Loraine Makowski-Heaton Cert.Hyp.CS, MBBRS BWRT® Practitioner, LAPHP

Loraine Makowski-Heaton Cert.Hyp.CS, MBBRS BWRT® Practitioner, LAPHP

Gracious Mountain Therapies
Willowdene, High Common Road
North Lopham
IP22 2HS

01953 681122 / 07703 294953

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About me

I am a Hypnotherapist, and BWRT® (adv.) Practitioner and I work in beautiful relaxed surroundings in the small village of North Lopham, just outside Diss.

I have always believed in a holistic approach to therapy. To be able to look at people as a whole in mind, body and spirit. Since qualifying as a Holistic Aromatherapist some 20+ years ago I have always believed in the powers of alternative therapy. Adding Hypnotherapy to my qualifications was a natural progression and one which I really believe enhances the therapies I can offer to my clients. I am also qualified as an Advanced Practitioner in BWRT® which is a solution-focused behavioural psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way of helping many kinds of emotional and psychological problems that we find ourselves suffering from especially with the pressures of todays busy world and the different lives we live or would like to live.

Here, in the relaxed atmosphere of my clinic, I can offer you a warm and friendly service, which is strictly confidential and non judgemental. I can help you to make the changes you want to make in your life so that you can reach your true potential.

Here are some of the areas I can help you with:-

Stress and Anxiety Management

In today’s busy world none of us can go through life without suffering stress at some point or another.  Stress and anxiety can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and if left unmanaged can lead to other problems both physically and mentally.  The key to managing stress is being able to recognise it when it happens and then learning how to deal with it.

Hypnotherapy, BWRT® and Aromatherapy can help and we can work together to find a programme that suits you with either of your preferred therapy or a combination leaving you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and finding it easier to cope with life’s problems in the future.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

A lack of confidence and self-esteem can really affect our lives and can have many side effects from stopping us doing something we would like to do or, in the extreme, can bring on panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® can help you feel good about yourself and can release you from the restraints of the past and allow you to move forward to achieve your goals.

Habits and Phobias

We all have had a Habit or Phobia at some point in our lives, some have gone with childhood and others have stayed with us, sometimes they can even becoming worse as we get older.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® can really help to eliminate Fears and Phobias and to deal with annoying or embarrassing habits that get in the way of our daily lives.

Weight Loss

Are you struggling with that diet and need a little help? Have you tried lots of diets, lost weight and then find yourself putting it all back on in the end, and sometimes more?

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® can help you lose weight more easily by re-training your mind so that your weight loss is steady, give you more energy to help with exercise and regain the motivation you need to achieve your goal.

Smoking Cessation

If you really want to quit smoking then Hypnotherapy and BWRT® can help you achieve your goal. There is always an underlying reason why people are unsuccessful in stopping smoking. Like many addictions, it can be a tough decision to stop and one you can only make for yourself. Hypnotherapy can help you discover why you are still smoking and will enable you to kick the habit once and for all.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be extremely painful and has a variety of causes and symptoms.  Hypnotherapy can be an effective way of helping both the symptoms and the pain attached to this ailment which affects both men and women.

Exam Nerves

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® can help to relax you and calm the nerves and anxiety that can be built up prior to exams, driving tests and other performance related problems that we may have in our lives.  We can also fine tune the hypnotherapy to give you added confidence to help you succeed.

If your particular problem is not listed above, do give me a call as it is not possible to cover all conditions. If I can't help, then I will endeavour to put you in touch with another therapist that can.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am fully qualified and have diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, BWRT®, Aromatherapy and also Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage. I also hold a certificate in Hypno-Gastric Band Therapy.

I am a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the National Hypnotherapy Society, the British Brainworking Research Society and the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors and am on their accredited registers. I am also a member of the Independent Professional Therapists International and abide by these bodies strict codes of conducts.

I regularly attend CPDs (Continual Professional Development) courses to enhance my skills and to keep them up to date.

I have professional insurance.

I am also studying for a Diploma in Psychotherapy so as to be able to offer my clients further therapeutic support in the future.



Member organisations

Hypnotherapy Society

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

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        I offer a complimentary, no obligation, initial consultation which takes approximately 30 minutes prior to your first Hypnotherapy session.

        During the initial consultation we will discuss your suitability for hypnotherapy, how many sessions may be required depending on your goal and I can answer any questions you may have before proceeding onto your first hypnotherapy session.

        The cost of a session is £45 and normally lasts approximately one hour.

        After the first session a personalised Hypnotherapy session will be written for you to help you reach you own particular goal.

        Hypno-Gastric Band Therapy - Minimum of four sessions £280

        Hypno Gastric Band Therapy is normally completed over four sessions, during which we will ascertain your reasons for over eating and tailor the programme to suit your own individual needs. Payment is split, £140 on the 1st session, and then the remaing £140 is paid over the next two sessions, £70 on session two and £70 on session three. An individually tailored CD will be given to play between sessions.

        Smoking Cessation One-Off minimum 2 hour session £120

        If you really want to quit smoking then Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goal. Like many addictions, it can be a tough decision to stop and one you can only make for yourself.  Hypnotherapy can help you discover why you are still smoking and can enable you to kick the habit once and for all.

        Further information

        Testimonials - for privacy all names have been changed.

        Stress Management

        'John' is a senior executive with a stressful London job. With a long daily commute, he found it difficult to relax and this was adding to his stress levels . After just a few sessions he noticed considerable reduction in his every day stress and is finding life easier to cope with - "I recently had some hypnotherapy and to be frank I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would work. I have a stressful job and needed to find a way to control my stress levels before they went off the scale. I contacted Gracious Mountain Therapies and Loraine was very understanding and felt she could help me recognise and manage my stress on a day to day basis. I have had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy so far and have found a great change in the way that I manage stressful situations before they get out of hand. Hypnotherapy is not for everyone but I would certainly recommend that you try, it certainly helped me."

        'Sally' is a mum who is retraining to return to work after a long break. She was finding it a challenge to juggle study with her family commitments and needed to take a step back to re-adjust to her new life - "I was apprehensive about trying hypnotherapy because I find it hard to relax and switch off the thoughts running through my mind. Loraine overcame this easily with her lovely soothing voice, and when I came out of hypnosis I was surprised that forty minutes had passed! The hypnotherapy has helped me greatly to cope with stress in my life, and I would recommend Loraine to anyone who is wondering whether hypnotherapy can help them."

        Confidence and Self Esteem

        'Jane' had suffered from bullying as a child and had not realised how this had affected her life and the choices she had made for many years. Hypnotherapy has helped her release the past and given her new confidence and a feeling of assertiveness in her life. "After receiving Hypnotherapy and being unsure of what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience .  I felt relaxed, comfortable and at ease with Loraine and felt in control throughout the sessions .   I noticed subtle ongoing changes with my confidence and self esteem in various situations and generally felt uplifted."

        Performance Anxiety

        "I am a performer who has always experienced nerves leading up to a performance. Although I could still perform once I got on stage, I always wondered if it was at all possible to be free from the unnecessary anxiety I'd experience leading up to each performance. It was as if my mind felt prepared, but my body still reacted in fear.

        After working with Loraine it was strange to look for the anxiety where I use to feel it and not be able to find it. I kept thinking that at some point, I was bound to experience the nerves I had encountered time and time again like I did in the past; but instead. I felt clear.

        I even noticed an overall difference in the quality of my performance when I appeared on stage recently, just days after our session on Skype.

        It was nice to finally be able to enjoy myself before I got on stage and not feel overwhelmed beforehand.

        Now I can relax and know that I no longer have to endure those old feelings.

        Performing can be fun both on stage and before I get on stage."                             'Simon', Canada

        Diss, IP22 2HS

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