Why have hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be a life-changing therapy for many, with some people experiencing instant change whilst others notice a subtle difference over the duration of a few days after their initial session. It certainly can enhance your quality of life so that you can take that holiday abroad, apply for that promotion, sleep better, gain focus, lose weight, improve health and wellbeing, give up smoking, reduce anxiety and depression, improve relationships or allow you to put the past to rest. This is achieved by assisting you to reach a completely relaxed and natural state, and with the use of specific language, a therapist like myself is able to guide you to readjust your view of the world, enter a new mindset and move confidently and clearly towards your goals.

We frequently experience emotional reactions, varying levels of happiness, stress, sadness and fear throughout the day and these are important signals and cues to our brain to let us know how to accurately behave in the world around us. These are constantly changing emotions that we associate with the world around us and may, in turn, lead to us getting 'labelled' as depressed, phobic or anxious. These labels provide the illusion of a constant state which can allow us to feel overwhelmed at times, as though we are fighting a losing battle and leave us questioning whether there actually is light at the end of the tunnel. Hypnotherapy combined with a technique called neural linguistic programming (NLP) can change these states of mind effortlessly and effectively and teach you to alter them yourself, as you desire.

A person should always seek out a hypnotherapist or an alternative course of therapy first and foremost for themselves - it is paramount that someone really wants to change! However, another reason I feel someone should seek hypnotherapy and feel very passionately about is for our children! Do you have children? Or want children in the future? If so then you may be aware that learned behaviour, including many of our fears, phobias, anxieties and even depression can be passed on to our children. They become how we behave, not what we say or tell them to do but what we choose to do, feel, respond and how we interact in the world around us - the apple really doesn't fall very far from the tree!

Therapists observe children who are brought to them for hypnotherapy and after much discussion with their parents can instantly understand how the child has learned the very challenge that ironically their parents have booked in with a hypnotherapist to 'fix'. I say the term 'fix' loosely because a hypnotherapist does not fix people but helps people to fix what they are not happy with in their life. What if the parent had overcome this challenge themselves years before they had children….

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All therapists are verified professionals

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