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BSc. (hons) Psychology. C. HYP, RTT, Cert NLP
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Hi, I'm Darsh, I started out with a degree in psychology and then went on to specialise in Clinical Hypnotherapy and more recently Energy Psychology.

I am most passionate about helping men and women raise their happiness levels so they can increase their happiness set point for life. So many of us have been looking for happiness on the outside from others or situations. This means we are up and down depending on what is happening in life or how others behave towards us. We get caught up in a pattern of blaming and complaining about others or feeling shame (where we blame ourselves).

Clients come to me with many different issues but not being happy is usually a part of the issue. Through a mix of hypnotherapy and energy psychology we will get to the root cause of any issue or belief.

The hypnotherapy I am trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is a powerful modality which includes regression (where you are taken back to a scene, event and time in the past that is to do with the issue you have today). This can be so powerful and bring about new realisations . The whole process is about going back to root cause of the problem, releasing the emotions, taking back control and reprogramming the mind to allow new beliefs to emerge. 

I offer a lot of support in my three week programme as it is really important to me that you feel safe and supported throughout our time working together. We will have weekly check ins but also, you are able to contact me at any point to arrange unlimited extra calls to talk through what is going on if you need more support (at no extra charge).

For those who are ready to go on more of a journey I work with them over a period of time with another modality called PSYCH-K. It’s an empowering process where you are in control and I just facilitate the process for your own mind to make the deep subconscious changes.

Here are some testimonials from people who have worked with me already:

I have recently completed the programme with Darshika. I have struggled with weight issues for a long time. I have also been feeling low and increasingly anxious over the past year, which has only exacerbated the negative relationship I have with food. I spent some time researching therapists who could support me to reach my goals, as I was fed up with starting yet another diet and not sticking with it,
We completed the sessions over Zoom which worked well. Darshika was easy to talk to and I immediately felt very comfortable. I have so far lost 16 lbs, I no longer think about food constantly, and am effortlessly making healthy choices. My mood has improved and I continue to use the tools that Darshika gave me on a daily basis to help me reach my goals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darshika. I feel it is the best thing I could have done for me and my wellbeing and I look forward to a better year ahead!
Liz, USA

I had struggled with anxiety for a long time but I’d started to feel more anxious, especially around driving and in stressful situations. I decided to work with Darshika because I found her to be really knowledgeable. I also knew she was very experienced in hypnosis which made me feel good about booking a session with her. The session was really positive, I felt relaxed and calm immediately after it finished. After listening to the recording every night for about a month, I now feel calmer, more confident in myself and about driving.  My general anxiety is less too. And another great thing is that I’m sleeping better as well.
Helen, Leicestsershire

Many difficult years of trauma had left me feeling nervous and anxious all the time. I tried so hard to feel better but nothing seemed to be working so I felt I had nothing to lose by trying a session with Darshika. The session revealed some things that I had never thought about and straight after I felt so much lighter. I actually looked in the mirror and thought (probably) for the first time ‘I like myself’.

Now a couple of weeks later - I am feeling stronger, I have become more confident and believe in myself more. My awareness of how I treat others has increased too and I have noticed that I have the strength to say when I am not happy or don’t feel valued. I know there is more work to do on feeling good enough and about certain people and situations that are triggering me so I am definitely going to carry on working with Darshika on these.

I can't believe it, I've even brought positivity into my parents home.
Susan, Leicestershire

I had battled with lack of self worth my whole life and I just wanted to be free of it. I had read a lot about RTT and felt that it was just what I needed. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to do it though (not long after losing both elderly parents). I contacted Darshika who I found so reassuring and knowledgeable. After she explained everything about the programme I felt comfortable enough to go ahead.
As a result, I am experiencing things differently and noticing people who are negative and deciding to keep away from them. There has been a definite shift for me although it is difficult describe exactly what. One example is that I have always wanted to live in Spain and I have finally had the courage to put some feelers out and this now looks like a real possibility for me. It’s synchronicity in action. I really recommend working with Darshika for anyone who is suffering or stuck in a negative state.
Joan, Sussex

I had no idea that ongoing stress had caused my knee problem. I had been off work for 9 months with my bad knee and was having scans, seeing consultants, specialists, physiotherapist and doing all the things I was supposed to do but nothing was working. It was getting me down and I just wanted to get back to normal, to go back to work and do the things I used to do so I agreed to try a session with Darshika. I had heard from my wife that Darshika was getting great results with people and even though I believe in the power of the mind I just felt a little defeated that nothing seemed to be working for me. The session went well and it was great that we could do it on Skype so I didn’t have to travel anywhere. A couple of weeks later I started to notice that my knee was feeling slightly better and it continued to slowly improve and two months after my session I was able to return to work. I’m so happy with my progress and I think more people should know how powerful this therapy is with physical health problems. 
Jas, London

"It’s just one week after my session with Darshika and I feel amazing. I noticed a huge change immediately after the session and I have been listening to the recording at least once a day ever since. I act and feel differently. The anxiety I had about expressing myself has gone and on top of that other fears that I didn’t focus on in the session don’t seem to affect me in the same way. I feel at ease with myself when doing things that the old me struggled with, I really can’t believe what a difference 2 hours with Darshika has made to my life. Thank you ever so much Darshika, I can’t put a price on how much you’ve helped me.

​And three months later ...

"Everything's going really well. I haven't touched a drink for almost 3 months and my spirits are unusually high for January, I'm just generally more productive and making sounder decisions."
Sally, Eastbourne

I was generally anxious but my biggest problem was a fear of vomiting. It was getting worse and stopping me doing normal things likes just meeting up with friends. I just wanted to be able to go out and enjoy my life like everyone else without anything hindering me. After the RTT session I felt really relaxed and some things made more sense to me, which felt good. A week later I noticed some changes in that I felt less anxious. Four weeks later I just feel better in myself, I have more confidence, less anxiety and even though I did actually vomit on a recent trip. I just took it in my stride and the constant fear of vomiting isn’t there any more.
Ella, Sussex

I’ve just finished my programme with Darshika and I’m feeling great. Before my session I had had enough and just wanted to get in control of my weight and health (in particular a chocolate addiction). 

I had heard good things about Rapid Transformational Therapy so I contacted a few therapists. They all sounded good but I felt most comfortable talking to Darshika and she also had a great mix of being professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. The cost was a big thing to overcome for me but for once I decided to put myself first and just go for it. I’m so glad I did, since our session I have lost weight, I am now so much more in control of my eating and eating less. My friends and family are surprised when I say no to chocolates and cakes or throw food away. 
I had tried hypnosis treatments in the past which were more aversion type techniques and those had all involved a great deal of work on my side for little results and no long term benefits and this was truly different. I can feel I have made a permanent change to my life this time and I’m looking forward to more weight dropping off and feeling even better. I highly recommend working with Darshika and I have already been telling everyone I know about how great working with her has been.
Jo, Lincoln

I had thought about having hypnotherapy for many years for my lack of confidence, particularly at work and especially when speaking to groups of people.
There were many changes at expected where I work and I knew it was time to get some help to try and sort out my lack of confidence so I contacted a few therapist in the area. With Darshika. I decided to book straight away because I loved her confidence and I instantly felt I was in safe hands.
Since the start of the programme I have noticed some great improvements. I just seem to be taking all the changes that are happening at work in my stride. I have been responding better in meetings and when talking to others and even when more responsibilities have been suggested I have felt calm and confident about taking them on (which is the opposite of how I used to be).

The thing that I think will really transform my career is that I never liked attention being focused on me and if I was ever given an opportunity I would always try to find ways to avoid it or try to pass it on to someone else. That has all changed and I am now happy to take centre stage and proudly respond with a ‘Yes, I can do it’.
Laura, Sussex

"My weight had ballooned again. I had been yo-yo dieting for so many years and I’d just had enough. It was exhausting and I knew it wasn’t doing me any good physically or mentally.  That’s when someone recommended Darshika to me. After speaking with her on the phone I knew I was in good hands and I decided to go ahead with a programme. To be honest I had tried many other therapies in the past so I was a bit unsure about whether anything would work for me. All I can say is that just after the session with Darshika I felt really good and filled with optimism. And just one week later, I’ve found myself feeling calmer, with the biggest change being that I'm effortlessly eating three normal meals a day and not needing to gorge myself on junk like I'd been doing. It is completely different to my extreme starvation approach to getting my weight down in the past so it’s no wonder that this feels better to me." 
Judith, Sussex

"I’m so glad I took this first step, I got to know Darshika through a friend and I felt she really understood my problem. It was my weight that I needed to focus on and every time I made the effort to eat healthy food it would all go wrong. When Darshika explained that what we eat is all to do with our thoughts and feelings it all made sense. So I tried Hypnotherapy. It’s now just a week after my session and I’ve lost 5 pounds...WoW! I’m not even depriving myself, I just feel like eating healthier food and less of what I was tempted by before. The portions have gone down too. I’m feeling really positive and it’s reassuring to know Darshika is at hand to support me when I need."
Helen, Sussex

"My session with Darshika was so helpful, it made me think about events of my childhood and how they have affected my thinking now. I wanted to work on my confidence in business as well as generally. Since my session I have listened to my recording regularly and have managed to increase my rates and feel more confident about charging more to my clients. I am feeling braver about making decisions without needing a second opinion and validation from others. Thanks so much Darshika." 
Gemma, Sussex

"My session with Darshika has made a big difference to my life. When we met I was stuck and had got to the point were my constant procrastination was really getting me down. The session was so interesting and afterwards I felt a real release, like I had dumped a load of rubbish. As I began listening to my personalised recording I noticed in less than a week I was getting so much more done including some of things that I had been putting off for years. It feels so great to be finally moving ahead. I’m so impressed that I’m booking in for a weight loss session with Darshika next."
Angela, Sussex

“I felt so dissatisfied with my life. No matter how hard I tried to succeed, there was always something holding me back and I just couldn’t get past it. I knew that hypnotherapy get’s to the root cause of issues to resolve them so I approached Darshika because I liked the sound of how she worked. I was blown away with what came up in the session and I now feel that I am finally well on my way to getting the life I really want.”
Liva, London

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BSc. Honours Psychology

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rapid Transformational Therapist

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£150.00 - £224.00
Free initial telephone session

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Each hypnotherapy client starts with a two week hypnotherapy programme which include one 60 minute session for £150.00 online or £162.00 face to face. This is to start the process gently and set the mind up to get the best from the main hypnotherapy session

Main session is in a three-week programme with the 1 x 90 minute hypnotherapy session, a personalised hypnotherapy recording to listen to, daily exercises and weekly check ins for £200.00 online or £224 face to face.

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I have some flexibility to arrange times outside my usual working hours if needed.

Further information

I am also a trained PSYCH-K facilitator and provide subconscious coaching to offer extra and ongoing support after the hypnotherapy sessions. These can further help with the work undertaken by the hypnotherapy (they can be stand alone sessions too)and can help make big shifts in tricky areas. I offer these sessions for £90 for a 45 minute session.

Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16

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