Why yo-yo dieting fails

At some point in our lives we will have all struggled with our weight. Some will be stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting, where they will lose weight after a rigid diet and then put it all back on after coming off the dreaded diet. Many people will carry on throughout life in this way and will never have achieved long-term weight loss. Not only is excessive weight bad for your health, it also has an impact on confidence.

So why carry on in this way?

It is because most people that are overweight want the easy option and go on the diet so that they can achieve quick results. Deep inside them, they know that they will soon rebel and crave food that they enjoy. This leads them to over indulge on the foods that they have missed after being on a diet and end up losing that sense of control because their mind has not been retrained to give them a sense of balance. They then put twice the amount of weight back on after coming off the diet and all the hard work will have been washed away.

The reality is, we live in a fast paced world and want things instantly. You have got to work hard to achieve the body and health that you desire and there are no short cuts. Weight loss takes time to achieve, but once you have lost it by regaining control, the effects will be long-term. Plus, you will get to enjoy the odd portion of fish and chips and slice of cake every so often. Wouldn’t that be great?

How to lose weight long-term:

  • Live 80/20 where 80 percent of the time you eat healthily and 20 percent of the time you allow room for a little of what you fancy.
  • Create a vision of how great you will look once you have lost all of that weight so that you stay motivated and excited about your weight loss journey ahead.
  • Start engaging in some exercise so that it gives you something to do instead of thinking about food.
  • Control your portions and eat half of what is usually on your plate.

Consider weight loss hypnotherapy:

Weight loss is a battle of the mind so you may want to make an appointment with a weight loss hypnotherapist who will really help and support you to lose those excess pounds. They will look at your eating habits and suggest changes under hypnosis so that you want to eat healthy meals and smaller portions. The hypnotherapist will also help to create a vision of how you will look in the future you which will drive you to reach your end goal.

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Written by Manjit Ruprai

I am a weight loss coach and clinical hypnotherapist in the Leicester area. I have also contributed a chapter to the Hypnotherapy Experts and I am currently working on my debut book Slim and Spicy which will be published in summer 2016. I also continue to work closely with the presenter, Steve Miller from the popular TV series Fat Families.… Read more

Written by Manjit Ruprai

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