Manage your weight with old fashioned eating habits

Back In Time For Dinner - could old-fashioned eating habits help you to manage your weight?

A few weeks ago the BBC featured the Robshaw family who experienced everyday life in successive decades. Each episode saw them in a different decade and each day they experienced a different year of that decade. The family really entered in to the spirit of the time with weird and wonderful hair, makeup and clothes (particularly traumatic for those of us who were around in the eighties) and genuine delight as each new day brought new decor, modern conveniences such as a freezer and a greater variety of foods.

The programme also highlighted the changing role of women and how mealtimes changed from the sit down together, father served first, one meal for all, no speaking at the table of the fifties, to the sit where you like, eat what you like, when you like and access to a huge array of snack and convenience foods of more modern times.

Anyone who is looking to manage their weight through hypnosis will probably find that the 1950s approach to eating is a far better approach: you will be encouraged, in hypnosis, to eat regular well balanced meals sitting at a table, using cutlery which is placed back on the plate between mouthfuls, eating mindfully without the distraction of TV, iPad or smartphone and savouring the flavours of the food.

Combine this with sessions of hypnotherapy for goal setting and work on positive body image and you are looking not at a diet but at a healthier relationship with food and exercise which will become your new way of life.

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