Why you should give up dieting

When you think “lose weight” do you also think diet, calorie control, small meals maybe even bland food and constant hunger? It doesn’t have to be that way. Losing weight with hypnotherapy is different from the plethora of diets and fads pushed on the Internet and I’ll explain why.

Diets often leave us feeling hungry and deprived of food even just after a meal. That’s because they work on the basis that you’re not burning all the energy you eat so eat less than you burn and you lose weight. Unfortunately this only brings short term gain as when we reach our target weight we allow the diet to lapse, sometimes we don’t even reach our target weight before we just can’t fight our cravings any longer. Our bodies see this period as a “lean time” so when we resume our old eating pattern, not only will we go back to our starting weight but often put more weight on to prepare for another “lean period”, just in case.

Using hypnosis we can resolve most of these problems. For instance, if you snack, why? Once you find the answer to that question a hypnotherapist can help you stop snacking, and then can work on exercise motivation, and help you feel full when meals are over. This way you can still have treats and eat the food you enjoy, but eat less of it without feeling deprived and so lose weight safely and keep it off with positive long term weight management. 

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Written by Michael Geerthsen

Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX10 9DG

If you are looking to bring about change quickly and effectively then I can help. You will find that I have an enthusiastic passion, which motivates me, to use hypnosis to help people improve their lives. I enjoy working with people who are determined to bring an end to their problem, if you choose...

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