Health, wealth and happiness - how can hypnotherapy help?

We wish each other and ourselves health, wealth, and happiness as the basis for the best that life can offer us. Are we sure we know what they are? Do we need all three? Are they all equally important? And how can we make sure that we have them?


Health is not just the absence of illness or disease, and nor is it about being super fit. It is about mind and body working together and in harmony, having a feeling of well-being. Most of us can describe a time when we felt really energised, perhaps walking in a beautiful environment or playing a sport we love, with a mind clear of worries and focused on what is going on around us. Physical pain or disability can stop or reduce this feeling as can the weight of anxiety.

One of the best things about hypnosis is that you can experience that wonderful sense of well-being anytime you want to – either through guided relaxation or through self-hypnosis. While you are in a relaxed state of well-being, physical and emotional problems go further away and can be seen in their true perspectives.

Hypnotherapy’s contribution to health is there from the start of your first session.

As well as this, hypnosis can contribute to health by helping to reduce anxiety and stress over the long term. Hypnosis is also very effective in improving health as it can help you to stop smoking and maintain a healthy weight or lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy may be great for your health, but how can it possibly increase your wealth? Certainly, hypnosis is not going to tell you the lottery numbers so you can become a multi-millionaire overnight! But what would increased confidence, ability to concentrate, improved interviewing skills or better relationships with colleagues do for your career?

Through hypnotherapy, you can maximise your opportunities and kick-start your career. Hypnosis can free your subconscious mind to help you to be the best “you” you can possibly be – free from whatever holds you back from studying or doing your job well. Hypnotherapy can also help you to work out where your skills and talents lie so that you can move into a career you have always wanted.

And so, through improved performance in studying or in work, you can reap rewards that can improve your wealth chances more realistically than by doing the lottery.

However, we know that happiness does not come just from health or from wealth – even though the absence of these can certainly contribute to unhappiness. What brings happiness is sufficient health and wealth allied to a positive experience of life. Happiness can include doing things we enjoy, achievement of goals, good relationships with others, optimism, things to look forward to, contributing to society, dealing well with problems – the list goes on.

There are many definitions of happiness but the one that appeals most often to me is that the true art of happiness lies in self-knowledge – for from self-knowledge comes true understanding and therefore kindness – to others as well as to ourselves.

How can hypno-psychotherapy help?

Hypno-psychotherapy is an excellent way to advance on the journey of self-discovery. It gives us a real understanding of what makes us tick, and how we can overcome or rise above any negative results of our past or our present. A good therapist can be your guide or companion on that journey – encouraging, supporting, challenging, and always on your side.

Health, wealth, and happiness to you all.

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Written by Joy Shakespeare
Bicester, Oxon, OX26

I offer professional expertise in a warm and relaxed setting, using a range of psychotherapy techniques including hypnotherapy and specialist trauma interventions such as Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), known as “tapping therapy”.  I bas...

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