Using hypnosis to overcome chocolate cravings and addiction

Sugar is looking like it is becoming the West’s big killer of the 21st century. Obesity rates and the diseases associated with it are rising rapidly, and much of this is put down to our intake of sugar through sweets and sweet (and normally caffeinated) drinks and particularly in the UK, chocolate.

Neither chocolate or fizzy drinks have any real food benefits, they simply add unnecessary calories to our diet and for some people simply cutting these "foods" out of their diet is sufficient to help them lose weight.

The modern lifestyle where we are expected to be on top form throughout the day does not help. After lunch fatigue is used as an excuse for eating a bar, but the problem is that 30 minutes later we feel worse as the sugar rush fades and we “need” a second bar to keep us going.

While some people simply eat too much chocolate, for others it can be a significant problem. A little while ago, reading an article on addictions and substance abuse it became clear that for some, chocolate and fizzy drinks is a real addiction similar to alcohol or drugs, they crave it but often get little or no enjoyment from it. They can go days without it, but eventually succumb and go on a "binge" often hiding their secret from their nearest and dearest.

Hypnosis can help. Using sessions with a hypnotherapist to form a sound base for overcoming the cravings, supported by reinforcement audio tracks between sessions and being taught some self-hypnosis techniques for between sessions can make a real difference.

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