How to choose the right hypnotherapist for your weight loss

This week someone phoned me to book an appointment. This is unusual these days, I feel like it is becoming increasingly rare to pick up the phone to communicate. I almost feel like I must book an appointment to book an appointment!


I try to make it as easy as possible for people to book with me, an online booking system that allows you to book an appointment within five clicks of your mouse. A ‘WhatsApp me' now button for anyone who wants to chat quickly. The Hypnotherapy Directory offers a great service that lets you book an initial chat quickly, within a few clicks. I know I’m more likely to book an appointment for something when I can do it easily, without too much disruption to my day.

In my opinion, it is important to talk to a hypnotherapist before you decide they are the right choice for you. Whether this is a 10-minute phone consultation or an hour-long chat in their clinic. It is important for both of you. I offer everyone a free initial consultation, which removes the need for phone calls. In this, I ask around twenty questions shaped to give me a clear insight into your problem (if there is one) and what you want to achieve. I ask some background questions that give me an understanding of where any difficulties might stem from and the hurdles we might meet along the way. This free hour-long session is a time to ask questions and for us both to decide whether we have enough rapport to form a strong therapeutic bond.

If you’re stuck searching for a therapist for your weight loss journey, but not knowing who to choose, there are some simple steps you can take to help.

How to choose the right hypnotherapist for you 

1. Face-to-face or online

Like everything, the availability and comfort of online therapy has grown and continues to grow. Some therapists now only work online. Most therapists will work online or face to face, but since the events of 2020, it is more important to think about what you want before you start your therapist search. If you feel comfortable with either, the world is your oyster!

Of course, language and time zone differences create barriers but, for some people, a time zone difference is a blessing. If you want to visit your therapist in person, begin your search in the local area and check they work face-to-face before looking at anything else. If online works for you, the best option is to consider what type of therapist you want first. 

Use our search tool to find an online or in-person hypnotherapist. 

2. The therapist

A hypnotherapist is a therapist who uses hypnosis. All hypnotherapists will use hypnosis when they feel it’s the best thing for the client. However, there are different stances on hypnosis and therapeutic schools of thought. Initially, you might start your search blind to the options out there. By reading the websites of different hypnotherapists, you’ll appreciate how they work. Giving an opinion is not the role of a therapist, they are there to support you and help you without judgement. However, most therapists feel passionate about their way of working, so it's important it resonates with you.

Qualifications do not mean experience. If your therapist is a member of an association, it’s likely they agree to a set number of continual professional development hours each year. The courses we attend help, but the real learning comes from working with clients. Take the opportunity to ask the hypnotherapist how much experience they have working with people with a similar goal to you.

3. Use your intuition

When all is said and done, your intuition is one of the most powerful resources you have. Humans in our society are less intuitive in general than in some others. However, when you give yourself time for introspection and interoception you’ll learn about your body and how to pay attention to it, which will help you hear your intuition.

If a hypnotherapist feels right to you for reasons you cannot quite put your finger on, go with it. Booking the next session should always be at your discretion, so if anything changes, take a break and look elsewhere.

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Farnham, Surrey, GU9
Written by Juliet Hollingsworth, MSc
Farnham, Surrey, GU9

Juliet is a trauma-informed therapist. Her passion is helping people reach their potential through a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. Juliet works online and face to face with clients across the world. (DHP Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal psychology.)

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All therapists are verified professionals