How can solution-focused hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

Do you suffer with anxiety? Are you unsure why or how? Anxiety is created by negative thinking and if your anxiety levels creep up it is very easy to lose intellectual control.


What does this mean? It means that you stop fully operating from the rationale, intellectual part of the brain and the primitive part of the brain hijacks your thought processes and feelings.

To put it more simply, the primitive part of the brain is only there to ensure your survival and is very negative. It will always see things from the worst possible perspective. This part of the brain is where depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, fears and phobias can be found.

Why do I have panic attacks?

A panic attack is caused by the primitive part of the brain believing that it is in some sort of crisis or emergency. For all the primitive side of the brain knows and believes is that you are fighting to survive.

How can I stop the primitive side of the brain from hijacking the intellectual part?

The answer is remarkably simple. Your brain needs to process thoughts and feelings when you go to sleep. This process is done when you access the REM phase of your sleep.

How is this relevant to hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, or the state of trance, replicates your REM phase of sleep and helps you process thoughts and emotions.

Is this all that hypnotherapy does?

No, when the state of trance is accessed through hypnosis, it is possible to make subtle positive changes to your thought processes as your brain is subtly processing this information.

So does hypnotherapy allow you to process emotional thoughts and feelings?

Absolutely, this is exactly what it does. After a couple of weeks of trance work, I would fully expect you to be feeling less anxious, more in control of your thoughts and feelings and sleeping a lot better.

Interesting fact: Just 30 minutes of trance work on the couch is the equivalent to four hours deep REM sleep.

How will I feel after a session?

Relaxed, rejuvenated and very positive. These are the main three comments which my clients make to me.

I specialise in helping people control their levels of anxiety through allowing them to have a good understanding of how the brain works. This, along with my trance sessions enable my clients to then make the positive changes required to gain back ‘intellectual control’.

Whilst anxiety is often portrayed as being a negative emotion. It can also be used in a positive way, if utilised in the correct way.

A famous boxing trainer once commented that anxiety was similar to fire. 

“If you learn to control it, you let it work for you. If you don’t learn to control it, it’ll destroy you and everything around you.”

A solution focused approach is very effective in empowering a client to subconsciously learn how to use anxiety in a positive way. This is true with any elite athlete or any person from any walk of life who has any kind of event or situation in which they may feel anxious about.

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Prescot, Merseyside, L34
Written by Chris O'Connor, MNCH (Reg) HPD,DSFH MAfSFH NCH (Reg)
Prescot, Merseyside, L34

Chris O’Connor Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist
I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist who has now helped hundreds of clients in achieving a better quality of life through Hypnotherapy.
I am passionate about helping and supporting people who suffer with mental health related conditions.

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