Local events

29 May
29th May 2024, 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Introduction to a new career as a hypnotherapist

Online Open to all

Happy to chat one to one via video at a convenient date and time. Imagine your desire to change. Imagine creating that desire. Imagine achieving your desire. Imagine a life without limitations....

29 May
29th May 2024, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Psychosexual issues impacting men - one-day CPD workshop

Online Open to all

This course takes a frank look at sexual issues including erectile dysfunction, millennial ED, premature and delayed ejaculation and performance anxiety – and how to work with and help your male...

1 Jun
1st June 2024, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Working with pain management - one day cpd workshop

Online Open to all

This one-day workshop is for qualified hypnotherapists who would like a greater understanding of how to help their clients towards the management of pain. Our pain management treatments are proved tri...

1 Jun
1st June 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm

Overcoming insomnia – two hour CPD workshop

Online Open to all

Hypnotherapists and other health care professionals regularly see clients who have difficulty sleeping. This workshop is for hypnotherapists who are keen to understand and improve their clients sleepi...

5 Jun
5th June 2024, 9.30am - 1.00pm

Incorporating AI into your hypnotherapy practice - half-day

Online Open to all

Are you a hypnotherapist who's always looking for ways to improve and enhance your practice? I'm sure you've heard about the power of AI, but perhaps don't know where to start. As with practically ev...

8 Jun
8th June 2024, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Anxiety, stress, panic attack & PTSD programme – workshop

Online Open to all

A step-by-step guide on how to successfully help your clients through their issues. Anxiety is probably the number one reason why clients come to see hypnotherapists and this special training worksho...

8 Jun
8th June 2024, 11.00am - 12.30pm

Group hypnotherapy taster - Central Park, NYC

Online Open to all

Join me for a complimentary group hypnotherapy session in sunny Central Park, NYC! I'm Claire, a hypnotherapist from the UK, and I'm thrilled to be visiting New York in June to share the incredible p...

8 Jun
8th June 2024, 10.00am - 3.30pm

Free full day introduction to becoming a hypnotherapist

Warwick, Warwickshire Open to all

This is a full-day, free event. In person at the Holiday Inn Leamington Spa. *Depending on the numbers, this can be done online or at my home address. I'm also happy to chat one to one via video or...

12 Jun
12th June 2024, 9.00am - 11.00am

Making an MP3 recording for clients - two hour workshop

Online Open to all

It is known that giving your client an MP3 to listen to in the comfort of their own home has great benefits: it consolidates the suggestions given in the therapy room has extra perceived value en...

14 Jun
14th June 2024, 10.00am - 3.30pm

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques with clients – 1 day workshop

Online Open to all

EFT, commonly known as ‘tapping’, is a type of energy psychology and is a form of non-invasive acupuncture. EFT works on the principle that all negative emotions are disruptions of the bod...

20 Jun
20th June 2024, 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Beating imposter syndrome when presenting

Online Open to all

If I asked you to stand up and give a presentation or go on camera and lead a workshop, would you feel excited or sheer terror? Nerves are necessary and natural but if you find public speaking a disab...

21 Jun
21st June 2024, 10.00am - 3.00pm

Weight management programme – one day workshop

Online Open to all

Hypnotherapy is great to help people reduce their weight but success is not all down to hypnotherapy. We have found over years of specialising in weight management that it’s also important to co...