Stop the self-sabotage and lose weight naturally

It’s the time of year when new diets are everywhere, gym membership’s increase and on the whole most people you talk to are on some form or other of health kick. But somewhere between the January health buzz and the June 'lose weight for holiday' panic, up to 97%* of people will stop their diet or even put weight on.

So how do we lose excess weight and keep it off long term? If we go with the premise that naturally slim people are successful at managing their weight, then what can we learn from how they do it?

A recent documentary** by Channel 4 studied the everyday eating and exercise habits of people considered to be naturally slim. The findings may surprise you. There was no special diet or exercise regime that these people followed; in fact looking at some of the food consumed may even alarm you. So what did they do to be slim and maintain it?

The programme identified that what these people had in common was 'self-regulation' over their diet. Unlike a lot of dieters who 'self-sabotage' i.e. go on radical diets that make them miserable or have low energy so they just cannot maintain it. The naturally slim people self-regulate, i.e. they may overeat or have high calorie meals some of the time, but then they naturally eat fewer calories following that. So the overall net effect is good calorie management. But the most interesting part is that the naturally slim people are doing this subconsciously.

It’s important that the mind-body connection is aligned for weight transformation to be successful long term. Therefore if you want to lose weight and maintain it, developing the unconscious habit of self-regulation may be the key to your success.

Hypnotherapy can help you with your weight transformation, working at this subconscious level to change your habits around food, suggest new beliefs and behaviours to remove self-sabotage and support your self-regulation.

Body of Truth, Harriet Brown

**The truth about slim people - Channel 4 Documentary

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