on medication for maybe six years and I fully withdrew from my medications within three months of seeing Natalia. Results are fast and you transform mentally. Natalia brings forth and introduces all kinds of new knowledge and wisdom in you. For example, ways of living life that you would have never have even considered, thought about, or heard of. You will see how the world really works and how you can use that to help yourself. Truly unlock fantastic.” 

- Josh, London, 2019.
Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, energy-spiritual healer and psychic, comments: To heal Josh from his issues of poor concentration, memory recall, difficulty connecting with woman, self sabotage, procrastination, depression, ADHD, dyslexia and IBS, I provided six sessions of my Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy; a holistic approach of psychotherapy and spiritual-energy healing.

4.   “I have been suffering from IBS for about 14 years. It started when I moved to the UK from overseas which in itself was stressful. The move coincided with a mild food poisoning, the symptoms of which never went away. Subsequently I was diagnosed as having IBS. 
My most significant symptoms were feelings of incomplete evacuation and bloating. I had a constant sense of discomfort in my bowels throughout the day, which never seemed to go away. IBS negatively impacted on the quality of my life. I had low self-esteem, was constantly worried, developed a pessimistic attitude, and constantly felt low. My IBS was always in the back of my mind at every moment of my life. I avoided socialising, eating out, and meeting new people. It was not that I was a recluse, but it took a lot of physical and mental effort to go out and meet new people. I became very risk-averse and focused on the pessimistic scenarios rather than best-case outcomes.
I started seeing Natalia after she was suggested by the doctor at my annual health check-up. I was initially skeptical but since I had nothing to lose (given that I had many false starts to overcome IBS) I decided to give it a try. 
The interesting thing about Natalia’s psycho-hypnotherapy (4 sessions, 2 hours each) approach as a therapist was that she tried to understand me as a whole person rather than an IBS patient. She went deep into the roots of what made me who I am, which provided some profound insights into myself and some of my IBS drivers. She made me talk about my childhood, adolescence, family, work, friends, and colleagues, to help me understand myself better.
Her sessions helped me to look at life from a positive perspective, made me less risk-averse, and value the people around me. I started trying new approaches in my relationship with the people around me, gave up foods that I was attached to (due to IBS-induced dependency) and tried new foods, which I was scared to eat (due to IBS). 
I think Natalia’s approach of approaching the problem as a whole, rather than as a part of him/her, makes a huge difference to the person’s view of the problem. Natalia uses her own life experience to give confidence about the ability to overcome challenges. She is able to use her power of persuasion (mind reprogramming) to open up and talk about the underlying challenges rather than symptoms. 
In addition to helping me improve my IBS symptoms, I learnt a lot about myself and my approach to life by having sessions with Natalia. I would like to thank her for her guidance during this process.” 

- Nial, London ,2016.
Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments: To help Nial heal from severe IBS, I used my holistic approach of integrated psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing, which I call Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy. He improved rapidly after each session and reached his goal of recovering from his IBS within just four sessions.
 5. “Honestly I had no real expectations when I first went to Natalia. I was familiar with hypnosis (hypnotherapy) and traditional therapy (psychotherapy, CBT) and none of it had helped me to deal with an essentially ugly and traumatic period that culminated in a crushing event. Still, with nothing left to lose, there was no real reason not to see her. To my utter amazement, I felt the beneficial effects right from the first session. In a brief period of time, she had me back to a healthy and functional mindset, which frankly I had thought would be out of reach for the rest of my days. 

If I had to say what specific quality was most responsible for her being able to help me, I would probably say it's a combination of factors, but they best come together in her overall professionalism. She is supremely objective, yet at the same time very compassionate. She is absolutely clear on how to get you to a healthy state but very flexible on how to get you there (depending on your specific personality and issues) and also adapts to you as you change. Most important of all, she is no mere "talking therapist”. She actively uses hypnosis and other therapeutic methods to achieve tangible and meaningful results, even for a hardened skeptic like me. 

I have worked and trained with recognised (and famous) world class hypnotists but I have not encountered one that is so careful and safe in using this scientific art to achieve a holistic healing of the individual at some very deep levels of their personality. I have since recommended Natalia to friends and strangers alike, simply because her ability is without a doubt of the very highest order. If you are wondering if she can help, yes she can. Even if, like me, you have no real hope of it. Please, don't take my word for it, just go and see her and feel it happen for yourself.” 

- Giuseppe, Italy/UK, 2015. 
Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments: To heal Giuseppe from various mental health issues, I provided a holistic approach of hypnotherapy integrated with spiritual energy healing known as my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy. Complex and longterm issues, including grief, trauma, anger, insomnia, loss of self, depression, and emotional suffering, ceased rapidly after our sessions positively healed all parts of his mind (conscious, subconscious, unconscious and DNA). 

Training, qualifications & experience

Natalia is a fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Theta healing practitioner and teacher.  Natalia is recognised as one of a few holistic therapists in the country for her unique healing ability.

Natalie runs a private practice in SW3 to help people overcome personal issues and has previously worked with the NHS covering a range of therapeutic services.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Additional areas of Hypnotherapy I deal with include:

  • Bereavement
  • Bed  wetting (nocturnal enuresis)
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Emotional and Relationship problems (divorce, grief, trauma, separation, affairs)
  • Migraine
  • Social phobia
  • Unwanted habits (hair pulling, nail biting)
  • Psychosomatic issues


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