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Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Brentwood CM14 & Havering RM14
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About us

Hello, I'm Loretta, a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, working online and seeing clients in my own private therapy room too which is based in Brentwood, Essex.

I work with new clients usually on a 6 session programme approach with me, as I will help you in a whole holistic This means I take time to get to know you and details on when the issue started, what was going on in their life at that time and what factors may have contributed to maybe worsening the issue today. In the 6 sessions, I have experience my clients reach good level of results. This can all depend on what the clients issue is, how severe it is and how long its been going on for as well.  My specialised areas are -

Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, fears and phobias, i.e. fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, emetophobia, fear of being sick or around sick people, Misophonia, select sound or noise sensitivity, irritation or anger of noise or sounds, eczema, IBS, eating issues, autoimmune, long term chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer support, depression, low self-esteem, low confidence, public speaking, reduce blood pressure, pre-diabetic, motivation to exercise, gastric band hypnosis, menopause support for hormones and weight-loss, addictions to sugar, snacking and chocolate, reduce alcohol, IVF support, fertility, hypno-birthing classes, grief and loss support.

Therapy Room and Online 1:1 or Online group sessions
I have a purpose built, comfortable and welcoming private therapy room to see clients. on a 1:1 basis,.  I also work online to help provide hypnotherapy sessions online as well, using various online platforms, such as Zoom.

My Credentials - I am registered with the GHR, CNHC and the Reiki Association, UK and adhere to the code of conduct, ethics and best practice with the guidance of these professional bodies. I have professional insurance cover, public indemnity and liability insurance in place with Balens insurance.

Next Steps to find out more - Book in a FREE call
I offer all new enquiries a FREE 30 minute chat with no obligations. Its really a chance to chat or do do face to face zoom video chat/meeting and to hear how I can help you or for you to ask me any questions too and find out if its the right therapy for you and if I am the right hypnotherapist to support you too.

How can hypnotherapy help me? What areas do you work in?
As a trained professional Clinical Hypnotherapist I have helped many clients move from being in an anxious, stressful, fearful state, to a much more improve and positive mindset. From fear to a confident, calm and more relaxed individual with a sense of clarity and control gained over thoughts, feelings and emotions. Helping them to move forward in their life and able to take back control, to make clear decisions and better choices. Learning how to cope much better with daily life and use the skills taught in my sessions.. I work with you to help you improve your lifestyle, by reaching your own goals, whether that is to overcome, negative habits, behaviours, or fears regarding mental health or physical health issues. I specialise in several areas, from experience in clients suffering with stress and anxiety, to hypno-birthing workshops and also supporting and helping clients that have had a cancer diagnosis and going through cancer treatment. I have several programmes too to help many areas from menopause support through to helping improve confidence and focus for preparation for job interviews, passing exams and tests, (driving test) and many more.
What is a typical hypnotherapy like?
In a session, it will be important for me to be supportive manner and listen carefully to what present or past personal history may have contributed to the present issue you wish to change. it also maybe a personal or health goal, so changes around food relationship or motivation to exercise may be your goal. If it is a habit or behaviour that is negative we will go back when it started and what was happening in your life at the time. It may be unknown to you, the trigger so hypnotherapy will help explore the subconscious to help us gather the information and then work on this to help you improve in the way best for you.  Hypnotherapy sessions are a excellent method to help arrange of issues from eliminating stress, anxiety, fears, phobias or to help get focus and motivated to reach a goal, confidence, exercise or lose weight, quit smoking or vaping. Also, hypnotherapy helps to letting go addictions to food and drink, quitting sugar, chocolate and generally to improve health. I listen to the client's needs and goals and provide a bespoke hypnosis service to help you.
Next Step to connect and find out more Q&A
The first step is to book in a call with me to discuss your requirements and for me to explain how I can help you and answer any questions you have, like how many sessions you will need. All these questions can be answered on the call and how I assess this is, information gathered, on what the issue is, when did it start, how long has it been going on, and how is the issue impacting the client and affecting their life or their family's life at present. Once we have the call and we have connected, you can then be fully informed to make a decision if you wish to book in your first hypnotherapy session with me. All my pricing is online. If you proceed with me then I send you my Questionnaire Form and book you in for your first appointment.
Therapy room sessions or attend session online via Zoom
There are two options to have hypnotherapy session with me, either you attend my therapy room or if you can attend online. I arrange sending you a zoom online link, and we connect via a PC using Zoom online. I have an account with Zoom, and therefore Zoom is free for you to use and its free for you to download too onto your pc, laptop, phone or ipad. It easy to use and I will help you and its a very effective online method to connect.

Specialist Areas I work in is Cancer and Hypnosis
I also work in specific hypnotherapy specialist areas; which are listed below.. 
- Hypno-Oncology sessions - The Hypno-Oncology sessions are hypnotherapy sessions specifically created to support individuals diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. My sessions help those at the start of a cancer diagnosis, to beginning treatment, right through to the various cancer treatments. This programme has been created to support those individuals on the journey of treatment and also for those who have had treatment and need post cancer treatment support, now living as a cancer survivor, which may be a feeling of relief but also feeling fearful of their future health issues. Hypno-Oncology session help the individuals deal with the relieving the stress and anxiety, to help relax the mind and body, help the immune system with relaxation, to help improve the mindset and help to alleviate or reduce pain or physical symptoms. I understand this is a difficult and challenging time for the individual and his family too, so good support that will help relax the mind and body. By receiving weekly sessions, aim to help cope better with ongoing hospital visits, treatment, awaiting treatments, care plans or results. The programme does cover such areas as immune system, reduce pain, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pre and post surgery support. We help with fears on cannula insertions, enclosed spaces for scans, and any phobias or fears around needles, giving blood etc.. I listen to the individual and what is needed at the time and create the hypnotherapy support sessions in line with their needs. The Hypno-Oncology is a very unique programme with real help and support and from my feed-back from clients that say it has really helped them during their treatment period and afterwards as well. I have worked with many clients going through cancer so have experience and understanding to know how all fearful the process can be and how to help to support the individual and their family too, and to help them focus more on the positive outcomes which helps to alleviate further fear, worry and upset. I have many years experience of dealing with Breast Cancer clients and other cancer patients too. I offer a free call for you to find out more on how I can help you or a family member with providing support on a cancer journey. Book in a FREE 30 minute call to connect with me so to find out more details about how my hypno-oncology therapy sessions can help support you during this time.
Other issues I help with are listed below and some of my bespoke programmes as well:-
- Hypnosis for Managing Stress and Anxiety (4-6 sessions)
- Motivation to Exercise or achieve a goal (2 sessions)
- The Menopause Relief Programme - (6 sessions)
- The Hypno-Birthing Programme - (1:1 or online workshop)

- Learn Self-Hypnosis (online group or 1:1 session)
- Develop a Positive and Growth Mindset
- Money Mindset - Attract abundance
- Learn the Entrepreneurial Mindset
- Addiction: Quit Vaping, Quit Smoking, Gambling
- Reduce Alcohol, Quit Bad Habits
- Quit Chocolate, Quit Sugar, Quit Snacking
- Fears & phobias; Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights,
- Emetophobia - Fear of Sick, feeling sick, getting sick, other people being sick around you
- Misophonia - acute sensitivity to certain sounds, noises, irritation of heightened sounds, affect your hearing, that affect you and impact you in a negative way or impact in a severe way, that cause you to feel highly irritable and or even angry.
- Fear of Social places, fear of attending events, social engagements, feeling unsafe, unable to relax, unable to fully relax and socialise
- Fear of Open spaces, or Enclosed Spaces - fear of feeling not safe, not in control, or not wanting to go shopping places, shopping malls or enclosed spaces, lifts, elevators, motorways, fear of driving over bridges, fear of heights, cable cars, going up high, mountains. All fear based, feeling lack of control of worried about fearful things happening.
- Hypnosis for helping Autoimmune, IBS, Insomnia
- Improve Confidence, Self-Esteem and being calm and in control - Help improve all areas of your life, i.e. job interviews, driving test, meeting  new people, starting a new job. changes in your life.
- The Confidence and Focus Support Programme - improve confidence and focus to help exam performance at school, university or professional studies for career.
I pride myself on being a caring and welcoming clinical hypnotherapist and holistic therapist in Reiki, so know how to support the client on a holistic level, reviewing all of what has been building up in their personal and professional like to the point they need help from me. I truly engage with my clients to listen on how I can best help them reach their own personal goals. These goals that need help and support to lead the client reaching an improved  or better physical health, or reaching a mental health wellbeing improvement.  It could be a fear that has worsened over time, triggers or other contributing factors, and now its start to impact on your daily activities and your families life too, in a negative way, that you know, change is needed for you as you no longer want it to impact you, your family or your work area.

I will help you by reducing the anxiety and stress you have in your life and then we will work on focusing to improving your life by working on having a more confident and positive mind-set, which will help you access the relaxation feelings, able to feel calm, be confident and more in control. To be able to worry less and sleep better. I enable you with various techniques and tools, to take with you, so you know how to understand your mind, thoughts, feelings and then apply the techniques learnt so you can confidently know what to do in the future.

Hypnotherapy also helps with those who suffer with physical diagnosed conditions or chronic long term pain; conditions it can help with for example is Fibromalygia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Autoimmune issues, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, insomnia. Hypnosis helps to reduce physical pain, helping with preparation for surgery and help lessen pain post surgery, to help support recovery time. It can help with chronic long term pain, help to release emotional pain, related to past negative events or experiences, maybe as a young adult or as a young child, it may still be a underlying issue affecting your adult life today. All these negative memories or negative emotions can be released to past memories, in a safe, supported and gentle technique, helping you let go and able to move forward to enjoy your life to the full.
Within my hypnotherapy sessions, I help the client by listening to them carefully on all their personal circumstances and history too where we identify any negative events or thoughts of situations may have caused them illness, emotional pain, stress or anxiety. We work on releasing these negative emotions that can be connected to physical illness in the body, enabling client to let go and move forward in a more positive and healthy way, by doing so improving their thoughts, their mental and physical health too.
Hypnosis helps reduce joint pain, general ailments, feeling lack of joy, to help improve immune system, improve resilience, help to put healthy boundaries in place, accepting responsibility, act on forgiveness of self and others, able to generally be more relaxed, happy and positive, which provides more harmony and balance in your life. 

Hypnotherapy is a well researched and documented therapy that has proven to help clients mental and physical well-being effectively. Hypnotherapy is effective therapy for helping with ancestral patterns, and also help to let go and over come issues in current life using past life regression in a hypnotherapy session.

My aim is always to provide a warm and caring but professional service to my clients. To ensure clients are made to feel welcomed, feel safe to open up in a supportive, safe, private and confidential space without any judgement. To feel listened to and any issues addressed and understood so the client is helped by providing the correct and bespoke hypnotherapy sessions to help the client improve, feel happy and be relaxed and to have the confidence that transformation is there for them through hypnotherapy.

I support the client during and after their hypnotherapy sessions with me, so a continuing support is available to them after their hypnotherapy treatment plan is complete. Some clients will then ask for a monthly top-up sessions to keep well and able to have the continuity with a therapist for ongoing support and guidance.

I offer bespoke sessions and I also have many programmes available, so please do call or book an initial chat with me. I offer all new clients a FREE 30 minute chat to see if I am the right therapist to offer the right help and therapy suitable to help you. This also gives you the chance to ask any questions about the structure and what to expect from a session from me.

I welcome your free initial consultation with me with no obligations, just a chat to answer any questions you may have before making a decision and taking the next steps is getting help to support you.

Training, qualifications & experience

My experience goes back to the start of  2018 first training into holistic and complementary alternative healing therapies. Since experiencing hypnosis myself, and the positive transformative benefits, I received made me so focused to ensuring I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy so I could help other and add this service to my holistic and hypnotherapy practice. I see clients online and face to face at my therapy room. I have recently become a Hypnotherapist Trainer and offer short courses online or face to face for groups to learn and enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy even further.

I have accomplished a Diploma and Certificate in Hypnotherapy. I am consisting learning new helpful training and maintaining my CPD to keep up to date with best practice in the hypnotherapy field and help serve my clients even more to help them further receive improved techniques and hypnotherapy service. I belong to two groups of professional hypnotherapist where weekly sessions improve skills to enhance our hypnotherapy business and skills , so we can offer the client as an extra service
Reiki Practitioner
I am a Reiki I & II Practitioner and other healing modalities that I can offer Reiki as another service to clients or as an additional complementary alternative therapy service to my hypnotherapy clients, where they can alternative between the two modalities to help them on a very deep level.


  • Diploma - Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy skills 
  • Certificate of Hypnosis
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Reiki I and Reiki II Practitioner, a member of the Reiki Assoc, UK
  • Hypno-Reiki Practitioner
  • Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner
  • Virtual Menopause Weight-loss Jab Practitioner
  • Grief and Loss Practitioner
  • Education Performance Practitioner -
    (helping student succeed in education, exam performance. Helping teachers, students, education professionals cope better with daily stress and anxiety).
  • Reiki I & II - training 2018 by The Reiki Association, UK

I started my holistic training back in 2018, and continued to train and knew from my own experience having hypnotherapy helped me so much that I trained in this wonderful therapy. I have now helped many clients suffering from fears, phobias, weight issues to anxiety and stress overcome blocks in their life and move into a better mental and physical well-being space to enjoy their life to the fullest.

From my own experience of having health challenges, hypnotherapy was the key therapy that changed my mindset from being fear based into being empowered and fearless. I then re-trained as I believe in this therapy so much and wanted to help others overcome challenges in their life through hypnotherapy.

Member organisations *

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

The CNHC encompasses many types of alternative therapy, including hypnotherapy.

In order to be admitted to the register a practitioner must have studied to the National Occupational Standards for that profession/discipline, or have reached the equivalent of the National Occupational Standards through other relevant training or at least three years of experience and been assessed by their peers.

A practitioner must also have professional insurance and agree to abide by the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

Hypnotherapists may become members of the General Hypnotherapy Register if they satisfy certain criteria with regard to both training and ongoing requirements as determined from time to time by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

Members are either registered at Practitioner status (which confirms that the GHR acknowledges their qualification to practice), or Affiliate status. Although Affiliate level registrants will have completed a sufficient number of training hours to equip them to commence seeing clients on a limited basis, the GHR does not acknowledge them to have yet been trained to full practitioner level.

All GHR Registered Practitioners are required to accept the published Code of Ethics and Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure.

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

Other areas of hypnotherapy we deal with

Do you need help or support?
Can I help you, your partner, your child or a family member or friend? 

I work in many areas from helping with weight management, healthier food and drink choices, to improving sleep, reduce effects of menopause issues. I do provide a warm and welcome, confidential and supportive environment, where I will listen to what your goals are and how you would like to transform, lets focus on the positive change that you would like to see and be.

I have helped several clients with having a cancer diagnosis within their family, and helped with providing hypnotherapy to help strengthen the immune system, enabling the client to have some inner peace, relaxation and calmness amongst the busiest of hospital appointments and treatment. In the session I can help the body have a chance to relax and improve and strengthen its own immunity. This is really helpful if going through through cancer treatment too as can help build up mental toughness, physical resilience and also use methods to reduce reduce pain and help ease worry.

For other areas I work in, general and specialised areas too, which are from reducing alcohol intake, to eating healthier food and making better choices, to quit vaping or smoking plus helping with issues with confidence, self-esteem, feeling empowered and motivated to do more.

I also offer spiritual hypnotherapy and energy work as well and past life regression is becoming more of interest to clients to explore healing gained for this current life time.

Below are some of my popular programmes for adults, teens & children:

  • The Weight Loss Programme
  • The Virtual Gastric Band Programme
  • The Menopause Relief Programme
  • The Improve your Sleep Programme
  • Past Life Regression Session
  • The Study and Exam Support Programme
  • The Reduce Stress and Anxiety Programme
  • The Quit Smoking or Quit Vaping Programme
  • Past Life Regression Therapy Programme
  • Help with Reduce Allergies
  • Teen Anxiety, confidence or low self-esteem, 
  • Gaming Addiction, social media addiction
  • Help with Autoimmune, IBS Programme
  • Reduce Alcohol Programme
  • Quit Snacking, Quit Sugary drinks/snacks
  • Make Healthier Lifestyle food choices
  • Motivation to Exercise
  • Help with Teen Anxiety Programme
  • IVF and Fertility Programme
  • Hypno-Birthing Programme
  • Grief and Loss Programme
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Public Speaking Programme
  • Money Mindset Programme - be a money magnet
  • Improve Sports and Focus Programme
  • Improve Sales and Selling Programme
  • Be a Confident and Calm Parent
  • Social Anxiety, Lack of Motivation, Depression, Hoarding, overspending, gambling, addictions
  • Relaxation, preparation, focus and improvement for confidence ie; job interview, driving test or university or professional exams
  • Various fears and phobias, from fear of flying, fear of water, deep water, snakes, spiders, bridges, lifts, closed in spaces such as lifts, heights or crossing bridges.
  • Various Children's issues: OCD behaviour, food intolerances, help improve confidence, imaginative play, help with sleep, focus and energy levels, improve listening and communication skills, help with confidence and learn some helpful coping strategies, improve behaviour, help with anger issues, stop bed wetting, stop nail biting, improve confidence and self-esteem, improve imagination and active play, be empowered at school, be less worried and conscientious.

Photos & videos


£80.00 - £150.00
Free initial in-person, telephone or online session

Health Insurance/EAP

  • BUPA
  • Axa Health
  • Health Assured
  • Aviva
  • Saga
  • Vitality
  • WPA

Additional information

£80.00 - 60 minutes (per subsequent hourly sessions), with a bespoke audio for the client to listen to daily for progressive change in between weekly sessions.
£120.00 - 90 minute session for the first session. This is important to get to the root cause, personal history noted to help client. A bespoke audio created for you to listen to, to help you reinforce change and progress more quickly and also provide support in between weekly sessions.
I always work with clients for minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, weekly hourly sessions. From my experience, my clients get lasting, permanent change and with the best results with lasting transformation. Also a bespoke audio for support in between weekly sessions.
Options available of hypnotherapy sessions can be ONLINE or FACE TO FACE. This can be discussed and possibly a mixture of both if that suits the clients needs due to time or distance.
With new clients, the next step is for you to book in with me a short FREE call. After that, we book your first 90 minute hypnotherapy session with a client intake form and a questionnaire to be completed for me to review. Your first hypnotherapy session is where we review your personal history and the relevant and important factors ,that may have impacted you and perhaps identify, a possible connection to the issue you are seeking help with in your life, at present. We move onto to plan your goals and then look to move your forward each week and focus on the aim of your desired transformation. The point of the extra time in your first session, lays down the foundation where a safe space for you to be able to speak freely, with support, without judgement, and in a safe environment, to be heard and importantly to be listened to. This also gives you the time to explain, or even have important moments to acknowledge and process the all the important life challenges you have faced or are currently facing. Our time spent going over past events, helps me get to know you and where in the future you wish reach. So its a key first session, so we building a good working relationship or an alliance and you feel understood.  From there, we can work together, to know what to let go of, any negativity unhelpful thoughts, emotions, memories and then to process. To then move along to be empowered and able to focus on the future goals. 
Bespoke Audio The client receives a bespoke audio weekly, to help you reinforce changes and therefore progress each week.
After the 1st session of 90 minutes, (fee at £120.00) all other following sessions will be 1 hour only (at £80.00 per session)

Multiple Sessions and Hypnotherapy Programmes
For any of my multiple sessions or my hypnotherapy programmes, for individuals or groups, then different fees and payment terms may apply. ASK ME ABOUT MY DISCOUNTS FOR MORE THAN 6 SESSIONS. I OFFER DISCOUNTS ON 6 PLUS SESSIONS BOOKED, THAT ARE PRE-BOOKED AND PRE-PAID FOR IN ADVANCE.

When we work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Further information

- My therapy room is purpose built for my hypnotherapy business.
- Options for disability access to therapy rooms,
- It is a comfortable quiet relaxing space for therapy, clients enjoy attending sessions in the wooden log cabin. 
- Easy access to my therapy room with FREE parking on my drive.
- PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Train station is 5 minutes walk to therapy room. The Brentwood station is on the Elizabeth Line, and from London to Brentwood is less than 30 minute train journey, ideal for commuters to access therapy after or before work.
- Bus stops nearby, 5 minutes walk to therapy room.
- Side access to make it private and easy access to my therapy room for the client as on the ground floor with toilet facilities.

Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM14

Upminster, Havering, Greater London, RM14

Type of session

In person
Home visits

Types of client

Children (0-12)
Young people (13-17)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)
Employee Assistance Programme

Key details

Wheelchair user access
Wheelchair user access

Wheelchair-accessible premises should have step-free access for wheelchair users and individuals who are unable to climb stairs. If a Hypnotherapist's premises aren't step-free, they may offer alternative services such as telephone/web-based appointments, home visits, or meeting clients in different location, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

You can contact the Hypnotherapist to discuss the options available.

Under the Equality Act 2010 service providers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access their service. You can read more about reasonable adjustments to help you to access services on the CAB website.

Access on lower ground floor therapy room, through main door or side access to therapy room on ground floor with ground floor toilet facilities. Free easy access parking available on the drive of the property.

Online platforms

Microsoft Teams
Google Meet


Loretta Walsh Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing Services
Loretta Walsh Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing Services