How hypnotherapy can help when life is overwhelming

Life can be overwhelming at times; there are often just not enough hours in the day for working long hours, looking after family, keeping up with housework, and social events among other things. When things feel unmanageable and the weight on our shoulders becomes too much, we can start to feel our heart racing, our temper flares, we suffer from headaches, and start to lose ourselves. These are all signs of feeling overwhelmed, and it can lead to difficulty concentrating, a racing mind and trouble problem-solving.


When we start feeling overwhelmed, it can then mean that we find it harder to look after ourselves and those around us, which leads us to be even more overwhelmed.

It can be a vicious circle, but you are able to take back control.

4 ways to take care of yourself when you feel overwhelmed

Below I’ve listed a few things that can help you start to feel like you again. I understand that it may feel like you’re adding more to your plate by trying these tasks, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them. They’re going to take five to 15 minutes each, and you could try one a day for the next week.

1. Write yourself a to-do list

And then set some goals so you can tick things off. Do one thing at a time and prioritise the tasks that are going to make the biggest difference to you first. 
If doing the ironing is going to make you feel better than doing a report for your boss, prioritise the ironing.

2. Make some time for self-care

Doing something you enjoy for a few moments every day will help you relax and calm your mind. Think of the hobbies you’ve enjoyed or ones you want to try. Cooking a healthy meal, going for a walk, or watching your favourite film all count.

3. Catch up with a friend

Having a chat and putting the world to rights can do wonders. It can give you an opportunity to get things off your chest, and then you may also find listening to your friend is a welcome distraction and allows you to think of other things.
If you’re not able to meet in person, a phone call or online video chat would still be great for you. Or another option could be to volunteer so you can connect with new people.

4. Try to understand what has caused you to feel overwhelmed

Build healthy habits to manage moving forward. Therapies such as hypnotherapy can be very effective in supporting you to achieve this.

A hypnotherapist will help you understand what triggers the feelings of stress and pressure. It’s likely that you’re not consciously aware of these triggers right now, and it happens without you really noticing. Your hypnotherapist will then help you change how you react to those triggers and support you with building healthier ways of coping so that you feel in control and less overwhelmed. Hypnotherapy will also help you to relax, slow down those racing thoughts, and allow you to have an hour a week to focus on yourself.

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Written by Jen Froggatt, Dip.Hyp MHS
Basingstoke RG21 & Fleet GU52

My aim is to provide you with a safe, secure, confidential space where we work together to readjust your subconscious thoughts and behaviours so that you can be the person you want to be. I work with clients online or face to face from my therapy room in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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