How remote hypnotherapy sessions can help you even more

When you think of having a hypnotherapy session, you may have ideas of lying on a couch or a massage table or a comfy chair in a clinic or treatment room with a Hypnotherapist talking nearby. This is what most people imagine and/or have experienced previously.


This in-venue experience can mean a treat and/or time-out for a client, similar to  going to the hairdressers or for a massage but it can also become stressful due to travelling, parking or time restrictions.

About seven years ago, due to clients not being able to attend my clinic in person for various reasons, all in about a two week time period. I started to conduct my hypnotherapy sessions via Skype and also via the telephone when clients were not digitally aware.

I didn’t know anyone else who was doing hypnotherapy sessions in this way back then but circumstances meant that to continue helping my clients that couldn't get to me, I had to change the way I did things so that I could continue to help them, which both they and I wanted. 

I researched this new way of working fully, all the pro's and possible con's and decided to move with the times. 

Initially, I was unsure whether we'd lose the actual wifi connection altogether or that the internet connection would be sporadic and problematic, but it wasn’t. 

I wondered whether the telephone would cut out or mobile phone batteries would fail - not a problem.

Then I was concerned the client wouldn’t be able to relax, be able to hear me, feel comfortable, get interrupted by others, again thankfully, there has never been an issue.

In fact, to my surprise quite the opposite happened, the sessions became even more enjoyable and effective than the in-venue ones and my new preferred way of working.

My clients preferred online and audio sessions too and here's why:

  • More convenient, as less time required for clients to allot in their day.
  • More flexibility of choice for clients as hypnotherapist can literally be                       anywhere globally and still conduct their session(s).
  • No travelling or parking stress for clients.
  • Safe and known session environment for clients.
  • Better hearing due to headphones or airpods.
  • More therapy in session time, due to clients online feedback given since their previous session or pre-session questionnaire completed and returned.
  • Enhanced connection between therapist and client, leading to even more               effective and long-lasting changes being made.

90% of my hypnotherapy sessions are now online, I do have in-venue sessions on request but now very rarely.

I would highly recommend that you remove the barriers of extra travelling time, stress and expense by having your hypnotherapy session online at a time and place of your convenience and by your preferred hypnotherapist, wherever they may be.

It really is the answer to you having the most enjoyable, effective and efficient hypnotherapy experience and the effectiveness of it can literally be life changing in as quick as one session.

Any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Written by Loran Northey, DipCHyp, HPD, NLP MPrac., MAPHP, MNRPC,MIANLPC, MIAHT
Sunbury TW16 & Egham TW20

Loran Northey - Mstr. Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer offering you help in Sunbury & Egham, Surrey & Dorset, Online, Video and Audio.
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