How QHHT helps with fear of death and dying

One of the first questions I ask my QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) clients is ‘What do you want to understand, resolve or heal?’


In the many years I’ve been doing QHHT sessions, I’ve only ever had one client who specifically asked me to help him with his fear of dying, but a surprisingly high number of clients admit they used to have a secret fear of death before doing QHHT, and their fear has now evaporated.

Why we might fear death

The reason for the fear will often become clear during the session. In a past life, they might have had a painful or traumatic ending or a long and slow death due to starvation. They may have been frightened that there would only be darkness or nothingness when they die, or they may be terrified that they are going to hell.  

If the death experience is peaceful, we can conclude that the current fear either comes from another past life or even from this life. Whilst doing 5-Path® Hypnotherapy, I have known countless clients to regress to their difficult birth, leaving the ‘little one’ with a lot of fear and the belief ‘I might die’. In this case, I would never take them to the end of their current life, but instead, I help the frightened child to understand that nothing bad is going to happen, and he or she is going to live and grow up.

How the fear is removed

In QHHT sessions, the fear is removed by gently guiding the client through the dying process, with the realisation that the moment they take their final breath, all the previous pain, fear or trauma immediately disappears.  

One client, a mother of three, told me that the nearest she had ever come to that instant cessation of pain and the feeling of total bliss and euphoria was the moment her babies were born!  

No physical pain whilst in hypnosis

In my experience, whilst in deep hypnosis and revivifying the end of their past life character’s life, the client never experiences any physical pain whatsoever. I’ve heard stories of slaughter in battle, being burnt at the stake, murder, torture or drowning, but although the client will describe the event in vivid detail, it is clear they aren’t experiencing anything more than brief emotional discomfort. Once I emerge them from hypnosis, I ask if they felt any physical pain, and they always say no.  

During the sessions, witnessing the transition of my clients’ past life characters’ life to the ‘other side’ never fails to move me, as I watch the rapt expression on their faces a split second after the character takes their final breath and the soul drifts out of the body.  

There are many similarities in their description of the journey upwards (and yes, it is always upwards!), and there is no doubt that they are experiencing a state of pure love, a reminder for them of what awaits all of us when we complete our human journey and return to our true home.

Hands-on healing

When I was much younger, I had little knowledge of spirituality. If someone mentioned the word ‘spirit’, I would probably have said ‘Yes please, mine’s a vodka and tonic’. Now that I look back over my life, I realise that I was given opportunities to begin my personal process of change at a relatively young age.

My earliest memory of a door being opened for me is when I was 19 years old. I was excitedly getting ready to go to a midsummer ball with my boyfriend, whilst feeling increasingly unwell because of a throbbing headache and a very sore throat. His mother was a spiritual medium and she offered to do some healing on me. I was a bit sceptical, but agreed on the basis of ‘what have I got to lose?’  

She held her hands over the areas where I had pain for about 10 minutes, with both of us remaining completely silent. I distinctly remember feeling heat coming from her hands, but naively assumed it was due to it being a balmy summer evening. When she finished, I stood up and was astonished to find that my symptoms had ‘magically’ disappeared, and nor did they return during what turned out to be a lovely evening. My headache the following day was definitely caused by an excess of alcohol!

Soul contracts

In later years, I came to recognise that this amazing woman, who became my mother-in-law, was someone with whom I had created a soul contract to help me and guide me on my early spiritual path. My progress was initially slow, and I faced many difficult challenges over the next 20 years, but on looking back, I can see that they were actually lessons that I had chosen to learn before I was ready to have a greater understanding of my reason and purpose for being here.  

As seems to be the case with many people, I wasn’t fully able to embrace the greater concept for many years: that we are all souls inhabiting a human body, in order to learn specific lessons before returning to that place that has many names, and yet is nameless. It might best be described as our true home.

Asking for signs from loved ones

I can pinpoint one of the first moments when I felt rewarded for my growing trust in my spiritual beliefs. I was in my early 50s and my second husband had just died after a year-long struggle with cancer. A few weeks later, I went to see a spiritual healer that I’d never met before who described someone close by who was radiating love to me, and she could smell the scent of freesias very clearly.  

She passed on a message about a person who had recently had surgery on their left foot as ‘proof’ for me. Jules regularly bought me freesias as he knew how much I loved their scent, and a close friend had just had an operation on that same foot.

Several years later, when my first husband died (we’d long since been divorced but remained close), I was driving along and asked for a sign that he was well and happy. About an hour later, as I entered a small roundabout, a shiny Mercedes sports car appeared in front of me. The number plate was DW1, the exact initials of my husband David, who, by the way, had no middle name. There is only one number plate in the whole of the UK with that combination.

There followed many more incidences, each one endorsing my beliefs. As someone who has no belief in coincidences, I now recognise why my decision to study hypnotherapy at the end of the last century led me to choose training that included past life regression.

We all have a life purpose

Every life has a purpose. Our main reason for incarnating is to learn lessons to help our soul grow, but there’s no reason why we can’t also have fun while we’re here!  

When we’re creating our soul plan or ‘blueprint’ for each life, we focus on the lessons we want to learn. This is known as our life purpose. We also include all the possible ways we can choose to learn those lessons, which are likely to be uncomfortable or sometimes painful. When we’re able to recognise what it is we’ve learnt from each one, we’re then able to move on to the next one more quickly.

Multiple exit points

As I get older, and with my strong belief that the soul can never die, and so death is just an illusion, I personally have no fear around the death process, although, of course, I’d prefer a peaceful passing! However, I also know very well that I can handle whatever happens because the manner of my death was chosen by me before I incarnated into this body.

Many people ask me if we choose when, where and how we die. As I have come to understand it, we have a number of potential exit points. When we are creating our soul plan, we include a number of opportunities to leave the body (exit points), and once here in human form, we can choose to take whichever one is right for us in the moment. 

When and why we choose our exit

Supposing you’ve worked hard and completed your lessons early on in your life. You may then decide, at the subconscious level, that you no longer need to be here, and would prefer to go back ‘home’, taking your learning with you, so you can plan your next incarnation. (There is no pressure to leave at this point; we all have the choice to remain and benefit from our lessons, or to act as teachers to others.) Once we decide to return, we are given the opportunity to take one of our pre-planned exits.

Alternatively, supposing you’ve taken what is known as free will (part of the human condition) and strayed a long way from your path? If you’re not progressing with your life lesson you may feel unhappy and depressed; desperate to return to the source. Your subconscious may then search for the next appropriate exit point. Once back home, there is never any judgement, just recognition that you have ‘unfinished business’ that you can complete in your next life.

Why do we choose planet Earth?

The Earth plane is said to be the toughest school of learning, because the energy here is so dense, so why would we choose to be here? The answer is that we have an opportunity to rapidly progress our soul growth when in human form, simply because it’s the equivalent of going to a cram school!

I’ve been told by clients’ higher selves that we find it easy to decide to take on some serious challenges in our next incarnation while we’re still in a dimension of peace, pure love and harmony. We conveniently forget that as soon as we join with our new body, the veil of forgetting comes down, with no memory of why we’re here. Imagine arriving at boarding school, knowing all the answers to your exams, so you could just skive and have a great time without learning anything.

QHHT can help you to recognise why you’re here and what is your life purpose, and if you happen to have a secret fear of dying, then removing the fear will be an added bonus!

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Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET
Written by Niki Cassar, DCH DHP MPLTA SQHP
Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0ET

Niki Cassar has been working as a full-time hypnotherapist and past life regressionist for the past 22 years, with much of her training done in the USA. She strongly believes that we are all shaped by our past, and only by accessing and neutralising out-of-date information in the subconscious mind can we resolve the issues that cause us problems.

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