Road rage: manage your anger using hypnotherapy

How many times do we see people reacting with anger and rage whilst driving? A survey reported by Direct Line would indicate that 4 in 5 drivers have been on the receiving end of road rage anger. Now, this might surprise you - 15% said they had been involved in 10 or more incidents.

Is road rage a crime? Well, not so far in the UK to my knowledge - but incidents could lead to aggressors facing other criminal charges such as careless or reckless driving, as road rage is difficult to judge. In some states in the USA, it is considered a crime. I know most people reading this article will be in the UK, but often what happens in other countries arrives here at some point.


What is road rage?

Doctors in the USA have another name for road rage - Intermittent explosive disorder. Road rage is aggressive or angry behaviour exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle.
Examples of road rage and effects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Gesticulating and shouting insults.
  • Obscene gestures. You know the ones I mean.
  • Using your car horn (might be taken as aggression).
  • People do often go bright red in the face.
  • Eye contact with that fixed stare.
  • Blood pressure goes through the roof.
  • You tailgate the person you believe is responsible.
  • Explosions of irrational anger.

All of this and more...and it could be because someone just made a simple mistake. Think of the impact this then has on you and the rest of your day:

  • You arrive at work angry and sweaty.
  • You spill your coffee and your day just continues to get worse.

Then the straw that breaks your back arrives.

  • Someone says something that normally would be considered perfectly innocent or funny and you explode.

Wow - what a great start to a day. Could get worse -

  • You could show anger towards your boss or colleague and then you really are in trouble.

All this over what was most likely a simple error on someone’s part. Your day is off to a bad start or completely ruined by your own reaction. Anger! What a wasted emotion.

As you read this, are you beginning to recognise yourself? Have you ever wondered why you behave like this or react in an irrational way? Many other people in similar situations don't react like any of the ways listed - so why do you?

I hear you asking yourself: “What has this to do with hypnotherapy?”

Hypnotherapy can help you change how you behave, including the way that you respond to events that trigger road rage. Perhaps you learned to behave in a certain way by watching a respected "other" do this, and thought that's how you should react when you learn to drive.

Hypnotherapy can help you uncover the reason you think or react in a certain way, and then facilitate change in your subconscious so that you learn to behave in a new, calmer manner.

It can also teach you calming techniques, and how to use anchors at certain times enabling you to remain calm.

Some simple tips to help you before you decide to visit a hypnotherapist:

  • Plan your journeys to allow yourself maximum time to get to your destination, and plan further ahead than you normally do.
  • Keep an eye out for any obstacles you think might cause another driver to over-react, and avoid putting yourself in the mix.
  • Don't try to beat the lights; you will cause others to have rage, or could even cause an accident.
  • Don’t play "Beat the Sat-Nav".
  • Think before you react. This only takes a second.
  • Remember: every action is preceded by a thought, so catch your thought and change it.
  • When something goes a bit off, breathe deeply and hold that breath for 3 seconds and slowly release. Repeat and repeat. The tension will reduce.
  • Instead of reacting aggressively, just simply wave to the other person in a friendly way and let it go.
  • Turn up the volume on your music.
  • Smile, as even this action will help reduce tension and or anger.
  • If all else fails, just think: "Beam me up, Scotty".

Have a great day and a great drive to your destination.

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Written by John Dewar, D.M.H. D.Hyp. CPNLP. EMDR. Dip.SMC. SQHP
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