Irritability - how hypnotherapy can help

“I know it’s stupid, but I just can’t stop myself – I don’t really know how he manages to put up with me.” The lady was in her 20s and describing her bouts of extreme irritability. “He can just be drumming his fingers on the steering wheel or quietly humming to himself – and I'll go off on one – it’s crazy - and then I have to apologise later, because I really do love him to bits”.

Extreme irritability can be damaging to relationships because the attacks seem so unreasonable and hateful. The one on the receiving end can only keep calm and weather the storm. However, patience can eventually wear thin. 

There has been no hypnotherapeutic scientific research in this area because irritability levels fluctuate and are understandably difficult to quantify. Albert Einstein was right again - “…not everything that counts can be counted”. However, there is anecdotal evidence, which suggest that hypnotherapy really can help. 

It has been suggested that people with this condition seem to have a “radar”, which is set to maximum sensitivity. The slightest blip triggers an over aggressive response. The good news is that, with guidance and practice, people can learn to dial down their radar sensitivity so they become less vigilant to offence. Hypnotherapy can also be used to attenuate the strength of response. Some also benefit from learning to disassociate themselves from the trigger.

Of course, insomnia is bound to make irritability far more likely. The evidence for hypnotherapy improving sleep is far stronger, because sleep is easy to measure. Listening to specialist sleep recordings at bedtime can really transform sleep quality and alter next-day mood. After all, Hypnos was the God of dreams!

An experienced hypnotherapist will also be able to identify and alleviate any other underlying issues. This young lady was suffering with unresolved grief following a bereavement.

In summary, those with irritability may benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. Their partners may benefit even more!

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