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Maple Leaf Clinic
20 The Green


07709564426 / 07709 564426

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About me

2019 - MAY OFFERS!!!!!

All Sessions to be booked before end of MAY 2019 - only!!

Book now to benefit from my new and improved FREE FROM range - including Addiction, Anxiety and Excess Weight.

Virtual Gastric Hypno Band Programme now only £399 - that's £200 OFF! (includes mp3 support)

Simply Slim! Weight-loss Programme now only £350 - that's £200 OFF! (includes mp3 support)

FREE FROM Smoking - Special Offer

Stop Smoking One Stop Shop - £150 that's £100 off!

FREE FROM Addiction - Special Offer

Addiction Academy Programme - £350 - £200 off! (4 sessions includes mp3 support)

FREE FROM Anxiety - Special Offer

End Anxiety Programme - £350 - £200 off! ( 4 sessions includes mp3 support)

FREE FROM Menopausal Symptoms - Special Offer

Manage Menopause Programme - £350 - £200 off! (4 sessions includes mp3 support)

NB: Places limited - book now to avoid disappointment..........

NB: Reiki/Energy healing, Mindfulness, EFT Tapping, Addiction therapy coaching, NLP/Coaching also available at both venues and via Skype.


I also offer specialised individual and group sessions and programmes on the following:

Stress Reduction and Management -
Let me show you how to combat stress once and for all so you are able to cope in all situations and really enjoy life.

Emotional Resilience/Wellbeing - Learn how to feel and deal with your emotions so that you can feel stronger, calmer and more capable in any moment.

Anxieties/Fears & Phobias - All can be emotionally and physically crushing, learn the easy ways to change the way you think so that you are able to get rid of your Anxieties/Fears & Phobias to be able to really start living without anything holding you back!

Addiction - Addictions can be extremely debilitating and come in various guises, let me show you on a personal 1-2-1 basis, how to break free from your addictive behaviour & habit to fully gain control back of your life and future happiness.

Quit Smoking - One session
it's all it takes to become a satisfied and happy non-smoker!
I am a preferred therapist of NSCI (National Smoking Cessation Institute)

Weight reduction, weight-loss, Eating disorders and Gastric Hypno Band because this is an area of many people lives that they just cannot seem to get right and spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to be what they want to be and either not achieving it at all or achieving it for a very limited time. Weight issues are mainly emotional and mental, only once the triggers, negative associations and past habits are rectified and/or eradicated, can you really begin to enjoy the freedom of thinking and acting like a slim person.

Making the Menopause Manageable – Hypnotherapy Programme Women can have many negative symptoms during this time of their lives and this bespoke programme is tailored and designed to reduce mental, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. Using cognitive, visual and mindful hypnotherapy techniques this programme can radically reduce or even remove negative menopausal symptoms.

I know & believe that my specially designed and delivered sessions & programmes enable you to change what you want to change in an easy and effective way.

Why make it hard when you can make it easy?

I provide retreats as I had personally benefited from retreats in the past. When you totally absorb yourself in a new learning or way of being you cannot help but reap the benefits - very quickly! These retreats have been carefully designed to not only provide you with tip-top professional service but to also create an experiential learning enviroment where you easily adapt and absorb new behaviours and learning's in an enjoyable, fun and relaxed enviroment.

Downloadable Products:

I have created various MP3/MP4 self-help products, such as 'Simply Slim', 'Virtual Gastric Band', 'Wealth Walk', 'Programmed for Success!'. As well as 'Grow Rich in your Dreams' and 'Pile on the Pounds - How to get a big fat wallet!' which are downloadable books.

You can purchase these on www.lorannorthey.com, http://bit.ly/1bAWe7d, http://bit.ly/Krnfzw and http://bit.ly/1eMKUDv

You can also access for free many self-development videos and MP4's on my YouTube Channel, just click the link: https://m.youtube.com/user/LoranNorthey

There are new editions being added regularly to my Self Development channel.

As I am a Qualified Adult Learning Teacher, NLP Trainer, SymbioDynamics Trainer, Advanced Hypnotherapist, Addiction Therapy Coach, LOA Coach, Energy Healer & Reiki Therapist as well as being fully qualified and very experienced in Integrated Therapies, I have been able to merge these powerful technologies to create powerful and lasting change - for you!

I look forward to working with you to assist you in making the changes that you want to make.

To your happiness :)
Loran Northey


Experienced Harley Street Hypnotherapist / NLP Trainer/Mindfulness & Reiki Therapist providing Harley Street Service but with Home County prices!

I am Loran Northey and I have been a fully qualified & insured practising integrated therapist since 2005 because I believe everyone has the right to be happy!

I conduct hypnosis, coaching & healing sessions on a 1-2-1 basis in various venues in the UK, via Skype and by telephone.

I specialise in fears and phobias because A) I used to have some and B) They can really negatively affect your life in a way you don't seem to be able to change or control, that others just do not understand at all. It can be truly debilitating!

I specialise in Anxiety, Worry and Stress as this unfortunately has become seen as an acceptable way of living in our current society BUT it has huge negative knock-on effects both mentally and physically, which can negatively affect not only you, but your loved ones as well.

I specialise in Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing because life from a very early age sometimes can be challenging emotionally. By learning how to deal with emotions effectively it means that you do not have to go through life with limiting beliefs, hangups, a lack of confidence or a general underlying feeling of not being 'good enough'.

NB: All sessions do not require special skills from attendees in any way, the sessions are fun and easy to follow, in fact, a 5 year can do them (and they do often!).

Training, qualifications & experience

Master Hypnosis, Certified - Paul Mckenna Training Ltd.

Advanced Hypnosis, Certified - Valerie Austin, Regents Park College.

Hypnotherapy Diploma (HPD),Certified - Cambridge College of Hypnosis.

Ellman & Ericksonian Hypnosis, Certified - Christopher Howard Companies

Hypno Gastric Band, Certified - Kimberley Tylor (Hypno Gastric Band)

Master NLP Practitioner, Certified - Paul Mckenna Training Ltd.                                

Master NLP Practitioner, Certified - Christopher Howard Companies

NLP Trainer, Certified - Christopher Howard Companies

Master Results (Life) Coach, Certified - Christopher Howard Companies.

Neurological Profiler & Re-Imprinter, Certified - Christopher Howard Companies

SymbioDynamics Consultant / Trainer, Certified - Terence Watts, Essex Institute.

DTLLS (Diploma Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector), Certified - East Surrey College

Usui Reiki Level II - Chiara Irvine, UK

TFT/EFT Facilitator

Certified Addiction Therapy Coach - CoE

Operating since 2005, fully qualified and insured to practise.

Venues in Harley Street, London WC1, Twickenham, Sunbury, Egham, Virginia Water, Staines Middx & Tadley, Hants as well as various other 'pop up' venues around the UK.
(Please contact me and see when I am next nearest to your town).

Telephone, Skype & Online sessions offered for those who do not wish to travel or are time restrained.

Retreats also available with various topics, Weight Reduction, Detox, Mind & Body Makeover!

(Please see www.lorannorthey.com for more details)

I am a Member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (APHP) National Register Psychotherapists & Counsellors (NRPC) International Alliance of Holistic Therapies (IAHT) and International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching and adhere to their codes of practise and ethics.

Member organisations


Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Child, Youth & Adolescence Coaching & Hypnosis

Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience Training

Photos & videos

  • Welcome!
  • Free video so you can get rid of your anxiety - now!
  • Overcoming Anxiety Top Tip!
  • Anxiety busting tip!
  • Free Gifts!
  • Virtual Hypno Gastric Band
  • Want free change anyone?


Hypno Gastric Band programme available only 599! (Call now as Summer Discount!)

Simply Slim! - Weight reduction programme only 550! (Call now as Summer discount)

Mind and Body Detox programme only 2499! (Call to discuss payment options)

Individual Hypnotherapy/NLP sessions available and prices on application as are individually catered for the clients needs depending on sessions required and location.

Non London, each 60 mins session is £85 in venue, £250 only, 60 mins Stop Smoking!

(Please be assured that all programmes and sessions are reasonally priced and will surpass your expectations due to the high quality of service that you will receive!)

Life (Results) Coaching is offered on a 3/6/12 monthly basis and all prices are as follows :

3 months only £360

6 months only £720

12 month only £1440

(All have 20% SUMMER discount currently available)

Retreats Prices vary to to theme and location, further details on www.lorannorthey.com


Payment can be made via Cheque BACS or Cash.

Payment should be made prior to or at first session.

Payment plans are available for all coaching programmes.

Gift vouchers are available!

Notification of any cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to session or 50% of session fee is applicable.

Further information


I specialise in Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Addiction and Weight reduction and maintenance.

All sessions and programmes are individually catered to the clients needs and desired outcome. The sessions are usually 60 mins in duration but may overrun slightly, at times.

The sessions are fun, relaxing and very often life changing, even after only one session!

You can expect a full history to be taken, a mutual understanding of your challenge/problem and desired outcome. Then structured, therapeutic and integrated technologies can be undertaken and taught to clear your mind of old negative thinking, behaviours and habits. Then this will be followed by reintroducing new more beneficial habits , thinking and behaviours to cxreate the outcome that you desire. This does not require any special skills from you at all, you can just sit back and relax whilst all the changes are made!

The sessions are relaxing and fun and you will remain in control at all times.

Hypno Gastric Band programme (BMI 25+)

This is a programme that safely and carefully cleanses your mind of any negative thoughts, behaviours and habits around food and eating. This programme creates new neural pathways meaning that you think differently about food and eating, meaning that you do not want to consume large amount of food, plus with the virtual gastric hypno band procedure your stomach cannot accomodate large portions either.This creates an easy and very effective path to weight reduction. Studies have shown that Hypno Gastric Band can be as effective as the actual gastric band surgery-but, without any nasty side effects!

Simply Slim - Weight Loss Programme

This programme is extremely similiar to the one above but is aimed at clients who have a BMI of lower that 30. This programme also cleanses the mind of past negative habits, emotions and associations with food and easily creates new connections, thoughts and behaviours to enable you to obtain and maintain your ideal weight and shape. Weight reduction become evident from the beginning which is an added motivator. Again, no special skills are required for you to be successful on this programme. Like the hypno Gastric Band and any other weight reduction programme you must be willing to make simply changes to your life to ensure the best results and if you're willing to do that and you want to become happily slimmer, then one of these programmes are for you.

Mind & Body Detox Programme

This is a 4 week total makeover! (can be taken over a longer period if required)

This includes Visualisation, Relaxtion, Hypnotherapy and NLP to create new ways of thinking and behaving for an enhanced and healthier life.

It also includes Kineseology, Lymphatic drainage, Body detox, Nutritional training and 1-2-1 support throughout the programme.

This is an exceptional and unique experience that creates amazing body and mind transformations!

This is in association with www.bufflondon.co.uk


The retreats are available in various venues, themes and lengths of stay.

For more details please got to www.lorannorthey.com

These are a great way of not only giving your mind and body a makeover but to also have some fun and relaxation whilst making some great friends too!

Twickenham, TW2 5AB
Egham, TW20

Type of session

Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


All session hours TBA at time of booking at Maple Leaf Clinic,Twickenham Green,TW2, The Sanctuary, Egham TW20, The Clinic,Sunbury TW16