Lindsay Heron Senior Hypnotherapist ~ NLP Practitioner GHSC / SQHP / CNHC

Lindsay Heron Senior Hypnotherapist ~ NLP Practitioner GHSC / SQHP / CNHC

Tay Medi Spa Hypnotherapy & NLP
55 York Place
Perth And Kinross

Garden Lodge Therapy Lounge
3 Wylie Court
Murthly Village ~ Druids Park
Perth And Kinross

01738-710758 / 07702 383726

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About me

HYPNOTHERAPY and NLP is now available in both Perthshire / Perth & Kinross & Northumberland

You will still see Lindsay, not another Therapist.

Hypno/NLP therapy practice suites in:

Murthly ~ Garden Lodge Therapy Lounge

Perth City - Tay MediSpa

Blairgowrie Physiotherapy

Lindsay is a Senior Clinical and is Expert in these Associated Fields of Hypnotherapy/NLP

Suggestion Hynotherapy - Hypnoanalysis/Analytical Hypnotherapy - Hypno Psychotherapy - Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Time Line Therapy - Ericksonian Hypnosis - Past Life Regression - Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

TRUST ~ SUPPORT ~ RESULTS Guaranteed ~ Free Ego-Strengthening session if ever needed

LINDSAY' Promise.
If after your 2x90mins and 30mins Free Consultation of Appropriate Therapy Intervention, 3hours 45mins of my time, should you require any Top-up Hypnotherapy / NLP 'Ego Strenthening' for whatever reason and up to 9months after / of your primary therapy sessions, you will receive Free 'ES' Session, though that is rarely required.

Powerful Subconscious Change Resources and Unconscious Potentials needn't take for ever! They can be engaged and support you instantly with the most appropriate and supportive of empathetic Therapeputic Hypnotherapy and NLP Interventions. I promise you timely lasting results, I will not let you down.

Appts. Can be made for Home Visits / In our Blairgowrie Consulting Therapy Room or soon in The Hypnotherapy / NLP Therapy Lounge in Druids Park, Murthly.

Since Lindsay's recent move to Central Perthshire, he is able to provide Personal One to One Hypnotherapy / NLP Therapy Client ENQUIRY coverage for BOTH Regions.

Lindsay looks forward to receiving and responding promptly to ALL New Client Enquiries from Perth and Kinross and surrounding Region. It's like coming home for him, having been educated in Perthshire and his Father and Grandfather former>

Dental Surgeons LDS RCS Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, from Elgin and Lossiemouth, Morayshire. Lindsay's Father (1909-1995) practised Hypnotherapy and NLP Interventions within his Dental practice in Morpeth Northumberland for over 40years - SEE WEBSITE

Lindsay has maintained a Therapy Room in Northumberland to continue to service and help the significant Clientele / Enquiry base he has successfully established over many years.

About Lindsay Heron

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Practitioner of NLP ~ Motivational Therapist & Coach

Senior Practitioner of the:

GHR General Hypnotherapy Register Standards Council Approved

SQHP - Senior Qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

CNHC - [Approved] Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Member

CNHC Member approved _ For Doctor Referal

PSA - Professional Standards Authority & Accredited Register


Advanced SENIOR Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master Practitioner of NLP
Licensed Motivation Therapist & Coach
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT)

Lindsay's most recent clients have had Appointments for....and been helped for......

Weight-loss ~ Think Thin ~ Healthy Eating
'Virtual' Gastric Band Hypnotherapy / NLP Surgery
Quit smoking
General Anxiety ~ Social Stress & Panic Management
Alcohol abuse

Addiction Help ~ Withdrawal ~ Cocaine
Food addiction
Fear of flying
Sexual issues
Gambling addiction
Drug abuse
Fears & Phobias Eliminated
Interview nerves
Low Self Esteem
Anger management
Panic attacks
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Pain management
Obsessions & Compulsions / taking back control of your life

Motivation Inspiration Assertiveness Hypnosis ~ NLP

Lifestyle Change / Enjoy Life / More Self-Esteem

& Confidence

Business Acumen Communication & Thinking Skills NLP

Pain Relief & Control ~ Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Depression Self-Help ~ Anti-depressant Withdrawal

And so much more - See Persona specific concerns / issues / life's associated overwhements you may associate with ~ need help with

I PROMISE to respond to your enquiry, SAME day within 2-3 hours
YOU can call me on phone numbers above - IF not in Therapy I will take your call or CALL you back ASAP

Send me an Email NOW to.....

ANY EMERGENCIES: I will attempt to see within hours of your contact call or Email.
I'm here to HELP..........empathetically to all your needs, your goals and aspirations.
Where there's a will there's a way!

'YOUR BODY IS YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND' - they're one and the same!

Helping others to help themselves....
is key to allowing clients / patients the opportunity
to change their lives for the better, through motivational enrichment and by tapping into the potential enhancement of an individuals own concealed, subconscious mind / body resources.

Born Northumberland.........
Married with an extended family, including grandchildren now, Lindsay has been living back in the North East for the last 40 years. Having led a very active business and family life, he was unable to contemplate full retirement and with a Hypnotherapy background connection was inspired and motivated to look further into Alternative Complementary Therapies. The first four of these are recognised by the NHS as alternatives or compatably harmonious with existing medical interventions, specifically:

Hypnotherapy - 'INVALUABLE' Hypnotic Trance-Like Deep Relaxation Techniques
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Re-programming the Body/Mind to Think and Fee Differently.
CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Talking Psychotherapy Outcomes
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Inspired by ...
Norman MacVean Heron Dental Surgeon LDS RCS (Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) - Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist [deceased 1910-1995] who within his practice used the resource of Clinical Hypnosis Therapy & NLP for the benefit and therapeutic comfort of his patients. For some 40 years he provided this Alternative Complimentary Therapy, an alternative to classical medical intervention, as a means of delivering anxiety and pain free treatment without need for anaesthetic involvement, also offering pain free injections [needle phobia], providing the enhanced benefits of post operative drug and side effect free, swifter recovery.

Motivated by...
A personal recognition whilst in business, of a need to remain in control during particularly stressfull business times, Norman Herons colleague and buddy Geoff Graham Dental Surgeon BDS [deceased 1932 - 2006] formerly of Whickham, was to compound an acceptance by Lindsay that he would benefit from ego strengthening and stress related therapy. Geoff was to teach Lindsay the invaluable technique of Self-Hypnosis. As a Medical Hypnotherapist of some renown Geoff Graham BDS also used the state of Hypnosis throughout his Dental career and became an International Authority with reputation as a teacher of Hypnotic techniques lecturing to medical professionals across North America and Australia, in Brazil, Moscow, Singapore, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, France , Germany Holland and Belgium. He was President of the North East Medical & Dental Hypnosis Society and involved with a number of equivalent American Societies. Author of How to Change Your Life Published by Real Options Press 1990, also How to become the parent you never had Its a bit of a mouthful and The happy neurotic. Lindsay was to benefit from his readings and teachings over the years. Geoff practised Hypnotherapy for over 35 years, helping thousands of people to loose weight, build confidence, tackle phobias, combat stress and STOP SMOKING as well as with his own patients, his Dental practices in Whickham.

The integration of CBT [Cognitive Behavioural Therapy] and NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] with Hypnotherapy, appropriately combined, creates a truly powerful therapy approach for positive change and personal growth.

The fact is that Hypnotherapy is a very safe form of therapy for wide range of ailments and problems whilst being a valuable tool for personal empowerment. It is incumbent as a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy that Lindsay ensures he recognises and listens empathetically to his clients complications of life, stumbling blocks, difficulties, conditions and states of mind, situations and behaviours, with the prime goal of achieving the client / patients ultimate aspirations, whilst ensuring a life [style] change compatible with their fundamental desires and expectations. Their long term enhanced, recuperated and improved health request wishes.

Training, qualifications & experience

Lindsay Heron Dip.C/Hyp/NLP/CBT

Is an Advanced SENIOR GHR Approved Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy

A SENIOR Master Practitioner of NLP

A Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Who as a Motivation Therapist and Coach.......
is available to coach on a one to one basis or in small company groups.

Lindsay is a Validated Practitioner of the GHSC, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and bound by their moral ethical and confidential standards.

Anything is possible with the Power of the Subconscious
'YOUR BODY is YOUR Subconscious MIND' - It's literally TRUE

Member organisations

Registered / Accredited


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        VIRTUAL HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND - BODY/MIND THERAPY SURGERY For Obesity Read Testimonials - Website 85% Success rate compared to similar for Real Time Surgery!

        A-Z of Common Problems & Conditions That
        Hypnotherapy - NLP - CBT - EFT Can Help With & Treat


        IBS - Irritable bowel syndrome/easeof
        Abuse related problems Insecurity
        Anxiety/letting go Insomnia
        Asthma Interview preparation
        Arthritis ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
        Assertiveness Memory recall / improvement
        Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)
        Nail biting
        Blushing - Nervousness
        Bedwetting Needle Phobia
        Chronic fatigue syndrome
        OCD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
        Pain control
        Fears & Phobias (eg: Fear of Dentist) Public speaking
        Fear of failure
        Respiratory recovery
        Fear of flying
        Smoking cessation
        Fear of public speaking
        Social Phobia
        Fear of heights
        Guilt complex
        Stage fright
        Grief healing
        Surgery - fear of
        Gambling Timidity/shyness
        Hypochondria / obsessive pre-occupation


        Cultivate calmness, clarity, peace of mind, lucidness and coherence
        Smoking Cessation - permanently
        Enhance self-esteem & awareness.
        Sports Hypnotherapy - NLP - Motivation
        Relieve stress, pain and illness
        Tinnitus reduction treatment
        Weight problems - Diet Issues

        Photos & videos

        • GHR ~ CNHC ~ SQHP
        • Lindsay HERON - Hypnotherapy & NLP
        • CNHC & GMC


        YOUR FREE Consultation and overview to establish your needs. 30 mins
        After and subject to your acceptance of Therapy that day...
        Straight into your initial primary Relaxation Therapy Session a Further 90 mins
        Hypnotherapy Sessions & using...
        CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
        NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

        90 mins Therapy enquiry / condition dependant From £90

        Customised Therapy Treatments....
        PLEASE NOTE: 90% of all Therapy Treatments generally involve a Minimum of 90Mins Therapy - Therapy time OFTEN runs Over HOWEVER there is no extra Fee for that essential time Lindsay considers necessary.

        The average Therapy Session to resolve a clients condition-issue-concern is 2x90mins sessions or 3-4hours of Therapy and 1 Free 30mins Consultation to begin with - Cost £270 (Subject matter dependant)
        Appropriately with Hypnotherapy / NLP / and or CBT.

        One Longer Therapy Session is ALL you'll need.
        NO need to re-book weekly Sessions to achieve your goals and aspirations.
        JOB DONE IN 3+Hours Always

        YOUR GUARANTEE is that for whatever reason you should need a Top-Up Ego-Strengthening Session up to and including 9monthas from your primary Hypnosis /NLP Session it is FREE.

        Concentrated sports assessment, focused goal training Visualisation NLP playing a key role in these specialised sessions
        'You can do it, you will achieve and aspire to your dreams and anticipated expectations'
        SEE Specialised Website for further details

        Assignment 'Project you' - Motivational Coaching
        Accomplish, fulfil your personal and professional goals
        Challenge and confront the way you think, maximising ability...
        Challenge, fire with enthusiasm the way you adapt and grow as a person.

        Stop Smoking - cessation easily in 3hours with Free Consultation.
        Kick the habit permanently - Gauranteed as with ALL Lindsay's Therapy.

        Break Through' Sessions
        Breaking the constraints of controlled subconscious resistance!
        A focused, concentrated approach to help you move
        forward in your life, free from restrictions.
        'It's your life.... why not make the most of it!'

        > Building confidence & Positive Thinking
        > Would you like more of something in your life?
        > Do you want to let go of unwanted feelings and emotions?
        > Perhaps you wish to break free from unwanted behaviours!

        Contact me to discuss how I can help you NOW
        SEND me an Email -
        I promise to respond within at least 3-4hours, normally by return.

        This Email being used presently for BOTH Northumberland and PERTHSHIRE Enquiries THANK YOU.

        And/Or VISIT my Website for additional (hopefully) helpful information & Testimonials

        Website: Perthshire


        Website: Northumberland

        DISCOUNT for ALL my former Northumberland Patient/Clients


        I look forward to helping you soon

        Anything is possible when your allowed to engage with those extraordinary subconscious resourses and those unconscious more helpful behaviours.

        Further information

        Visit the Website

        FOR MORE INFORMATION > Your key to better HEALTH & WELLBEING

        Email me

        and/or For PERTHSHIRE and NORTHUMBERLAND Enquiries

        Why Hypnotherapy - Understanding the Therapy.
        Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness brought about whilst in a deep state of trance relaxation. Effective to change by suggestion, creating advantageous changes in ideas, concepts and behaviour, a manner of acting to outside behaviours. Our subconscious mind is in control of involuntary functions of the body, habits and things, matters that we perform automatically and is stimulated by our imagination, mental images, our emotions and strong sentiments. The subconscious is also a mind-store of memories.

        DURING HYPNOSIS the mind/body is open to suggestion, responsive, receptive and open minded, encouraging rational, healthy beneficial attitudes to those valuable self confident processes that are reality, matter of fact based. Hence Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind see Dr Candice Pert PH.D Neuro Scientist Research Professor of Physiology and Biophysics Author of Molecules of Emotion

        THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION As you will discern from Dr Candice Perts research, the mind/body are fundamentally one. One affects the other. So how do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Because our bodies and minds are not distinct from each other , they function together as parts of an interconnected system. Read about her scientific mind-body discoveries, her books and CD sets are a revelation. The power of our minds and feelings affect our health and well-being. Actually proves what many people have long suspected - that a healthy mind is a healthy body

        YOUR SPECIFIC PROBLEM or Particular Issue - Looking to your Individual Solution that difference between what actually is and what is desired.
        Perhaps those stumbling blocks, obstacles are getting in your way of a desired goal through troublesome setbacks! Every problem asks for an answer or solution. HYNOTHERAPY when used as an empowering combination with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offers very beneficial effective healing and life changing mind/body therapy. It is therefore possible to create your individual, bespoke outcomes more quickly than you might imagine.

        LIKE MOST PEOPLE, you will have subconsciously experienced a hypnotic trance, something we come across everyday. For example, when we day dream, drive our cars on auto-pilot or become absorbed in any activity where the world ceases to exist. Its comfortable and familiar, instinctive and natural and doesnt require to be deeply profound or intense for effective therapy. So you can be consciously aware that youre in control at all times.

        WHY CHOOSE A [COGNITIVE] HYPNOTHERAPIST We work with you to evaluate your specific circumstances, agree aims and staged goals to achieve best options, your desired result with best regard for the promotion of your health and effective functioning, within the shortest possible determinate time and to help you achieve your goals by establishing an ethical, caring, strictly confidential partnership with you. You will receive the tools, techniques and strategies to use for yourself initially and way into the future. The therapeutic effect will continue to grow between therapy sessions and continue long after therapy is finished. To ensure these newly learnt techniques come naturally, Lindsay will teach you the profound capability of Self-Hypnosis see Geoff Graham BDS Dental Surgeon, an ability to relax your mind/body any time you desire, allowing yourself to go into a altered trance state for a controlled effective therapeutic period of deep relaxation.

        THE FACT IS
        That Hypnosis is a very safe form of therapy for a very wide range of ailments see 'learn more' on The Website / problems and conditions, whilst being a very valuable tool for personal empowerment.

        It is in Lindsays observed and practised opinion the fastest way to access the unconscious mind and the imagination, so in the hands of the skilled therapist its one of the best ways to facilitate, promote and encourage positive change. IF YOU DESIRE TO MAKE THAT CHANGE, I CAN HELP YOU FIND THE ROAD TO FREEDOM

        See Q&A Questions & Answers
        and I Can Help With on The Website...PLUS Testimonials
        Email me
        for a quick helpful response / that's a promise!

        COGNITIVE HYPNOTHERAPY see CBT [learn more] on the website...
        Its like casting a wider net which can help with anything in which the conscious and unconscious mind has an influence. Whilst proving extremely successful in helping client/patients with confidence issues, stress management , phobias, smoking cessation, and weight control, advance professional business skills and develop sport performance to new levels, it can also relieve nausea in chemotherapy patients, pre-prepare patients for surgery whilst attaining faster recovery..and a great deal more.

        You may be stuck with a habit, a behaviour, feelings or condition that you cannot sort out yourself. The Hypno Mind Mechanic can help you back on the Road To Freedom.

        Perth, PH2 8EH
        Perth, PH1 4EQ

        Type of session

        Home visits: No

        Practical details

        Sign language: No
        Other languages: A little French general conversation.


        Wheelchair access: Unspecified


        Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm / Evenings can be arranged & By Special Appointment Saturday Mornings 9am -1pm