Ditch the stinking thinking!

It may not always seem like it, but you are in control of your mind and it has been scientifically studied and released that we can only have one thought at a time. That means that a positive one Is the better option! 

You can begin to make small positive steps now to avoid negative thinking:

Start by having a small gratitude diary, acknowledge the positive in your life and begin to re-establish some balance in your emotional register. At the end of the day, list three things that you are grateful and thankful for; they dont have to be huge things but small things like enough milk to go in your tea, your dog for their attention and no bills through the door. Start noticing the things that are working for you in life right now and you will then begin to notice even more as your gratitude habit continues..

What did you say to yourself when you woke up this morning? If it was something like "yay, another day in paradise" great but if it was "ugh, another day..." not so great! What we say to ourselves determines what we think, how we feel and then how we act. Begin now to say something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up every morning. It can be something simple as in "great! Another day, I’m alive!" This will keep your energy and mind focused on positive thinking and gratitude. 

Use positive self-talk, mantra’s and affirmations. Reinforce your resolve and self esteem through positive statements such as when brushing your teeth, saying "today will be a better day than yesterday" or "today I will do my best and that will be good enough" or when a situation occurs “I can handle this, one step at a time.” 

Take a few moments maybe first thing in your day and visualize positive things, this does not take long, you can take only a few minutes but it can help you regain focus and control over your thinking. Think about things that make you happy, that you enjoy and love. Create an internal feeling of optimism and positivity.

Don’t throw in the cards before you’ve actually been defeated. It can be hard carrying on when you feel like the world or at least your part of it, is against you, but I urge you to keep going!

Everything is temporary and anything is possible (well nearly anything) and you remind yourself of this by saying things like "I can’t do this yet" and "right now, I cant get this right".

Lastly, if you start thinking unhelpful, unfriendly and unkind thoughts, the second you become aware of them, say "stop, delete!" - (Outloud or internally) - "stop, delete!". This will train your mind to stop giving you that information as you no longer want it or benefit from it. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn and practise ways to change your thinking and start benefitting from their positive side effects, sooner rather than later. A hypnotherapist will teach you at-home techniques such as the ones above, to practise and put to your everday life. In time, with these mindful techniques, you will feel the positive effects.

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Written by Loran Northey, DipCHyp, HPD, NLP MPrac., MAPHP, MNRPC,MIANLPC, MIAHT
Sunbury TW16 & Egham TW20

Loran Northey - Mstr. Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer & Reiki Therapist offering you help & assistance in Twickenham, Sunbury, Tadley and Online. Contact Loran on 07709564426 or info@lorannorthey.com

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