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Rapid Transformational Therapy
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Reading, Berkshire, RG30
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

You no longer need to remain trapped in your current patterns of thoughts or behaviours. Or feel helpless any more, or feel 'stuck' in life. Even if you've felt this way for a long time. I used to feel this way too, but due to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) I've come out the other side!

It does NOT need to take many weeks/months/years of therapy for you to finally see an improvement. 

With RTT, you can deal with each specific issue quickly, effectively and permanently. We use hypnosis to go straight to whatever in your past caused it in the first place - the 'root cause'. And once you understand it, you have power over it. You can finally let go of the past and move on with your life.

The secret of why RTT is so powerful, is that we use hypnosis, and combine it with therapy... You enter a relaxed, focused state, where you are completely in control at all times. We deal with root cause at a subconscious level, I will be with you every step of the way, as you thoroughly let go of whatever is causing the issue. 

I’ll give you your personalised hypnosis recording to keep, which you listen to every day for the next 21 days. This is a game changer. It locks in all the progress you made in the session, so it becomes permanent for you. And as the 21 days go by, you will notice more and more improvements in your life. 

The first step in your healing journey is to book a free Discovery Call with me. We'll discuss your current situation, see if RTT is the best fit for you right now, and I'll answer any questions you might have. Text/call/email me here through the Hypnotherapy Directory, or through my website.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (Rapid Transformational Therapy)
  • Rapid Transformational Coach
  • Robbins-Madanes Life Coach

I'm a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the UK's largest professional association for practising hypnotherapists.

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£180.00 per session
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Each RTT package  focuses on dealing with a specific issue. Many issues require just one package, while some may need between one and three.  I will be able to estimate this on our free Discovery Call.

Each RTT package includes an:

  • Intake Call (30 minutes)
  • RTT session ( 2 hours or more in length)
  • Personalised  hypnosis recording for you to keep!
  • Support afterwards by message and phone call

Your investment in yourself will be £180 per package.

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I'm so glad I decided to to go for this hypnotherapy. John is absolutely first class. He totally put me at ease and helped me turn my life around. I can't thank him enough. After care he is spot on with as well. Thank you John for helping me turn my life around.

I had a session with John and I have to say it was such an enriching experience. I would recommend anyone to try RTT. John takes you through with compassion and understanding. Amazing!

I don't write reviews usually but I thought John deserves special praise for just taking his time to get to know me and to assess my difficulties. I certainly feel better able to avoid the pitfalls he identified and I was very comfortable with his style and methods. A satisfied customer!


Absolutely fantastic working with John. So much time and effort from him to ensure I got the most out of his service.  I was wary of it being online meetings/calls but it absolutely works and it works fast!  The one off cost is very reasonable when you take in to account how much time he spends with you on calls and preparing for the treatment.  I've had some life changing effects from Rapid Transformation Therapy and would highly recommend it and John.



I sought John's help to address an anger issue that was threatening to end my marriage and I am so glad I did. I went into this experience with a degree of scepticism about any kind of hypnotherapy but my doubts were thoroughly squashed after our sessions. I feel so much better equipped to deal with whatever trying situations life may throw at me and I intend to continue listening to my recording indefinitely. I listen to it first thing in the morning and I feel it sets me up to win every day, I go forward with a much more positive mindset and it has led to improvements across every aspect of my life. Seeking John's help is an investment in yourself that you will see significant returns on. Go all in and don't hold anything back or you will just short change yourself. I can't find words to accurately express my gratitude to John for his help.

Working with John Turland - without a shadow of doubt I feel like a new person. I actually feel normal again and can speak about my past without getting angry. Without the help from John, I wouldn't be where I am today, so THANK YOU so much.

Before the session I was really struggling with outbursts of anger and calming myself down. Now after the session I feel more clear and level headed all the time and able to deal with any issues I face. The recording really helps me destress and relax after stressful days and allows me to think about the importance of the work I’m doing with John. Overall I would really really recommend this kind of counselling and have found it helps in all facets of my life.


I approached John as a slight skeptic of hypnotherapy, but having tried many other methods to manage generalised anxiety. During a free scoping call, John quickly helped me identify the root cause was actually anger, so we addressed this under RTT. An incredible experience, very powerful and transformative (it’s in the name for a reason I guess). Almost three weeks after I am feeling calm, in control, all the things I set out to achieve. Cannot recommend RTT and specifically John enough. 

I have always struggled with losing my temper and the negative self-talk that followed. After lots of talking therapy, I found myself still becoming overwhelmed regularly.
I wanted to try something new. 
Having an RTT session with John has helped me redirect my focus and energy to the more positive aspects of my life. I feel more able to recognise when I am getting upset and have new ways to reinforce my confidence in myself. I feel calmer and more at ease in many everyday situations. 
I would definitely recommend working with John if you struggle with your anger.

 I finally reached out for help, which I had needed for many years. I was finally strong enough to reach out and get the help I desperately needed. I have been quite an angry person, which I feel stemmed from my younger age when my parents separated, which tore the family apart. I didn’t reach out for help then, as I felt I didn’t need it - but this has really impacted me since growing up, which has affected me in many different ways. 
A few weeks ago I found John on Bark, who I felt could really make a change to my life. He is very patient and calming to talk to. I find it hard opening up to people I do not know, but I know I had to do this to make a change in my life, to be much more happier and a calmer person. John is very reassuring during the session and I feel this has helped me massively, so I can now move on, be less angry and have much more of a positive mind set. John is always open to talk to over the phone or text when you need some support. Thanks John for being so caring and understanding.


John was so understanding and really listened to my problems to speak through them with me and understood I was nervous and was extremely accommodating. The recording made for me was specifically targeted to my own feelings and problems and I have seen a wealth of change within my self, which has also been picked up on by others. My anxieties are majorly relieved and I have grown confidence in areas I didn’t even know I needed!! This route of therapy is extremely useful and I would recommend John 100%.


Before my call with John I was suffering with a lack of confidence and major overthinking problems. Upon working with John, in just 1 session, he was able to help me get to the core root of my overthinking and completely eradicate it from my subconscious. Following the session he provided me with a personalised recording tailored to what we discussed so I can listen when I need to. My problems have since been helped and I couldn’t recommend John enough. Thank you!!


Before I met with John, I had been struggling with almost continuous anxiety, loss of self confidence and was suffering from very low self esteem. I was constantly unsure of myself and was basically worrying myself sick about every little thing in my life. At our initial session, John spoke to me about RTT and hypnotherapy and I readily agreed to give it a go. During the session, the next day, I shared with John a few incidents which had taken place during my childhood and teenage years. It was great to be able to relax with John when I and he discussed these past experiences. I felt privileged to share a very rational discussion with him re one particular issue I faced in my teenage years, which has always kind of haunted me! John was helping me understand that these incidents were possibly the root cause of my anxiety. This made me realise that there were negative thoughts in my mind that I needed to let go of and banish from my life! I now love what I call “my special time of the day” - listening to John’s recording. I always emerge from it at the end feeling amazing and ready to face up to any challenges coming my way. His amazing, suggestive voice often lingers in my head for quite a while afterwards and I wander about repeating phrases in my head, such as “I feel excited about the future” and “I am calm, healthy and happy” I thoroughly recommend John! He has made such a difference to my life.

From the beginning, John was very professional and easy to chat with.  He made me feel very comfortable.  From the very first phone call and consultation he really spoke in depth and discussed how it was I felt and how I wanted to feel.  He really took his time to get to know exactly what the issues were and then he suggested RTT.  Now this was something I had never heard of and was a bit skeptical of, as I was quite frightened by the idea. But again, John put me at ease and assured me that he felt I would make progress with this treatment. 
Since having the session I have made incredible steps moving forward and I believe my RTT session is the reason why.  The constant positive reinforcement I get from my recording is amazing! 
My main issues before I started were insecurity and a constant state of  anxiety.    The RTT session allowed me to dive into why I felt this way.  From the beginning, John told me in the session that you will tell yourself what the causes of these problems were - and sure enough it happened.  It really allowed me to realise that these episodes and emotions I were having, were no more than a protective mechanism my brain had made that no longer serves me. It has given me the tools to have a whole new way of thinking.  Every day since, I feel I am making more and more progress.  I am so thankful for John and the RTT  session and I definitely will do more when needed.

Before I reached out to John for help, I felt lost and confused. I wanted to understand and have a deeper knowledge of why my anxiety played such a huge role negatively in my life. I needed to know where that all stemmed from. 
Since my RTT with John, I have been in a much better place mentally. I finally have a extensive understanding of why I behaved the way I did with anxiety & confusing situations. I am a more positive person and have finally started to learn to love who I am. I feel free!
I would recommend John to everyone I know, he is fantastic. He listens to every little detail and knows exactly how to help.

John, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You sat with me through my turmoil long enough so that I could integrate it, and you were not rushing any part of the process. I felt safe with you. I must say I felt quite unstable after the session, but with the lovely and flawless recording, I soon found my ground and now I am really even enjoying myself in social situations. This was unimaginable prior to the RTT session. 
I went to a birthday party recently and I was able to be cool, and warm, and agreeable, not anxious at all. This means a great deal. I used to be nervous all the time - in fight-flight-freeze mode somehow.That seems to be gone.

I contacted John for an RTT session about anxiety issues so was nervous of what to expect. He made the whole process calm and understandable, working at a pace that worked for us both. The result is that I can understand and handle myself so much better and am still carrying on the aftercare he set for me. He answered my first contact very promptly and we had the sessions within a few days so I felt my issues were important and worth looking into. I highly recommend his style and expertise.

Social anxiety, both with family, and with groups of people, has been holding me back. After only 1 RTT session, I feel confident, relaxed, and I no longer fear the rejection from other people's opinions. John has a very calm, relaxing and guiding voice, which helped to allow blockages to be cleared. I would highly recommend John as an RTT therapist.


Before my RTT session, I was feeling stressed, scared and my anxiety was extremely high about my driving test. I was struggling to sleep and having panic attacks 1-3 times a day due to worrying about my test.
After my sessions, I started to feel excited about my driving test. I felt a lot more confident with driving and in myself. I was also getting better sleep at night.
By having these sessions, I was able to pass my driving test and my anxiety has never been more under control!
A Taylor


I reached out for help after getting into a new relationship following a period of being single. I was feeling all of my relationship anxieties resurfacing. Before my RTT session I was overthinking, unsure of myself and my decisions and worried I would self sabotage the relationship in some way. I wanted to be more calm and sure of myself and able to relax more in the relationship. The session with John was so comfortable and while I admitted to John I had reservations to begin with, he was very understanding and accommodating and actually it was so powerful straight away. I instantly understood things more clearly and was very aware of certain things within my control and what needed to be let go of. After the RTT session I feel much more confident, not only in my relationship but also in myself. I listen to my recording every day still and it’s so helpful. As well as the help with my relationship anxiety, John helped me see that self love is also important and has guided me on things I can do for me. I feel much calmer and level headed in my relationship and am planning on continuing some further life coaching with John to help solidify some new things I have learnt. I have already recommended John to my peers and would also recommend anyone else considering doing a session with him :)


I would highly recommend anyone to work with John. The initial contact was for support regards interviewing for jobs. This was more than covered and went deeper with discussions of childhood traumas that I have kept within myself for 35 plus years. I had never told anyone about my traumas, but with the support and reassurance I was able to open up to John. The results had great impact within my latest job interview. On attending the interview I felt a much better person and that I had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I can see and feel the improvements, I felt confident and had the belief I never thought I had. Words don't really do my experience justice. I would encourage anyone to take John up on any situations that may cause personal worries or concerns.

Thanks John!                                                                                                                      I'd never heard of RTT therapy before John reached out and was honestly skeptical, I had no pressure to book an appointment and after researching I decided to give it a go.  I have struggled with social anxiety, low self esteem and confidence due to childhood trauma and after three weeks I'm already seeing huge improvements! I've stopped over thinking at social events and feel a lot more comfortable protecting my boundaries.   John was very professional and really understood the reasons behind my issues. I'm on the 28th day of my recording but will definitely listen to it now as part of my routine.  Would highly recommend John!


John is amazing and his work is life changing!
Before my sessions with John I was lacking confidence, my sleep was awful and I was struggling to communicate in my friendships and relationships. After working with John I get a full night sleep and waking up feeling positive and ready to start the day! I have gained confidence in all aspects of my life which has helped me in difficult types of relationships. Thank you John you have played a huge part in my journey thank you!

A Taylor

I have struggled with confidence all my life and had very low self esteem. I finally decided to seek some help and found John on Bark. He responded very quickly and explained to me the process off RTT and how it could help, especially with confidence. He made me feel comfortable and free to talk all throughout and we agreed to a session. The RTT process really helped me to open up and bring things to the surface that I hadnt spoken about before. John worked through them with me and I felt comfortable every step of the way. He provided a recording for me to listen to for the next few weeks which I could keep and this has really helped me continue this journey. Before this I would always stay in my comfort zone, afraid to put myself out for things I'd like to do but didn't have the confidence, now I can honestly say it's been huge. I always wanted to travel somewhere alone and have now booked a trip to Lithuania for Christmas which i would never have done previously! And I'm excited at the thought if going! My friends have also commented that I've been more open and vocal lately which is another step for me. If you are looking for help to improve your confidence, self esteem or just to start living the life you want I would highly recommend John. He has really helped me and I can't thank him enough!


I was really struggling with my confidence and low self-esteem, it got to the point where I didn’t recognise myself anymore and I felt like I hit rock bottom. I knew I needed to seek help and that’s how I met John, through Bark. John got back to me straight away and we had a 20 minute phone call. This was the first time I spoke to John and he made me feel immediately comfortable and explained more about RTT. I knew this was something that I needed to do, to better myself and how I was feeling.  I was a little bit sceptical about the RTT session beforehand but it was amazing. I really managed to open up and dig deep into things that I didn’t realise had affected me as much as they did. Things that I don’t think I really spoke about since they happened. John made a recording for me to listen to for 21 days, and longer if I wanted to, which really helped remind me of my self-worth.  Since having the sessions with John, I’ve massively stepped outside my comfort zone. I’ve joined a gym and also got a personal trainer which is really helping me mentally, as well as physically. I never had the confidence to continue going to the gym but my sessions with John have massively helped me build up my confidence to do so and to carry on.    Another thing John helped me with is learning to love my own company. This was also something I really struggled with, however, I look forward to those times now and prioritise time for me.I would highly recommend John if you are struggling, he has really helped me to improve my self-love throughout my journey.


Before undergoing Rapid Transformational Therapy with John, I was struggling with a severe lack of self-confidence that was holding me back in both my personal and professional life. I felt like I was not good enough, and that I would never be able to achieve my goals or live up to my own expectations.
John took the time to listen to me and understand my struggles, and then worked with me to create a personalized plan that would help me to restore my confidence and overcome some of my negative beliefs.
During the therapy session, John used techniques to help me release the negative beliefs that were holding me back. He was able to guide me through the process in a way that felt both safe and relaxing. After the session, I was provided with a recording that allowed me to enforce those positive thoughts and beliefs in my own time. 
In the days and weeks following the session and listening to the recording, I continue to see positive effects of the therapy. I feel more comfortable in social situations and am able to express myself more freely in a relaxed manner. Other people have also noticed how much calmer and relaxed I have become.
Overall, I cannot recommend John and Rapid Transformational Therapy highly enough. The therapy was effective and transformative and has helped me to restore my confidence and belief in myself. 
T Powell

After a long time of trying to deal with my own problems in a not very healthy way, I had to seek professional help. John contacted me after I put my issues out there and spoke about RTT and hypnotherapy. I have been skeptical of this, but after talking with John and having our session, I recommend it 100%. My motivation, self worth, belief and self esteem are much higher. I feel like a new person. Here is a saying that I found helpful - 'One day or day one'. Working with John was the start of my day one. Moving forward with my targets and motivation to make me a better person.

Judgement free life is fabulous... John made me feel so comfortable and reassured me through the whole process. It's helped my confidence SO much. If someone is judging me I no longer try to explain myself; I just let it be. It's truly a game changer. I think everyone should do an RTT session with John!

Working with John has been a life changing experience . He helped me spike the confidence I needed to flow my true self. With this new skill in me, I was able to take new chances, make decisions in my personal life and my career, and finally succeed at long-standing goals. He is extremely accessible, personable, and has the ability to connect with his clients quickly and to begin to work with them at whatever stage they're in at the time. He is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. He has also offered good value and high integrity.

I got in touch with John after suffering from work stress and anxiety, which was severely impacting my wellbeing. I was unable to switch off and enjoy my leisure time. John advised me that I would benefit from RTT to help correct issues with self esteem and confidence. I was a bit apprehensive about hypnotherapy at first, but John made me feel safe in our session and I've really started to benefit from the sessions and recording and enjoy my leisure time a lot more.


I've suffered with a severe phobia of vomiting for the last 16 years and it was something that controlled my life. I couldn't picture myself ever being rid of this fear and it had started to effect how I was as a mum. Anytime my little ones were sick, I was too busy worrying about coming down with the bug. I couldn't even cuddle them because of fear, so something had to change. I got in touch with John who explained the RTT session to me, and although I was hesitant because I didn't think anything could help me, I'm so glad I did because its honestly been life changing. I don't see sickness as a scary dangerous thing now, in fact I don't really think about it at all. I don't know how I will feel when I actually get a bug but I do know I'm not spending all day every day thinking about it and that is a HUGE step in the right direction! Thank you John!       Louise

I came to John with emetephobia which resulted in me suffering from constant anxiety and panic attacks through out the day. I was unable to eat in front of others, go for drinks or even get on public transport. My first free call with John he went through the complete session in full, what is included and what will take place. I didn’t feel rushed to book during this consultation. Once i was ready, John booked my RTT session within good time. After my RTT session I saw a decrease in intrusive thoughts and feeling more relaxed. Two weeks after I am doing a lot better not only with my emetephobia but also with my anxiety levels in my day to day life. I am happy I used John and his services, I was finally able to talk to someone who understand and could provide help.
R Turnbull


Hi John I wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am to call myself an ex-nail biter after having had the entrenched habit of chewing my nails for my entire 55 years - until you worked with me. The Rapid Transformational Therapy was a real game changer. I had no idea why I bit my nails but the RTT helped me to identify causes I didn’t even know were there. I was then guided to let these go so I could move forwards without the need to bite. I listened to the recording you sent me every day as instructed.  It was really helpful for me that you followed up and tweaked the recording to make it easier for me to listen to. It took just 21 days of listening and now I genuinely have no desire to bite my nails. I attach a before and after of my nails. My nails now are short and, after 55 years of abuse, still quite weak. However it is obvious that they are not raggedy and disgusting. They are short and neat whilst they strengthen. 
It would be lovely to think that my success story might encourage others to work with you to improve themselves. Marie (Proud former nail biter!)


John has provided some amazing help to me. Prior to meeting with John I struggled with trying to keep my family and my partner happy and would often lie to make this happen, leading to a lack of trust in my relationships. Since working with John I have managed to out an end to this and begin to rebuild my relationships with those closest to me and rebuild the trust that was lost. I cannot recommend John enough

I did a RTT session with John to address some issues relating to me rescuing others and not putting my own needs first. John called me before the session to do the prep work needed and then a follow up session after. The actual RTT session last approx an hour and half so felt relaxed and not rushed. I was then sent a recording to listen to after to embed the session. Since this time I’ve noticed some real changes in terms of putting what I need first and not jumping into rescue everyone when they ask for something. I’m sleeping better and feel lighter in myself. I’d definitely recommend an RTT session with John


 I approached John recently because of problems with my golf game . In particular I was freezing on certain shots particularly putting. My golfing buddies were quick to tell me it was a matter of confidence and all in the mind. I was however at the stage of giving up. After an R.T.T session with John my problems gradually resolved themselves and I have now seen a material improvement in my game. I am once again enjoying my golf. Alex


Before I met with John I had a fear of public speaking which as time went by, began to grow with intensity. The run up, during and after a public speaking event was very stressful. After my first call from John I felt very positive about how the RTT session would work and he reassured me of the process. 
The actual RTT session itself was very liberating as it enabled me to let go of any deep-rooted issues. After the session, I then listened to his recording every day. The next public speaking event was a very positive experience with a complete transformational effect. The session also made a positive impact in other areas of my life too! Thank you John for your continued support!! 

I wanted to be able to present a presentation confidently in front of my peers at university. I haven’t yet done any presentations in university, however Christmas is looming and so will the presentation. I have however felt quite different since my hypnotherapy with John and have contributed in lectures more and I was confident in constructing my point of view when I was challenged. Being a shy child with a speech impediment was not easy and led to being singled out and bullied by others even teachers. John relaxes you and speaks calmly throughout your session and prompts and explores your past experiences sensitively and then you understand the solution. I listen to John’s recording often and it has made me aware of how to breathe and focus better when in a conversational debate. I have recommended John to others too as I believe you should experience first before a scoff. Highly recommended.

As part of my job I regularly have to give a short speech publicly. Whilst I expected my nerves around this to have dissipated over time and regular practise, I found that it became a real cause of anxiety and stress. It began to have a negative impact upon my life, for example when I knew these events were coming up it would affect my mood and even my sleep. Once the event had passed, I would feel drained and exhausted from all of the nervous energy I was expending. I would be fine for a week or two but then the whole cycle would begin again as the next event was scheduled. 
I decided enough was enough and looked into a solution and found John through Bark. I was quite nervous and emotional about the process and opening up to a stranger about a fear my rational mind knew was unnecessary. John made me feel at ease from the start and after our initial conversation I felt he really understood my fears and genuinely wanted to help me. John was happy to answer my questions and I felt reassured that I could trust John and the process.
After our session, I listened to my recording every day and found that I noticed an increase in my confidence in other areas of my life , I felt less anxious in general. I didn’t get to test my response to the event that I contacted John about for quite some time ( around 10 weeks) but John had been checking in on me via message and suggested I listen to my recording again in the week leading up to my first event since our sessions. 
I was so much calmer in the build up to having to speak publicly after my work with John, I didn’t feel it was always in the back of my mind or the need to over prepare way in advance and I didn’t lose any sleep. I was able to enjoy the event and spoke calmly and with ease. It was fantastic.
I highly recommend John if you have an issue similar to mine or any anxiety related issue, this has been nothing but a positive experience for me.



Before working with John my eating was erratic.  I ate when I had time and not because I was hungry. I would make poor food choices and eat unhealthy foods if I was stressed or wanting to treat myself. When I had my RTT session with John, I learnt why I was making poor choices and why I ate the way I did. Now I only eat when I’m hungry.  I eat healthy foods and feel in control for the first time in years.  Following diets wasn’t working for me and now I understand why. Feeling in control of my eating is empowering.                                                       Claire


Before working with John, stress was a major issue for me, and I would find it difficult to control. A mix of an RTT session and coaching from John has seen a major improvement. I now understand better the causes and warning signs, and also have in place strategies to deal with stress before it comes an issue and to also mitigate stressful situations if they do arise.

Talking with John proved to be very productive. He quickly puts you at ease. I had a few issues that I wanted addressing and was doubtful as to any likely success.However, I experienced very positive results and I’d highly recommend a session with John.


Initially, I was struggling to cope with personal events and work. It was my first time trying RTT and I can honestly say it has helped me greatly. I have learned to relax, be more assertive, cope with my situation and have better control. John was great and helped me understand my issues. He was also very clear about what the aim and outcomes of the session were. I would highly recommend him.

It was great working with John. He helped me identify the root cause of my problem and guided me the right way to fix it. I have been listening to his recordings every night and they helped me to calm down, get better sleep, and feel good about myself. I have been going through a stressful period and his recordings helped me overcome it. John was very flexible with timings. He was a good listener and non-judgemental, which helped me open up with ease. Thank you, John for your time and support!


My coaching session with John was great, he is really kind and professional, made me feel at ease and also helped me to uncover hidden beliefs with his calm and compassionate approach, I quickly found a solution to my issue. I've taken on a much more active job, have regular walks and feel so much better as a result!    

Working with John has been amazing.  From our first meeting I have gained incredible insight into what matters to me, what I enjoy and what lights me up.  Since working with him, I have discovered interests that I have pushed aside or hidden.  After 10 years in science, I have uncovered my love of art, design and colour.
​John listens deeply and is skillful in pulling out what lies beneath the surface, which is so often difficult to do alone.  His sincerity and thoughtfulness makes it so easy to talk about anything.  I recommend coaching with him 100%!

I really enjoyed working with John. He made me feel comfortable and listened to. He has great communication skills, pays attention to important information and suggests relevant tips and advice. This has helped me improve my work and family life. I was able to discover more about myself and realise that it is actually essential to focus on myself. In the process of coaching my guilt feelings and worries improved and I have started taking actions to design my life the way I want.    

I had been struggling for quite some time, years in fact, with finding my passion in life. Thanks to John leading me through a series of coaching sessions, I'm excited to say I have identified my passion. I have enjoyed working with John and would highly recommend him. Give him a go, what have you got to lose?        


John Turland is a coach by vocation - I knew it the minute he started coaching me. From the beginning I felt like I could trust him and that he was genuinely interested in helping me change my life for the better. He is honest and caring and will help you in whatever way possible.
Especially the RTT sessions really changed my life; it is amazing how this kind of therapy works. John really helped me to discover the underlying issues that were causing (unhealthy) behaviour patterns that I was unhappy with. I wasn't able to see it clearly before those sessions and I am so happy I did it because RTT has released so much weight from my shoulders.
Now I am able to truly understand, accept and change myself. I feel much more stable and in control . Especially through RTT, I have learnt that there is hope in healing.

John worked with me on following my heart's desire, through both RTT and 2 coaching sessions. 
Boy, did I have resistance to those sessions! I have been taught to be very analytical, and my heart's desire was just buried somewhere in me and it was difficult not only to follow it, but even to know it sometimes! Now following my heart may be scary but it's worth it, and I seem to not have done that for most of my life.
John is thoughtful, caring and a master of both coaching and RTT. The words in the recording he made for me were absolutely perfect and so relevant to my unique situation! Now I more and more follow my heart every day. I highly recommend John, whether you are looking for coaching or therapy, you are in for a treat!

Reading, Berkshire, RG30

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