Yo-yo dieting is wishful shrinking

Are you one of the many yo-yo dieters? Have you joined diet groups, read countless books, and tried every healthy eating programme you can find? And has every diet resulted in less weight loss and for a shorter time?


Relax. You are not alone and the good news is that there is nothing wrong with you!

Research has shown…

According to the National Association for Eating Disorders, “At best modern weight control programmes can achieve weight losses of around 15 pounds but the proportion of people who maintain their losses for over five years is in single figures. Only one in 20 people who join commercial weight control programmes is said to reach goal weight. Further, half of all dieters put back even more weight than they have lost.” 

There is increasing evidence that dieters get locked into a losing battle with their own bodies which fight like mad to resist the starvation process. Your subconscious mind knows from the outset that you hate dieting because it feels like deprivation, so it actually tries to protect you by encouraging you to eat all the ‘forbidden foods’, believing that these make you feel happy! Every time you ‘fail’ to lose weight on a diet, your subconscious logs in that failure, and the next time you try again, it will work even harder to put you off.

False and out-of-date beliefs about food

Our beliefs around food are created when we are very young, mostly through the conditioning from our parents or other family members. Being made to eat everything on our plate; encouraged to eat large amounts and have second helpings; offered cakes or sweets as a treat or reward… these are just a few of the many childhood experiences that can create unhealthy eating habits later on in life, when food is often used for either distraction from uncomfortable feelings or reward for endurance.

The benefits of regression hypnosis

Using advanced regression techniques, we can work together to identify those early events that resulted in beliefs based on misperception or misinformation and then replace all the out-of-date information with truthful information inspired by the wisdom of you, the adult client. After all, wouldn’t it have been nice if you knew then what you know now? We’ve all said it, but for most of us, that’s impossible. In hypnosis, you really can know then what you know now, because in hypnosis, we are using all parts of the mind at once.

Release is better than loss

Forget the idea of losing weight – after all, loss is always painful and something we go to great lengths to avoid. Hypnotherapy can help you to release weight slowly and safely by changing the out-of-date information in your subconscious mind and enhancing your natural willpower without the need for dieting. 

Ready to find release?

If you’d like help in releasing weight painlessly, then please either email me at mail@nikicassar.com or call me on 07973 346747 so we can schedule a free 30-minute phone or video chat. Online sessions are my speciality, or you can come and see me for face-to-face consultations in South Somerset.

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Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET
Written by Niki Cassar, DCH DHP MPLTA SQHP
Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET

Niki Cassar has been working as a full-time hypnotherapist and past life regressionist for the past 22 years, with much of her training done in the USA. She strongly believes that we are all shaped by our past, and only by accessing and neutralising out-of-date information in the subconscious mind can we resolve the issues that cause us problems.

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