How easy change can be?

If you get to a point in your life where you feel tired and sluggish, you feel like you lost your sparkle and direction in life. You feel that everything is an effort to achieve the simplest of tasks and you wonder how you're going to change this?

Well the answer to the change you require is inside, if you close your eyes and take a deep breath and just be quiet with problem. Let your mind go quiet, if a thought comes along just let it pass and flow through you mind. Then after a while ask yourself the question to the problem, like why I am so tired, unhappy or feeling lost. Just wait for the answer to appear, you may hear a voice a thought or even get an image.

Trust what you get and you will be very surprised with answer that you are shown.

If the process does not work, try it again and ask the question again as your body and mind will give you the solution to the problem. You just have to be still and actually listen to them because sometimes if the body is not heard it will escalate the problem to something more dramatic. The mind in some aspects is like a stroppy teenager - if it doesn't get its own way it has a tantrum. It also is a drama queen and loves the emotion attached to certain events, but if you remove this emotion it loses interest in that behavioural pattern, this allows the behaviour to cease.

So we all hold the keys to unlock our own happiness, they are within us and just require us to listen sometimes. But if it's a more complex issue you may require a guiding hand through these events, with an experienced hypnotherapist. They can guide you skilfully through the minefield of emotional traumas that have occurred during your life. The best thing with this is that they have the skill to defuse any situation that arrives.

Sometimes in life, to ask for help is the greatest sign of strength to remedy a problem that you face. The old saying two heads are better than one ring especially true in this field and area. So next time anything goes wrong or you're stressed, just pause and close your eyes and breathe 7-11 (breathing which is 7 seconds breathing in and 11 seconds breathing out). Then ask yourself the question and you'll be amazed at the solution that arises in your mind. Plus by doing this you're changing your learned behavioural pattern to stress, thus affecting the way your mind reacts to stress.

So if you want change it's easy, all you really have to do is realise that a change is required. If you can't affect the change yourself go and visit a hypnotherapist that will be able to skilfully guide you to the change you require and deserve.

Because anything is possible, it just takes you to believe that you deserve amazing things in your life.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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