When you fear going to the dentist

It is such a personal matter to open your mouth up wide to a stranger. The thought of someone getting so close to your face is enough to make many people feel panic-stricken, let alone someone putting something into your mouth.

Then there's the fear of needles and the anticipation of pain. Few people welcome pain and it can be very frightening.


You no longer feel you have control of the situation.

The concerns you have - whether you have bad breath, whether the dentist will reprimand you for not cleaning your teeth properly, or if they will need to put that ear piercingly noisy drill into your mouth - make you feel uncomfortable.

As a child, you may have had a dentist who was not kind and patient. Maybe you remember seeing your parent come home with a sore mouth and unable to talk properly. Just hearing the drill work while sitting in the waiting room can break you into a sweat. We hear horror stories on social media - we certainly rarely hear positive stories of going to the dentist.

Your mind has taken in all of those past impressions and it has made you feel uncertain about your next dentist visit. Again, you do not feel in control of the situation.

No therapy can change your history but responsive hypnotherapy can change the way you feel about your history.

What is responsive hypnotherapy?

Responsive hypnotherapy is based on science. It is a highly effective therapy - as long as the client can follow the process. Three hours in one sitting is usually all that is required to lessen feelings of anxiety.

With this specific therapy you are awake and in control throughout. Whether you have hypnotherapy online or face-to-face, your fears are removed from your mind and confidence becomes the dominant feeling.

Responsive hypnotherapy can:

  • Remove uncomfortable feelings, reducing stress. 
  • Promote feelings of freedom and control.
  • Boost your happiness, helping the mind and body to work better.
  • Provide balance for mind and body, reducing the risk of illness and extending your life.

Is this not what we all seek? A longer, healthier, happier life?

Craig's story of responsive hypnotherapy for fear of the dentist

This nice chap had not visited a dentist for 13 years. He was simply too scared following a very painful tooth extraction, years earlier, when anaesthesia should have been given prior to the procedure. And now, Craig actually enjoys the visits to his dentist.

His mind knows that he used to fear dentists but that fear is no longer tangible for him. Craig's mind feels this instead: "I'm just not bothered."

Responsive hypnotherapy can work for children, teenagers and seniors, for all sorts of matters. We don't need to 'dig around' into your past to make changes. We just need to know what feelings you wish to remove and/or what feelings you wish to feel instead/have added.

You, reading this, are able to be in control of your mind and your body.

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Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9JX
Written by Nina Vinther, Anxiety & Confidence Hypnotherapist
Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9JX

Trained as a General Nurse at The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Qualified advanced clinical hypnotherapist.
Licensed practitioner of Responsive Hypnotherapy specialising in removing anxiety, stress, addictions and poor management of weight (placing virtual gastric bands).
Registered with GHR & CNHC
DBS checked, NSPCC Child Protection

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