Hypnotherapy for nail biting


My nail biting habit began when I was completing a level 4 polytechnic course for work. The habit worsened when I did level 5, to the point where I was also picking the skin around the nail if there was no nail left to chew! Everywhere I went I constantly chewed and picked with embarrassment also. Starting the habit in the morning and even at night time, I knew it was unhygienic and began constantly washing my hands when fingers were bleeding.

Finally I had enough of the daily ritual and covered my fingers in plasters, which caused attention, that lead to anxiety, frustration and awful looking nails. I saw a registered hypnotherapist who discussed the issue and was defiantly confident in assisting right away. He was pretty sure I could remove the plasters the following day, my fingers were inflamed and sore.

The session began with a visualisation on my hands. I remember concentrating on them like an artist, thinking 'I will be so happy to take these plasters off'. I felt a tingling in my hands and a warm feeling when closing my eyes. My hands rested in place while the hypnotist's relaxing words guided my hands, elbows and shoulders to relax.

I felt deeply relaxed. I visualised the habit of chewing on all 10 fingers then somehow I was guided to release the habit and how my nails would look when I would let them grow. I also saw lots of gentle hands with nice nails guiding mine away from the habit surrounded by a colourful aura on mine - pink, orange and green (almost like it was healing). My hands were happy to absorb the colours before moving away.

I could see lovely hands with short, very neat nails and healing hands. I could also see me around people without hiding my hands or anxiety of having the issue. I was lead back to full awareness with very relaxed hands indeed! The habit stopped right at that moment before I left his office and haven't started again since.

Now if I try to pick or put them near my mouth something in my mind won't let me restart and my hands pull away automatically. 

It's only been two weeks since the session but I can see my fingers are healing. I recommend hypnotherapy for nail biting - it is really a deeply relaxing session. I was given a recording afterwards, though I haven't had to listen to it yet as the issue was halted in one session for me.

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All therapists are verified professionals