Can hypnosis make me lose weight?

One of the most common enquiries a hypnotherapist deals with is the question of whether hypnosis can assist in weight loss and weight maintenance. Fortunately, the simple answer is that yes, hypnosis has been shown to be helpful in this area but it is wise to have a general understanding of how weight loss hypnosis works before booking a session and hoping for a miracle cure.


Despite the effectiveness of hypnosis, there does need to be a willingness from the client to commit to new disciplines to ensure that the weight loss is both effective, but also permanent. 

How will hypnosis aid with weight loss?

Hypnotherapy assists patients in reaching an altered or unconscious state of perception. The term "hypnosis" or "trance" are both frequently used to describe this state. A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis, a profoundly relaxed state of concentrated attention, to try to change the subject's thoughts, behaviour, and emotions. In this state, positive suggestions can be embedded into the unconscious mind of the client with the intention of breaking old eating habits. As a result, hypnotherapy aids in weight loss by assisting clients in altering their behaviour through the use of empowering ideas.

Hypnotherapy can also assist with a number of related problems, such as reducing cravings or managing stress and anxiety. 

What else should I know about hypnotherapy and weight loss?

Eating fewer calories than you burn off is the most effective strategy to lose weight. By teaching you to equate consuming less food with feelings of improving your health and gaining more control—which is frequently coupled with the many other advantages of hypnotherapy for weight loss—hypnotherapy can assist you in achieving realistic weight loss goals.

When you first consider hypnotherapy, you may have many questions, and a highly professional and qualified hypnotherapist will be more than happy in answering them and deciding if hypnotherapy is right for you. During the sessions themselves, your hypnotherapist will guide you toward new ways of thinking and assist you in overcoming the negative self-talk and thinking that are very common factors in our over-eating habits.

This is due to the fact that your brainwaves slow down when you are under hypnosis, which improves your focus and clarity of thought. You feel more at ease and in control as a result of this. You will discover new methods of understanding your cravings when in trance. In addition to changing your habits, hypnotherapy can also increase your self-confidence.

This is achieved by substituting unfavourable thought patterns with significantly more constructive ones, so you can discover how to alter your way of thinking, and develop new, empowering habits.

What causes weight gain?

There are numerous factors that contribute to weight gain., such as a busy schedule, stress, and a genetic predisposition that might contribute to overeating. People who suffer from overeating frequently have had bad dieting experiences in the past, and when they have these experiences again, they believe they have no choice and are helpless to control their cravings. 

Additionally, overeating may be a symptom of unmet emotional demands in other spheres of our lives. An individual is more prone to have these automatic reactions to comfort eating in particular circumstances, such as when unhappy or feeling lonely.

Emotional stress frequently causes eating for other psychological reasons. For instance:

  • lack of sleep
  • loneliness 
  • stress
  • boredom 
  • anxiety
  • depression

Anyone who has ever overindulged knows this, whether they are an adult binge-eating in front of the TV or a toddler who can't seem to resist the cookie jar. The issue is that we frequently eat quickly or mindlessly in response to adverse emotions, which simply serves to feed the vicious cycle.

How else can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a good option if you struggle to find the inspiration to work out. One of the best methods to improve your health and lose weight is through exercise, but getting started can be challenging. Physical exercise is sometimes perceived as dull or boring by many people. 

You can alter your attitude toward exercise and, by extension, your attitude about your body and yourself. As self-worth rises, you will feel more self-assurance. This new-found self-esteem can help you focus on mastering other activities you may previously have felt inhibited by. This includes having the freedom to play sports, go out with friends, and dress however you like.

The main benefit of hypnotherapy is that it can alter your affinity with food by assisting you in creating a new relationship with how you feel about yourself since it works with your subconscious mind. The old desires and poor behaviours are replaced with newfound vigour, which signifies that you are not only shedding weight on your body but also the weight on your mind.

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