Matthew Hall MCH

Matthew Hall MCH

St. Andrews Community Centre
Mount Park Rd
W5 2RS

50 Marlborough Rd
Hillingdon Heath
UB10 0PS

01895 810772 / 07732391008

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St. Andrews Community Centre
Mount Park Rd
W5 2RS

50 Marlborough Rd
Hillingdon Heath
UB10 0PS

01895 810772 / 07732391008

About me

Matthew runs a tremendously successful practice from his clinics in Ealing Broadway W5 2RS and Hillingdon Heath. UB10 0PS.

He was voted Ealing Business of The Year in both 2016 and 2017 by satisfied customers.  The Ealing clinic is very close to Ealing Broadway Station.

He is a well experienced expert in many areas, but particularly in Freedom from Addictions and Weight Control  - Using the powerful techniques of Hypnotherapy, but also incorporating skills in NLP, and the meridian therapies of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Thought Field Therapy, he is able to eliminate, or reduce dependence to, addictions and prevent relapse - whether it is

Sugar Addiction Freedom,

Smoking Addiction Freedom,

Alcohol Addiction Freedom,

Cannabis Addiction Freedom,

Cocaine Addiction Freedom,

Heroin Addiction Freedom,

Tranquiliser Addiction Freedom,

Gambling Addiction Freedom,

Internet Pornography Addiction Freedom,

Sex Addiction Freedom,

or Shopping Addiction Freedom.

Matthew can help with recovery:

Recovery from stress and anxieties,

Recovery from sugar or food addiction,

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction,

Recovery from nicotine or smoking addiction,

Recovery from brain damage or trauma.


A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, that may cause a person to experiece irrational fear about a situation, an animal, place, or object. 2.5million people in the UK will suffer a phobia at some time in their life.

The symptoms can include - uncontrollable anxiety when exposed to the source of the fear, extreme avoidance of the source, lack of functioning when exposed to the source, and inability to control feelings.

Signs can be - chest tightening, jerky breathing, accelerated heartbeat, , dry mouth, sweating, confusion, disorientation, shaking and trembling.

Phobias are linked to the amygdala- the part of the brain  that prepares us for fight or flight when we perceive danger. This enables the release of hormones that enable us to take action.

Treatments can be -  Medication and Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the Meridian Therapies of Thought Field Therap(TFT) and Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT).

NLP is used to change attitudes- by changing the submodalities-minute details - of a problem,and collapsing the worry through making subtle changes.

Meridian Therapies worl on the idea that all negative emotions are caused by a blockage in the body's energy system and that by manipulating energy points we ca change the way a porsin feeks. In TFT and EFT this is done though tapping.

Hypnotherapy can help by tackling both the symptoms and the cause of the phobia -changing the reactions to one of a calm response. This has a direct result in influencing the amygdala's stress-relieving hormones rather than stress-inducing ones

Using Hypnotherapy To Rewire The Brain For Stroke Survivors

Stroke can be devastating. It can severely limit the abilities of those that have had it. It can also impact on those around them.

A stroke happens when a blood clot blocks an artery, or a blood vessel breaks - interrupting blood flow to the brain. These things lead to brain cells beginning to die and brain damage occurs. Abilities controlled by that area of the brain are lost. But Hypnosis can have an influence.

As hypnotherapy influences the hypothalamus - which governs the central nervous system -  it  can have a direct impact on neuroplacity - the brain's ability to form new connections.

Hypnotherapy cannot wave a magic wand and make everything be alright again - but it can influence -

Self esteem, depression/sadness, stress

Emotions, anxieties, anger and resentment, apathy, impulsive behaviour,

Dignity, overcoming the limitations of muscle weakness, clumsiness, and balance,

Paralysis, stiffness,

Fatigue, sleep habits

Speech problems,

Short term memory loss, and amnesia, word retrieval

Cognition, and aphasia

Perception, and concentration.

Please phone us on 01895810772 or 07732391008 to discuss how we can help

Weight Loss

According to a 2016 survey, by Glotech, one third of the adults in the UK are trying to lose weight. They say that seventeen million are following some kind of diet, either from a book, magazine, or a group. However, the survey says that most give up after four months. This often leaves them with a sense of failure. Restrictive diets may only produce more craving for the substance- ie, sugar, - if there is a nutritional lack anyway.

To a large extent, diets don't work. Losing weight requires a strategy - taking into account nutrition, exercise, stress, hunger, habits and reasonable goal setting, also making sure you get the nutrients you need. You need to leave behind the thinking and mental processes that have led to obsessions with food, become more aware of what triggers you to eat, what foods perk you up and which ones make you sluggish and heavy, and just what you need to do to burn off the energy created.

On November 14th 2017 Alexandra Thompson reports, in the Daily Mail, on Tracy Hoff - a Type 2 Diabetic from Chichester. She had tried to reverse her diabetes with diet and exercise through slimming clubs, but found no success - because the clubs had failed to change her attitude to foods. She then tried the Virtual Gastric Band - a hypnotic technique that reprogrammed her thoughts about eating - allowing her to be more mindful about eating.

Her weight has shrunk from 17.7  to 13 stones - although she is still hoping to lose another stone. Her dress size has gone from 24 - 16. She no longer requires life preserving insulin injections, and hopes to reverse the process of diabetes.

Effective Hypnosis offers this service.

Are you an emotional eater? Are you a person who overeats in response to stress? Do you eat on the run, without proper thought for what you are taking in?Do you have too much sugar in your diet? Do you get cravings for foods even though you are quite full? Do you have no clue about why you are overweight ?Do you feel guilty about eating certain foods, yet find yourself returning to them nonetheless? Book with Effective Hypnosis and we can relieve your anxieties about food addiction.

We do an assessment to ensure that the sessions are bespoke to you . Effective Hypnosis can do a lot about controlling your anxieties,emotions, and stress. We can also tackle cravings for sugar. There is often nothing wrong with fruit sugar, as the fibre in fruit will cancel it out. But hidden sugars in processed foods will add to your weight without you noticing that you are full. If you have time and inclination to prepare food from scratch - then you won't need to worry, but if you live life in a rush you could be taking on convenience foods that aren't good for you. Effective Hypnosis plans to put anxieties to rest.

People don't like us to use the word 'implant' with association to hypnosis, because it implies brainwashing. But we effectively implant positive suggestions into the subconscious mind - that change the way you think about yourself, relieve anxieties, and change the relationship that you have with food. The positive suggestions can help to abolish negative behaviour patterns, and overcome bad old habits of eating.

What we offer is a three session program - generally spaced out over a six week period,with CD recordings/ MP3s to listen to in between sessions.

Session 1 Trance training, letting go of stress and anxieties, controlling emotional issues, Sugar Addiction Freedom, Hypnotic Gastric Banding

Session 2 Speeding up Metabolic Rate, teaching Thought Field Therapy to conquer cravings

Session 3 Teaching Self Hypnosis Skills,to avoid temptations.

Pain Management
Matthew teaches how to anaesthetise your body to switch off pain, how to turn the pain level to a minimal amount, and a mind expanding system that makes pain seem forgotten.


Addictions often start as a coping mechanism, a way of running away from pain, difficult circumstances or decisions, or can be the result of a search for true happiness. The user takes a substance in order to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life, or the absence of joy. But once their body has got used to the substance, they  require more and more top achieve the same effect. They may lead to a breakdown in motivation, loss of work or income, lying and stealing, and even taking away everything you love and care about.

A basic characteristic of addiction is that people who suffer from it do not believe they do - they only become aware of it when they suffer damage, which awakens them to the recognition that something has to change.

How the addiction happens  - when a person engages in an activity they enjoy,  the neurotransmitter dopamine is produced, resulting in feelings of pleasure. When a person tries a drug -  the drug causes a huge surge in levels of dopamine,  which results in more intense feelings of pleasure.  The brain remembers the pleasure and wants it repeated. But normal dopamine activity is reduced - and the disrupted dopamine system wants more artificial stimulation. If the process is repeated often enough, eventually the addict becomes incapable of feeling any pleasure from the drugs.

Hypnotherapy will aim to take a user to such a deep level of trance that innate neurotransmitters will kick in again and establish a forgotten way to function. Ego State Therapy can be used to examine the different parts of the personality -that want to continue, and that don't, and create an internal dialogue that leads to resolution. Through use of future imaging customers can envisage themselves as happy, confident, non users. The brain will accept this as a new memory and rewire the neural pathways to create powerful change. Call Matthew Hall for a Addiction Freedom session.

Stopping Smoking.

The physical addiction to nicotine lasts only four days. If you go without it for that long you have broken the addiction.However,the psychological addiction - associations you have with it, people you smoke with - might last longer. Matthew Hall will assess the situation - taking into account the reasons you started, what you get out of it, the triggers and why you want to stop.

What hypnotherapy can do - is take away your craving, convince you that you are a non smoker and that you don't need or want to smoke. Matthew offers FREE FOLLOW UPs to anyone who starts again. We may not get to Smoking Addiction Freedom the first time with a tiny minority , but we will get there. Quit smoking with Effective Hypnosis.

Why stop?

The health benefits of stopping smoking are enormous. But here are a few to get you thinking. Stop and you will breathe more easily -with better lung capacity. Stop and you will have more energy. Stop and you will feel less stressed. Stop and you will have better sex - as your blood will not be constricted. Stop and you will improve your fertility. Stop and you will have younger looking skin. Stop and you will have whiter teeth and sweeter smelling breath. Stop and you will live longer. Stop and you protect others from the poisons in smoke.

Saving Money.

The average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes in 2016 is £9.68. If you smoke 20 a day for a year, this is £3533. If you started at 16 and smoked until you are 70 the cost would be £190,792. Even if you don't want the health benefits, giving up could save a lot of money.In fact, for less than the cost of a month's 20 a day smoking, we can fix you.

Stop smoking in one hour with Effective Hypnosis. No matter how long you have smoked, or how difficult it seems to stop - Effective Hypnosis can fix you.

Effective Hypnosis often deals with anxieties, guilt, loneliness,and worrying. This is done not only through hypnosis, but also using the meridian therapies of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Thought Field Therapy.
. Effective Hypnosis was voted Ealing Business of the Year 2016, in  awards, by satisfied customers. We can help you to quit sugar addiction with hypnotherapy. Matthew Hall Hypnotherapy is recognised in expertise. We do find that we get a lot of work with pregnant women who want to give up smoking. If you are one of these then please stop straight away -if you have problems with stopping, then please call Matthew Hall Hypnotherapy.
.Although these were originally separate issues,   Matthew Hall Hypnotherapy now runs a three session joint Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Service, for those who fear that stopping will only pile on the weight. We can help you to quit sugar addiction, in addition to quitting smoking. CD recordings or MP3s are given as backup.

Whether it's drugs, alcohol, or simply smoking addiction, Effective Hypnosis can make a real impact.
People are amazed to discover that they can give up the habit of a lifetime in just one session of hypnotherapy. Matthew combines the skills of Thought Fiald Therapy - to eliminate cravings - and Neuro Linguistic Programming - to create an aversion to cigarettes - and then hypnotises people to believe that they are non smokers.
Many customers leave the session, clutching their back up CD, as transformed people. If there are any relapses Matthew guarantees free follow up sessions until customers are successful.
When we learn something new our brains change through the process of neuroplasticity. Changes in our neural pathways and synapses enable us to retain new knowledge. these changes can lead to life changes. By experiencing their future selves as happy, healthy, non users in hypnosis neural pathways are changed, as a new memory is built.Rather than victims of circumstance or addiction, we can become masters of our future.

Cocaine is highly addictive - due to the affect of dopamine receptors providing almost instant pleasure. It can damage the heart and blood pressure Depressive symptoms can develop due to withdrawal. Hypnotherapy can provide an alternative way to get the benefits -without the danger, expense or withdrawal symptoms. Matthew Hall Hypnotherapy can help you to change. Call Matthew Hall for a Stop Cocaine Addiction Service - see for testimonials.

The Statistics on Alcohol 2016 reveal that there were 1.1 million alcohol related hospital admissions in the year from 2014 - 2015.

Is alcoholism a disease or an addiction?

Dr Max Pemberton, author and  MIND DOCTOR for the Daily Mail writes, in June 2015, commenting on the confusion created by referring to alcoholism as a disease rather than an addiction.

He says that the “Disease Model” of addiction was first promoted in the late 1990’s in America, and soon spread to other parts of the world. The thinking was that drinking alcohol flicked a switch in some people’s brains that made it hard to stop. It is suggested that labeling alcoholism as a disease may have ensured that health insurers did not avoid funding treatment.

But the trouble with this labeling, as argued by Max Pemberton, and a 2016 article in the Lancet Psychiatry, is that it disempowers people. It takes away the element of personal responsibility and accountability. Max feels that drinking is an attempt to blot out intense emotional pain and psychological distress – recovering from an addiction is about taking responsibility and doing something about dependency.

Also, the model of thinking which says an alcoholic is a helpless victim, who can do nothing to help himself without the intervention of a higher power, is something that disempowers. Don’t think that Effective Hypnosis is against the higher power – we are all for it , but -  recovery from addiction is possible with the power of the mind. If you do feel helpless against the power of your addiction - then hypnotherapy may provide you with the means to take your power back.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent  way of tapping into the innate resources of the mind and can help to conquer alcohol addiction. We help people to quit alcohol, and gain Alcohol Addiction Freedom.

Anger and Stress Management

You may have got into trouble with managing your responses to anger and stress management, and may be facing consequences or you may just realise that things are out of hand. Hypnotherapy can help with raising your tolerance levels and to develop new responses and behaviours.

Matthew has worked with Hillingdon Social Services in 2018 to help people with anger management.

Fears and Phobias - Untackled fears can lead to anxiety and depression. Matthew can make these disappear, or seem insignificant. This includes fear of flying and heights, fear of spiders and insects, crowds and public speaking. Fear of driving, fear of vomiting, fear of needles, fear of dogs, fear of cats.

Self Confidence - so important in all areas of life, so it comes into almost every session . Matthew can train the mind to be full of optimism.

Driving Test Nerves - Matthew can teach a learner to drive free of nerves and build  concentration to pass that test. Through going through the stages of the test under hypnosis customers can change the neural pathways of their brains to see themselves as successful, confident drivers before they even get to the test. They will see success as inevitable. Matthew Hall Hypnotherapy has never failed in helping people to pass their driving test.

Performance enhancement - sports hypnosis, stage fright etc
Depression - Matthew can help you to find the way back from despair to feeling happy about life.
Insomnia - Matthew can help you to get into a good and regular sleeping pattern through hypnosis. Sleep awareness month happens in March 2016.

Fatigue - Do you wish you had back the energy and vitality you had as a teenager? Have you joined a gym in the hope of getting that energy back, and found that it didn't really help? Do you wake exhausted, and need a constant supply of stimulants just to keep you going through the day?
Well, what I do as a hypnotherapist is to help you to get those addictions to stimulants under control and to coach you towards getting that vitality back into your life. Call me now for a session.

Matthew can help with sexual dysfunction issues too. Loss of libido hypnosis for both women and men and erectyle dysfunction hypnosis are available.

Training, qualifications & experience

In 1987 Matthew began a lifelong investigation into the therapeutic use of trance, in the study of shamanism. This led on to professional studies -
Diploma in Counselling 1991 
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis 1999
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy 2000.
Master in Clinical Hypnosis 2006.
Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming 2004.
Master Practitioner in NLP 2015
Chrysalis Effect Practitioner 2012
Diploma in Food Psychology 2016
Emotional Freedom Technique 2001
Thought Field Therapy 2008
Eye Movement Therapy 2007
Matthew has done Masterclasses in Past Life Regression, Remote Viewing, and Ultra Depth Training. He holds a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.

In 2012 Matthew has been trained as a wellbeing coach, for people with chronic fatigue, with the Chrysalis Effect. He is now an accredited practitioner.

2016 Diploma in Food psychology

2017 Certificate in Using Hypnotherapy for Rewiring The Brain For Stroke Survivors.

In December 2012 The Lancet published details of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. This stated that the number one cause of death worldwide was High Blood Pressure, number two was Smoking, number three was Alcohol, and number four was Obesity.
The wonderful thing is that the subconscious mind has the power to do something about these conditions, and therefore preserve life. The immune system can be awakened, under hypnosis, to provide therapeutic change to blood pressure, and the addictions of smoking and alcohol can be eliminated with hypnosis. Weight control can tackle obesity. Effective Hypnosis can directly influence the top four causes of death,and preserve life.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Matthew has  trained in 2012  as a Chronic Fatigue Specialist. This is in keeping with the philosophy of the ME Recovery charity, whose slogan is Get Your Life Back From ME. Effective Hypnosis aims to be paramount in ME recovery.
Matthew was awarded a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming  in 2015.
Matthew was voted Business of The Year 2016 by satisfied customers of and the same thing happened in 2017 - that's a lot of happy customers - do have a look at The Best of Ealing - .
For a bespoke hypnotherapy service in Ealing Broadway and Hillingdon Heath.

Photos & videos

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Cash is welcome, but we also now take card payments.
General -self confidence, insomnia, phobias etc £85
Smoking  Addiction Freedom- £250 - with free followups       sessions for up to a year                     Drug and  Alcohol Addiction Freedom - £200 ( for three sessions)
Weight Control -( including quitting sugar and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy) £200  - ( for three sessions) .
Weight Loss and Smoking Addiction Freedom Combined £300 (three sessions).

Anger Management £250 (five sessions)Credit Card Logos

I am happy to give free consultations

The Ealing Gazette were good enough to run an article about Matthew in January 2013, here it is -
Matthew Hall has made it his mission to master the power of the mind, after witnessing the devastating effects of addiction.
He did social work for Hounslow for fifteen years, but after reading Paul McKenna's hypnotic self help books, he was inspired to learn the art of hypnosis himself.
In 1999 he enroled on a course, and has been building his practice, which operates from Mount Park Rd, Ealing, ever since.
Business is booming, as it seems that hypnotherapy is a recession busting trade.
"In the economic downturn people always want to save money. I get regular phone calls from people who can no longer afford to feed their habit, and that's where I can help". He said.
The 51 year-old treats people who have trouble quitting drugs, smoking and with weight control, as well as those with phobias. Recent phobias have been fear of cats, and fear of vomiting - very scary in the current noro virus epidemic.
Hypnotherapy is shrouded in mystery and is often attacked by sceptics.
Mr Hall, who lives in nearby Hillingdon, and also practices from there, explained that people often get a warped perception from fiction and the media.
"People get confused" He said "I am using the hypnotic state as a way to provide therapy. The hypnosis you see on TV is mainly for entertainment - but I have no nasty tricks.
" I often have to put people at ease. After talking for about twenty minutes we assess the best things to target and then I'll use tapping techniques to alter mood and take away cravings, then I talk them down into a trance so that I can talk to the subconscious mind.
" I then give positive suggestions. When they wake I make a recording, asking them to listen regularly ( though not whilst driving ).
"I do this to help them to succeed and improve their lives."


Further information

Testimonials -  300+  - are available from

Hypnotherapy for anger management

Anger is a natural emotion, but if it is squashed down and not dealt with then can lead to Rage, Aggression, Resentment, and Hatred.

Yelling and shouting may do a service by discharging the anger - but at what risk? People may be risking their relationship, their family, their home, their job, their income. Suppressed anger may lead to stress - which may lead on to illnesses and dependencies.

When people come for help, they may have been threatened with dire consequences if they refuse to change. This can be imprisonment, a partner leaving, ostracism by family and friends, as well as medical warnings - of blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Hypnotherapy can help rewire the brain. It can use regression to heal the hurts of the past and build the future - taking you across the boundaries of personality, to experiment with seeing things from a whole new perspective- progressing to the person you want to be.

Ealing, W5 2RS
Hillingdon Heath, UB10 0PS

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Availability is mostly evenings and weekends - some weekday afternoons available also on request