How online hypnotherapy can reduce stress and anxiety

Hypnotherapy can conjure up all sorts of weird stereotypes due to the TV, movies and stage shows, perhaps making people think that there is a swinging watch, a levitating body and/or a walking zombie-like client about to do an Elvis impression every time the clock chimes!

In reality, though, current solution-focused hypnotherapy is based upon evidence-based psychotherapy, which means that whether the client is sitting or lying comfortably during a session. There are no parlour tricks involved; the session is very similar in format to a coaching or counselling session with the added benefit of hypnotherapy included. Hypnotherapy, alongside neuroscience, neurosensory techniques and coaching, are combined to offer an integrated therapy which can help with anxiety, stress and all sorts of other mild to moderate psychological issues, negative habits and limiting beliefs.

As hypnotherapy is a partial ‘talking therapy’ as well as guided introspection, sessions are extremely effective in a venue, 1-2-1, in groups, face to face and also online.

There is new evidence appearing that in fact, hypnotherapy sessions experienced online are even more effective as there is no travel and no barriers to attending in venue making the experience easier for the client to attend. The only things the client needs for online sessions are a smart device or computer, a comfy chair, and headphones. In a world where time is scarce for most people, it is the perfect answer, as making the time for the session can actually add to the clients stress and/or anxiety. The sessions can be easily experienced via a telephone or video call. This is also an added benefit for clients who are limited in where they can travel to or when/how.

As neuroscience and hypnosis are used within the sessions, as long as the client can hear the therapist to be able to follow their instructions, then it is not important for them to be actually in the same room together. In fact, if the client uses headphones during the online session then they are even more focused on the therapist as there aren’t any outside noises to cause any distractions. For most clients but especially highly stressed or anxious clients, an online session is a perfect option.

Stress and anxiety stem from negative thoughts and worries and both of these emotions can lead to feelings of overwhelm, a lack of control and panic. If we had a stress/anxiety bucket within us, it soon starts overflowing with negative thoughts, beliefs, forecasting and catastrophising. Our body responds to all thoughts as if they are real, right now, so the mind responds to these perceived threats with physical reactions like brain fog, increased heart rate, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep problems, irritability, and all sorts of other uncomfortable reactions.  

When our mind is creating these thoughts and we have around 60,000 thoughts per day, our brain sends a signal to the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin to prepare us to physically fight, flight, or freeze. This was helpful for our ancestors, but not today as we don’t need to run from a predator, it’s inappropriate to fight and freezing like a statue, well that’s just not helpful. The modern-day answer is to remove the unhelpful thoughts, fears and worries, therefore stopping the physical reactions to instead feeling calm, capable and in control.

Self-solutions don’t work. Unfortunately, behaviours such as avoidance, over checking, etc, can make anxiety and stress worse and can actually become an added problem in itself.

What is an effective solution to overcome stress and anxiety is to take a new viewpoint, to adjust the way that we think, feel, and behave. Learning how to think in a more positive, solution-focused way, feeling safe and more confident plus being able to communicate effectively helps us to rationalise and act accordingly. Online and face to face hypnotherapy can help you to do this easily, quickly and permanently by retraining your inner mind to create more constructive and helpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, which can then lead to lasting change.

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Written by Loran Northey, DipCHyp, HPD, NLP MPrac., MAPHP, MNRPC,MIANLPC, MIAHT
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