Past life regression and regression therapy in Kent (UK)

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10th - 12th May 2024, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Open to all
5 The Chapel, Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BG

Would you like to learn the powerful healing modality of past life regression and regression therapy with the UK’s leading expert practitioner Steve Burgess? This training is open to hypnotherapists as a powerful add-on to their toolbox as well as the general public for those interested in past life regression.

The causes of a wide range of stress-related and emotional problems, as well as many dysfunctional behaviour patterns, can often be traced back not only to this lifetime but also back to events and traumas which have occurred in past lives.

These include:

  • fears and phobias
  • anxiety states and panic attacks
  • addictions
  • physical illnesses and pain
  • weight problems
  • skin disorders
  • lack of confidence
  • sexual problems
  • migraines
  • depression
  • obsessional behaviour
  • anger issues
  • emotional imbalances
  • relationship problems

By allowing our clients to recall and explore the dramas of past lives we can help to:

  • Treat effectively many issues presented in therapy.
  • Eliminate pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and phobic states.
  • Stimulate increased self-knowledge and reduce or overcome fear of death.
  • Reveal the karmic causes of physical illnesses and heal them.
  • Dissolve the negative aspects of the past which hinder growth and contentment.
  • Discover a greater meaning and purpose in life and enhance spiritual awareness.

The benefits to the client are immense and quite often life-changing. Past life regression can also be used as a means of bringing resources from the past into the present to help the client enhance his or her current life. Past life regression is also good for business – it invariably attracts publicity and can stimulate a lot of interest in your therapy practice.

The course is aimed primarily at practising therapists looking to expand their therapeutic portfolio (belief in past lives is not necessary – the only requirement is an open mind) and uses a combination of presentation, discussion, demonstration, and practical exercises (usually in pairs).

We teach a structured method of past life therapy, which means that therapy can be a structured rather than a haphazard affair, often finding the exact number of past lives that need to be explored to create the client’s inner healing. The guesswork is thus taken out of the process, allowing the therapist to facilitate the therapy directly and swiftly.

This special course teaches you a highly successful regression system that covers regression into both this lifetime and past lives.

The course is also an excellent way of deepening your knowledge of regression techniques generally, both in this life as well as in past lives. Participants receive a range of complete scripts and training notes and upon the successful completion of the course, a certificate of attendance. The workshop provides several methods to recall and enter past lives as well as a variety of highly effective therapeutic interventions to clear present life blockages.

Please note: There are three two-hour online training modules to complete leading up to the live training. Dates to be announced.

About the course tutor

Steve Burgess is internationally known for his work as a past life therapist, having completed many thousands of past life regression sessions and his book Famous Past Lives has been published in several languages. His latest book The Power of Past Life Regression was launched in March 2020. He regularly uses past-life therapy with his clients and is an acknowledged expert in this field globally. 

Special offer: Take advantage of our refresher rate for those who have attended the course previously. Only £150!

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Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman

Steve Burgess has been a Hypnotherapist for over 30 years and has completed over 15,000 therapy sessions.

Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman