What is Odontophobia?

Dental pain and a fear of going to the dentist may not be a great combination; if only there was something you could do to help with the fear of going to the dentist!

Odontophobia is the clinical name given to dental phobia. Understanding that there are things you can do, including cognitive hypnotherapy, is the first step in the journey to being able to sit in the dentist’s chair without panic.

Dental phobia can be acquired in a number of ways, more often than not the anxiety arises from a previous experience. Exploring this in your therapy session can be helpful as part of your treatment and the route to better dental health.

We all have different pain thresholds, and a sympathetic dentist knows this. Your dentist can help you manage your pain and will be keen to do so.

The idea of being distracted is one we are familiar with; what if you can distract the brain from focusing on the thought of pain and dental work?

Beginning to change the thought patterns associated with visiting the dentist is one way in which Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help. ‘Thought stopping’ is a technique which can be taught.

Contact us here at CHC to learn about the use of relaxation techniques and how you discuss these with your dentist in advance to help you prepare for your procedure.

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