Hypnotherapy gave me the gift of sleep


My journey through hypnotherapy to overcome insomnia

For the past six months, I've been caught in a relentless cycle of sleepless nights and groggy mornings, my life punctuated by the on-and-off consumption of sleeping pills. My desperation for a good night's sleep led me down a path I never expected: hypnotherapy. Initially, I was sceptical. The idea of someone whispering suggestions to my subconscious seemed far-fetched, but faced with my GP's warning against the long-term use of sleeping pills, I was willing to try anything.

My curiosity was piqued by an article explaining the virtues of hypnotherapy for sleep disorders. Despite my scepticism, my situation was dire enough to make me open-minded. I needed sleep, and I was ready to explore any avenue to find it.

This led me to the Hypnotherapy Directory, a simple search tool that surprisingly revealed a practitioner just around the corner from me. A quick introductory call was all it took to set my appointment. Claire, the hypnotherapist, was friendly and professional over the phone, which eased my initial hesitance about sharing too much too soon.

I found my first session a bit daunting at first but then just kept the mantra in my mind of 'it might work". I settled into a comfortable single leather armchair, while Claire sat in a more utilitarian office chair beside me. She took her time, gently asking questions to understand the stressors in my life and my typical pre-sleep whirlwind of thoughts.

Initially, I was guarded, my nerves making it difficult to fully relax. However, the effect on my sleep was immediate and profound. That very night, I slept more soundly than I had in months, a result so miraculous I initially dismissed it as a fluke.

As the sessions continued, so did the improvement in my sleep. Sure, there were nights I found myself awake, staring at the ceiling, but these instances grew fewer and farther between. With each session, I felt my insomnia loosening its grip on me. The key, I discovered, was my willingness to be 'open to suggestion.'

My usual bedtime internal debate – torn between urging myself to sleep and succumbing to a barrage of thoughts – was absent. In its place was a singular focus on Claire's voice and the belief that I could, indeed, find rest.

The cost of reclaiming my nights was, in my eyes, a small price to pay: £65 for the first session and £55 for each hour thereafter. I had six sessions in total over the course of three months, and it's now three months post-sessions and I'm still feeling positive and sleeping well.

Claire provided recordings of our sessions, a safety net I've yet to need but am grateful to have. My journey with hypnotherapy has been transformative, offering not just a solution to my insomnia but also an alternative to traditional talking therapies, which feels more long-term and something I'm not yet ready to pursue.

To those struggling with sleep, whether from insomnia or just the occasional restless night, I cannot recommend hypnotherapy enough. Approach it with an open mind and be ready for change. My own experience has taught me the power of suggestion and the incredible capacity of our minds to heal our bodies. Hypnotherapy has not only granted me the gift of sleep but has also opened my eyes to new possibilities for personal growth and well-being.

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All therapists are verified professionals