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Robert Donnelly  HPD and Master Practitioner

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About me

About me

Question are you looking to change?

I’m thinking you arrived here today because you are searching? Searching for a solution to your problem. That problem could be anxiety, addiction, a fear of something like flying. or maybe traveling in a car. Whatever your problem is its very real to you. I am confident we can make it no longer a problem.

All behaviour has a purpose and a problem is only a problem if it's a problem to you. This is my therapy mantra I live and work by. The issue arises if the behaviour is not serving you well in your everyday life, causing you to feel in a way you'd rather not feel.

Can you imagine a life where you could be free of whatever it is that’s causing you an issue in your life at the moment? Anxiety, stress, worry, a feeling of panic, these are all feelings we experience when things aren’t quite right in our lives. What if I told you that you don’t have to feel that way? That there is a solution out there that not only helps you overcome your issue, but understand the root causes as well, allowing you to make real change?

I have successfully helped clients find a solution to their problems for over 15 years.  I specialise in working with anxiety, and addiction but some of the other areas I work with are fear, stress, confidence, weight loss, worry of, public speaking, pain relief. quitting smoking, and these are all areas that hypnosis can really help bring you the results you desire! But more importantly I am confident that you and I working together can help you to change.

How does that sound?

To good to be true ? well it doesn't have to be !

People reach out to therapists for numerous reasons but the fundamental reason is that something is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy in your life at the moment.
The good news is Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you change that. I believe that each person is unique and that we as a team can work together to help you not only feel different, but see things differently. Whatever it is that is causing pain in your life, I am confident that we, can help change that quickly and permanently.

Imagine how different your life would be without whatever it is that's causing you pain. I am confident we can do that for you.Now imagine you could do that in 2-4 weeks. How great would that feel? Working with me, using my skills in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and NLP, you will be in the right space to remove that niggling problem from your life. People have come to me with a range of problems from anxiety and weight issues, to wanting to stop smoking, and deal with stress, phobias, The list is endless. But by working together we can help remove those issues and improve your life significantly.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very simple but effective, it follows the idea that you already have everything inside you to help solve your problems you just need to learn to unlock it. Working together can help you harness that power and free yourself of the restraints holding you back. I know that seeing a therapist can be a difficult decision, but ultimately it’s the best thing you can do for you. Think of it as a pamper day for your unconscious, allowing you to relax, while we work through the barriers in your mind and create solutions that work for you.

My qualifications
I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, and The CNCH – (Complimentary Healthcare Council). I run a full time practice, integrating Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Coaching; to create treatment plans for each individual using a blend of techniques I can help you get fast and effective results in minimum time; enabling you to get on with your life free of the problem that was holding you back. These techniques enable me to tailor the solution to your issue; after all we don’t live in a ‘one size fits all’ world, so why should your therapy be the same as everyone else’s .

I provide a full, confidential service to all my clients, with hours and frequencies that suit you. Why not get in touch if you would like to get to know more about me and more about what I do. My Thatcham based office offers free easy parking and With my free, thirty minutes no obligation taster session, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

But why choose Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and why choose me?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a proven evidence-based type of hypnotherapy This means it has taken part in a research study which proved its was successful in almost 90% of cases.

As for me? I am a people person. I love working with people, and seeing them achieve and exceed their goals, whatever they are. Working with a range of clients I have gained a vast amount of experience, enabling me to help people find the solution to the pain in their lives. I have also worked with a therapist to relieve a fear in my own life, So I too have ‘walked the walk’ as well as ‘talked the talk’.

I also trained with one of the leading Hypnotherapy Training Schools in the UK ( The Quest Institute) – and have a proven track record of success if you would like to know more, please feel free to review the testimonials left by my former clients.

While I don’t know what you want to achieve right now, I do know you can achieve it. Working with me, you will be able to see strengths that you may not have realised you possessed. and learn to conquer your weaknesses. Above all I have confidence that we together can solve your issue.

Further information about me can be found at -
Why not give me a call on 07710 726 424/ 01635 865 382

Or drop me an email at

Some of the areas I offer help with include:

· Addictions * Anxiety
· Weight Loss * Phobias
· Quit Smoking * Eating disorders
· Breaking or controlling habits * nail biting
· Reducing panic * Performance
· Reducing stress * Health
· Reducing addictive behaviour * Fertility
· Help sleeping * Lack of confidence
· Confidence issues * Exam nerves
· Depression * Fear of Flying

If your issue is not mentioned above or you are not sure how I can help, please give me a call and I can advise if Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you.

Some Additional Information

In my free time I am also a fully qualified physical training instructor! I love help people realise their fitness goals. and this helps me work with clients who struggle with weight from every angle. This means I combine the talents of helping you lose weight, and helping you achieve the right mind set to keep it off! Working together we can keep the body and mind in tune.

I offer a friendly and completely discreet service; and I would love to help you overcome anything that is causing you any issue. Why not give me a call and ask about my free 30-minute no obligation taster session where we can discuss your issues and you can decide if I am right for you.

Training, qualifications & experience


• Full diploma from the Quest Institute.
• Master Practitioner in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP with the Quest Institute.
• Qualified in the use of EMI and EFT as resources to help clients.
• Fully qualified up to date HPD the Nationally recognised qualification for Cognitive Hypnotherapists.

Training, qualifications & experience

Training, Qualifications & Experience
• full diploma from the Quest Institute.
• Master Practitioner in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP with the Quest Institute.
• Qualified in the use of EMI and EFT as resources to help clients.
• Fully qualified up to date HPD the Nationally recognised qualification for Cognitive Hypnotherapists.

Sports performance

I also have extensive experience in sports and performance related issues helping people achieve their goals from a physical and mind set point of view. I have worked with professional golfers, boxers, and really enjoy helping them get the best in their respective sports field.

One of my success stories includes a young member of the GB gymnastic team. Dannie. After she had had an accident during a routine and landed on her neck, her performance was significantly impacted, even after the physical injuries had long healed. After a few sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP with me, Danni’s confidence was restored, and she was back to performing as well if not better than she did before.


Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with


        If you are looking for help with Anxiety you are in the right place ,I specialise in working with anxiety and would love to help you overcome your anxiety and live a more complete life .How would it feel if you could switch off that voice in your head and just enjoy being free! Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you do that!

        Sports Performance

        I have experience in working with Professional golfers, runners, boxers, gymnasts,footballers, infact lots of sporting areas.

        If you are a sporting person and need help with something that many be holding you back please get in touch. My motto is train the body and train the mind working together we can work on both or at least get you in the right mind-set for you to achieve the best you possibly can!

        Working with Children
        I also am happy to work with children and have many examples were I have helped young children with exam nerves / stress /peer pressure issues ! one of my current clients is a national Go cart driver (aged 12) and we have done some great work helping him come to terms with the anxiety he feels before a race !

        Smoking cessation package

        Are you ready to say goodbye to smoking forever? Smokers wander through life believing smoking is actually there friend .Ask yourself how many friends go out of there way to pollute your body and kill you?
        Working together we will help you say goodbye to smoking forever, to move on in your life and start to realize a healthier, fitter happier  Lifestyle
        I offer a no quibble Stop smoking Package which includes a full 3 hour assessment appointment which concludes with you saying goodbye to the habit. FOREVER!

        I also include a no quibble return for top up policy, where if at any time you feel like you need a refresher session you can come back for free!

        Please give me a call if you are ready to say goodbye to smoking forever 07710726424

        Photos & videos

        • So How can i help you ?
        • Evidence how succesful Cognitive Hypnotherapy is
        • Therapy studio
        • Rob Donnelly
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        • Therapy studio
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        The cost of the sessions is £70 per session which includes any downloads that you may need as part of the treatment. I can also offer (discounted)Packages) of 4 or more sessions where you and I working together can help you gain from a real investment in you! I also do offer discounted fees for Students /People in between jobs, I am keen that cost shouldn't stop people receiving help so if unsure please ask.

        Further information

        I Love therapy so much I applied and was successful in being able to Teach Students Cognitive Hypnotherapy and was asked to assist Teaching the HPD Cognitive Hypnotherapy diploma with the Quest Institute at Regents college London. I do believe teaching therapy actually made me a better therapist!

        Some of the areas Cognitive Hypnotherapy is particularly strong in are:
        weight loss
        Stop smoking
        It believes everyone is different so treats the individual and does not follow a one size fits all model
        You can contact me at.

        or give me a call on 07710726424

        Sessions available face to face or Online using skype /Zoom on request .


        Here are some of the comments people have shared about there experience..

        Testimonial (From Local buisness client)


        I’ve been supported by you for 3 months now.

        13 years ago, my business failed. As you know, the pain and suffering of that time, led to a prolonged period of depression.

        The year’s since have been turbulent to say the least, and besides the constant support of my loved ones, have involved a daily dose of happy pills to keep me up. Throughout these times, as anyone who's struggled with the demons of mental health will testify, I've suffered self-worth issues, a fear of failure and overarching lack of confidence.

        For a third of my life, I’ve lived with a sad realisation that for me, life was a rollercoaster, with periods of highs, and subsequent lows.

        Rob since spending time with you, that realisation has changed.

        Your support has had a profound and real effect on my life, and there are genuinely few people in the world that I’m more grateful to. My wife Sarah happily second’s that.

        You’ve taught me that I’ve got a brilliant concoction of beach-bum and entrepreneur inside me, and that it’s perfectly fine to let them both shine, when the time is right. You’ve spent time with me addressing my fear of failure, and have reshaped / reprogrammed my view on what winning looks like.

        Our session on confidence has had a real impact on the way that I interact with people, and when we spent time on procrastination and motivation, the new mantra that I took away – stop messing around, and get on with it, has probably changed my life. It’s definitely made me more productive.

        There’s a long way to go, and our time together is not over. But I’m delighted to report that I’m 2 months off the meds, happy, motivated and winning in the areas of life that are important to me.

        Rob, you are simply brilliant at what you do.

        I’m a RAVING FAN, and eternally grateful.

        Thank you.

        Weight loss client

        I fully appreciate that when you read this, you may think what I am about to say cannot be true or I am “different” and therefore I “got it”. I had no idea what this journey was going to be like and if honest I was very sceptical.

        Believe me, as a HealthCare professional there is nothing anyone could tell me that I didn’t already know! I am a normal person who thankfully reached out for support … I had no idea the journey I was about to take.

        I went to see Rob last summer in the hope to programme my mind regarding diet & a healthy lifestyle. I am very obese and had tried every diet going but I was sick of going to a group where I felt like it was an “AA” meeting, sitting in a circle and everyone clapping when you had lost half a pound and the pitiful looks when you had gained weight! I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle and do it on my own and this finally being a permanent change.

        I have no idea how Rob does it but he is an amazing person and he literally has saved my life …..

        At the time I went to see Rob I was having a terrible time at work and was signed off work with stress and in fact I had a nervous breakdown. None of this mattered with Rob, he calmly listened whilst I cried and cried and we uncovered my many gremlins and dealt with them one by one.

        I trust Rob implicitly and there was no point in trying to brush over issues as nothing escaped him and he really held me to account which is what I needed. In his sessions I am completely relaxed and his calming voice washes over me. I have huge self confidence issues and I certainly give myself a hard time but I am getting there. I have been seeing him now for many months which is fine as I am rather complex!

        Let me explain some of my changes since seeing Rob:

        • ·         I went from no exercise and poor diet to now going to the gym for about 6 classes each week – 2 of which are at 0645 and I attend before work!
        • ·         I have lost 3 stone in weight in 3 months – all through healthy eating and with the therapy that I have received, my mind does not crave the rubbish I used to eat. I cannot explain it but it’s as if my mind has been re-tuned!
        • ·         I was off work for 3 months and I had lost myself and had some very dark moments, I turned my back on my life and shut myself away. Rob helped me to see the daylight and sunshine, it’s as if he mentally held my hand as I started to gain my strength to face the world again.
        • ·         My self confidence was so bad that I even shut my friends away – the only people I let in was my husband and Rob. My husband is so grateful for Rob!
        • ·         I now have tools to support me and I am a lot happier with myself and I see the world differently. I still have work to go but I will be a stronger, happier person.

        So, if you are reading this then you clearly are curious – I recommend Rob 100%. I am more than happy to speak to people if they want to. Don’t delay – if you have come this far, don’t stop now!

        Weight Loss Client

        I can thoroughly recommend Rob Donnelly Therapy. From personal experience I found Rob to be approachable, he listened with care, fed-back and checked that he had understood my needs. He was reassuring and made the whole experience feel safe and enjoyable. I was amazed by how much effect each session had, it didn't feel like hard work but the effect were impressive. Rob was careful to ensure he helped me achieve my desired outcomes and not influence me to change necessarily. It was a change of attitude towards food I wanted, not necessarily immediate weight loss. At the end of our sessions I had gained a far healthier attitude towards food, no longer my enemy not longer the first thing I thought about, juts a normal part of life. I also know I can turn to Rob if I feel I need a 'top up' at any time

        Lack of motivation client

        Before my therapy with Rob I was lacking in motivation to get off my backside and do anything, other than sitting there talking about doing stuff. During the session Rob made me feel relaxed and comfortable. When he talks you into a more relaxed state and you listen to his talking I found that this was very useful and he is able to make it very appropriate to you. Very clever but simple and effective. After the session I felt motivated and as though a weight had been lifted, although didn’t realise I had one.

        Stop Smoking client

        I had an addiction to nicotine. It really helped talking it through with Rob to pinpoint why I wanted cigarettes and how they made me feel. One week I was upset with myself for having some, but Rob calmed me down and all was not lost. The calming effect of the hypnosis gave me greater confidence for realising that I was in control. I am now a non smoker and I’m proud of myself for the self control that Rob has opened up for me. Many thanks to Rob for his calming effect and great work

        I am a member of Business Networking Profesionals  International  and received this testimonial from one of the members there after working with his colleague

        Dear Rob,

        Client Testimonial

        I recently referred you to a friend of mine. She was suffering with anxiety and trust issues and was generally quite withdrawn and nervous about doing anything slightly out of her normal routine.

        After a couple of sessions with you I noticed a marked difference. She was brighter, more confident and generally more relaxed. She kindly passed on this message, so that I could provide you with a written testimonial. Her name has been excluded of course, for client confidentially.

        “When I first went to see Rob, I felt anxious, worried, and constantly felt like I had a knot in my stomach. I was quite tearful and felt like I couldn’t trust people, even some of my closest friends. After just a few sessions, Rob has helped me with these symptoms. The knot in my stomach has gone and my last session with him was “tears free”. I feel so much better now, and I know that if I need any help again - he is only a phone call away”

        Thanks again Rob for helping my friend. With results like that - I will be very happy to recommend you in future.


        Simon Richards BNI Reading

        Thatcham, RG19 4JT
        Newbury, RG14 6AA

        Type of session

        Home visits: No

        Practical details

        Sign language: No
        Other languages: None


        Accessibility information
        Wheelchair access: Unspecified


        I am available Monday - Friday 8am--9pm and Saturdays on request I am available for online sessions using skype or zoom (on request).