Sean Harris - Anxiety / Fear/Trauma Solution Specialist

Sean Harris - Anxiety / Fear/Trauma  Solution Specialist

17 Tudor Court
Wooton Hope Drive

36 Old Forge Road
Fenny Drayton
CV13 6BD

07521 338460

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17 Tudor Court
Wooton Hope Drive

36 Old Forge Road
Fenny Drayton
CV13 6BD

07521 338460

About me

Hello and Welcome

And thank you for clicking on this page to find out how things can change for you quickly!

Are you suffering from a fear, phobia ,Anxiety or Trauma that is holding you back?

Are your suffering from pain in your body but the doctor says there isn't anything wrong with you physically ?

Or maybe you just want to stop smoking for good?

When we suffer from Negative Emotions, habits and Trauma you know they can be really debilitating , they can take control over our lives, thus making you feel out of control. They can stop you living your life the way you want or affect your health in many ways.?

Well I can help you as by using a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Nlp, and the most advanced and latest proven therapies such as Psy Tap and Thought Field Therapy, Havening and EMDR ( explanations at bottom of page ) I can help you start to change almost immediately. After just one session clients have reported that they have made change and you can too .

Depending on the issue of course it might take more than one session to feel better for good, you’d expect that, but you’ll be surprised how few sessions you may need. Once we have an initial chat on the phone or at my venues where we can discuss everything properly. I will advise you how many sessions I think you need. BUT… I work differently, my passion is for you too change quickly making lasting change not just a quick fix.

Unlike some therapists I don't focus on the symptom of the issue itself but more on the cause, the main event that has caused the issue  which a lot of the time we don't consciously know. Once this is dealt with then fantastic lasting change takes place

Its a bit like when you uproot a weed, you don't just cut the top off as it will grow back, however if you uproot the root its eradicated for good. I then work on how you want to feel, so that you can take back the control of your life, living and feeling it the way you want.

Now all my sessions are solution focussed  and content free so you don't have to keep reliving the past by talking about it over and over again. With the therapies I use I sometimes don't even need to know the cause of the issue, change quickly can just take place.

I offer a FOC no obligation consultation on the phone or skype

I work at my venues and globally on skype or on the phone

Email -    mobile 07521 338460

Kindest Regards

Sean Harris

Therapies Used

Apart from Hypnotherapy and Nlp (Neuro linguistic programming) that I use, below are some of the modern advanced proven Psycho - Sensory therapies that I use to help my clients get fast lasting results . One of the unique things about these therapies is that they can be used on their own or in conjunction with other therapies.

Psy -Tap

Psy-TaP is a set of techniques from a blend of proven techniques such NLP, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and many Psycho sensory based energy psychologies to create what is believed to be the fastest and most effective therapy available. The techniques are rapid in their application from one second to a couple of minutes and this therapy is suitable for all issues. This therapy can be used face to face or by skype and there are only 250 Psy tap practitioners in the world , me being one of them

Thought Field Therapy - Voice Technology

This therapy is one of the fastest therapies I use and it works like opening a combination lock. Invented by Doctor Callahan (leading world psychiatrist)) you tap on certain points on your body is a specific sequence to change and eradicate the negative emotion and behaviour. With TFT- VT I guide you through the tapping sequences over the phone or by skype to eradicate the emotional stress, fear, anxiety, pain, etc. TFT Voice Technology (VT) is a powerful, effective, rapid,  non evasive method for treating psychological problems and negative emotional states. It is the most accurate and effective application of Thought Field Therapy. Clinical research has established a success rate of 97% and Voice Technology uses your voice to diagnose any problem you may have.  Your voice contains all the information needed to effect a fast and permanent treatment.VT is capable of diagnosing your problem without giving any detailed information of the problem or problems therefore you the client have full confidentiality.VT works from any phone anywhere in the world with amazing accuracy. Often one session is all that is required to eliminate the problem for good.


This therapy uses Havening touch, an applied stroking of the arms, hands or face, this creates an electro-chemical reaction within the brain and allows us to change the way we feel about past events at the part of the brain where memories are stored. When the Havening touch is applied and the upsetting memory or feeling that is creating anxiety or an unhelpful behaviour is recalled, this is when the process starts to deactivate the old behaviour by de-linking the emotion from the memory. This means that the very first part of chain reaction causing the anxiety is no longer able to work. In other words, it’s like taking away the first domino in a long line of dominoes so that after the Havening Techniques have been applied the rest can’t fall over and trigger the same reaction any more, so the anxious response or unhelpful behaviour is gone!

Training, qualifications & experience

      Training, qualifications & experience

  • General Qualification Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP)
  • Diploma as Master Hypnotist (D.M.H)
  • Diploma As Clinical Hypnotherapist (D.Hyp)
  • Diploma As Cognitive Hypnotherapist (Dip CHyp)
  • Certified Master of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (CMNLP)
  • EMDR Practitioner
  • TFT (Thought Field Therapy ) Algo Level: MCPA BTFTA
  • TFT Advanced Level: MCPA BTFTA
  • TFT Voice Technology - VT (Master Level)
  • Certified Reflective Re Patterning Practitioner
  • Havening practitioner
  • Certified Time line Practitioner
  • Advanced Weight Control & Hypnotic Gastric Band specialist
  • Advanced Smoking Cessation specialist (CRSST accredited)
  • Sports NLP Master practitioner
  • Diploma in Sports Hypnotherapy
  • Fully qualified Sports Mind factor Coach for all sports.

I am registered with the international institute of professional hypnotherapists and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) , General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and ANLP  which are recognised as the the UK’s largest and most prominent organisations within the field of Hypnotherapy and NLP.

I am also a member of the College of Medicine

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


Please see my website

Further information

I continue to further and update my skills and knowledge with Continuing Professional Development by attending regular training, seminars and workshops in the UK, and USA, sharing everything i learn with my clients so that you can better yourself and better your life.

Other Areas i use Hypnotherapy & Nlp in

Sports performance
Life Coaching and Councilling


I work with clients individually, and im happy to work together with clients when the opportunity presents itself to travel abroad to see you if you are unable to see me in the UK
I also work with sportsmen and women abroad if required, including workshops.
(travel costs and fees apply).

Northampton, NN4 6FF
Nuneaton, CV13 6BD

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified

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