How hypnotherapy can help you with your goals for weight loss

Is it the time of year when you are setting new weight loss goals for yourself? 


This time of year can be a good time to set goals for the year and set new resolutions. Goals can motivate us and can prompt us to look inwards at our patterns of eating to prompt us to eat in a healthier way and have healthier patterns.

Goals are great when we are looking at skills and techniques to improve. This is because we can measure that skill or technique and we can see and measure the improvement. Skills and techniques are a process that can be broken down into a series of steps and use logic or data to quantify it.

Eating for survival

Our eating is not logic, nor is it a skill or a technique. It is a function that is essential to survival. It is emotionally led. Some days we eat better than others, some days we feel like more food or less. Some days we want comfort food. It all depends most of the time on how we feel.

Our eating very often reflects on how we feel. Therefore it can be futile to set goals around eating because we cannot predict how we are going to feel day to day. We often can go off track when we are having a bad day. We can build goals against weight loss, but we all know weight loss is not just about eating habits.

What I am talking about here is specifically what we eat and our habits and ongoing patterns that we for whatever reason have not been able to change. Diets or goals are not going to change them. Our eating problems do not change by going on a diet. What will change them is working on the thing that is causing them and that is our mindset, beliefs and general attitude towards ourselves and food.

Your relationship with food

Instead of setting goals around what to and what not to eat, I recommend setting goals around developing yourself and your relationship with food. This is where hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy can help you to relax that part of your brain that is argumentative, the parts that want to get you to eat that cake or chocolate. When it is relaxed you are able to build your inner resources of self-esteem and positive regard which helps you to make better choices around food and it gives you the resilience to cut short and stop your binge eating.

Setting goals 

Here are some goals you can set.

  1. Daily, listen to a confidence-boosting and positive guided hypnosis recording.
  2. Say something positive about yourself, find something positive about yourself.
  3. Reward yourself with kindness by doing something nice for yourself, know you deserve it.
  4. Plan your day ahead with your food, so you are prepared and not left hungry or tempted to binge.
  5. Do what makes you feel good. Move, dance, sing, walk, get out of the house. Feel what it feels like to feel good and enjoy yourself.

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Written by Vanessa McLennan, Weight loss,Eating problems,Binge Eating Hypno-psychotherapy
Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey, TW16

Vanessa is an eating problems, Binge and emotional eating, food addiction and weight loss specialist. She has studied psychotherapy,hypnotherapy, counselling, EFT, EMDR, CBT and naturopathy. She has an interest in health and was brought to this area by her own health issues. She loves helping people heal on a deeper level so they become happier.

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