How to overcome low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can have a huge negative impact on your life. If you don't think you deserve things or are worthy of them then you won't expect them or go after them.


Low self-esteem can come from various factors: what you've been told, life challenges, negative relationships, early life expectations and comparisons, etc. It can also mean that you attract people and situations into your life that are not as positive an experience as you would like them to be.

You also may change people, careers or places but still continue to experience the same patterns over and over that continue to add to your low self-esteem. Perhaps you feel you're not worthy, good enough or don't deserve whatever it is that you want, perhaps you think that you're not strong enough, clever enough, young enough, old enough, funny enough, good enough... ?? (fill in the blank) etc, etc. 

The good news is that if you believe any of the above, it's not your fault! The even better news is that you can change those thoughts and beliefs by using hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques so that you are able to go for what you want and be able to live a more fulfilling life.

Hypnotherapy sessions/programmes will enable you to:

  1. Identify what your limiting beliefs are.
  2. Remove those limiting beliefs.
  3. Integrate progressive beliefs. 
  4. Identify goals, needs and wants.
  5. Have the skills, confidence and belief to reach goals
  6. Enhanced self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

If low self-esteem was created by a specific event in your past then within a session your mind can be gently guided back to that time and the negative emotion and belief removed meaning that you now feel differently about it and all the subsequent events after that.

If low self-esteem was created by the attitude and words of others then audio and visual cognitive techniques can simply make them unseen and unheard meaning that they no longer negatively affect you.

Future history technique can be applied to create the 'ideal you' doing the 'ideal you things' meaning that you can believe that you are the 'ideal you in training' - and can start doing the things that will get you your end goal /desired outcome. As Einstein said:

'What the mind perceives, it can achieve!'

Everything starts and ends in your mind; what you believe is critical to how you think, what you believe and how you act - if you believe you can do something you will try, if you don't, you won't - simple.

Fear can also be a major factor in low self-esteem, fear of getting it wrong, fear of judgement, fear of change, and the list goes on. By experiencing hypnotherapy any fears can easily be identified and effectively replaced by their opposite or more empowering belief. This can then create permanent change.

Remember, just because you believe something it doesn't make it actually true, it just means that you believe it to be true and your mind will continually look for evidence to make it true.

An example of this is that if you believe you are not good enough for a promotion you will continue to get overlooked and not asked to interview if you even apply in the first place!

Change does not have to be hard work and an everlasting slog, it can be easy, quick and enjoyable. Please call or email to book your free consultation to discuss your particular challenge(s).

In the words of L'Oreal - 'You're worth it!'

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Written by Loran Northey, DipCHyp, HPD, NLP MPrac., MAPHP, MNRPC,MIANLPC, MIAHT
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