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Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master & Anxiety Specialist
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Sevenoaks TN15 & Arundel BN18
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

I can change your life. That’s no idle boast. If you are struggling to get from A to B in whatever situation, I can probably help, because I specialise in getting your mindset right for success. And I can help you quickly, because there's little point in putting your life 'on-hold' for months and years, when I can get you fixed quickly, so you can enjoy life sooner.

I do it routinely in competitive motor sports, where a rider's mindset in the moment is the difference between success and failure at 200+ mph. And I can do it for you, too.

My executive clients favour rapid interventions, which get you moving forward quickly. Because I've stripped away the padding and fluff of slower therapies, I can offer busy people, like you a 1-day 'Direct Applied Rapid Transformation' 'DART DAY' - where I can all but guarantee at the end of it, you will feel like a new person, or at least the person you meant to be. Ask me for details.

Exclusive 121 Mindset Retreats in Mallorca.

  • I now offer exclusive 121 Mindset Retreats in Mallorca. These are for personal and or business issues, and deal with any problems you may have, from confidence, self esteem and body image, through to anxiety, stress or ptsd, through to looking for your purpose and clarity in life to name a few. As I said, they're for personal and or business, and I ask my clients to bring everything with them, so we can deal with all of the blockages you may have, be they past, present or future.
  • There are so many reasons these are so good, such as they take place in Mallorca, so it gets you out of your day to day environment. You have exclusive access to me as they're 121. Because it's so intense, you get the problems you're struggling with dealt with in the space of 4 - 5 days, and in terms of time with me, it's actually the most cost effective way of seeing me, as well as the quickest for results too. There will be plenty of down time too, so your life straightened out in double quick time, and a break in the sun at the same time, and all this delivered in a cost effective manner.
  • Isn't it time you decided enough is enough? You deserve more in your life. Isn't it time you released yourself from all the things that have been holding you back, and stopping you enjoying your life? Then please email or call me today for details of my bespoke, exclusive and limited 121 Mindset Retreats in stunning Mallorca now at or on 07401 444574.

  • Mindset. Discover how to command your thoughts and emotions, so you invite more success into your life and possess the motivation to beat procrastination and get those things you've been putting off done. Let go of the past and the future and spend more time in the now.
  • Anxiety, anger and stress management. Bring harmony, calm and peace back into your world. It's time to start breathing easily again...
  • Sports performance psychology. Having worked with Olympians and World Champions alike, and all manner of sports professionals, from a plethora of sports. It's now time for you to take your game to the next level and beyond. Develop a winner's mindset. Take your mind down the metaphorical gym and your body will take care of itself.


As the Mindset Man, I adopt an authoritarian approach, to rid you of cloudy, unrealistic, stinking thinking, that ties you up in knots. This means that you can think, feel and act with clarity, certainty and focus. Now what do you want to achieve? Let’s get you there. Now.


Stress and anger are two sides of the same dangerous coin – injurious to your relationships and personal performance and deadly to your health and wellbeing.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I direct this skill and specialise in the alleviation of executive stress, traumatic issues and getting control over anger and explosive rage, whilst building your self-esteem and outlook.

My work as a general hypnotherapist also benefits from this approach because it means I also work rapidly, which means you should see progress sooner.


You can benefit from my mindset work with professional sports stars across a number of disciplines, notably motor sport and international football and rugby, where split-second thinking and adopting the right attitude for the situation, can make all the difference.

I have also worked with school pupils and mind-coached a dropped school player, who rapidly progressed through the ranks to international standard.

Through the application of mindset work, I can also help you recover sooner from sports injuries or legacy pain that inhibits your performance.

Call me today on 07401 444 574, for your complimentary10-minute chat, to start on the path to living a better version of your life.

What Clients Say

Chris is an exceptional practitioner. 
A gifted outlier in his field. 
He achieved an extraordinary life changing result with me. 

I first experienced his skill and professionalism some ten years ago when I asked for help with performance coaching. 
Chris got the job done overnight. 
I achieved my desired outcome with ease. 

A decade later at a time of crisis, I reached out to him to help finally eliminate and free me of a lifelong trauma and ptsd issue. 

I chose his Mallorca Retreat because of a shared love of The Island. 
I made the decision to invest in myself. This time in a beautiful and relaxed environment with someone I had learnt to trust, someone with great compassion and someone with unique insight and skill. 

It’s difficult to explain and put into words what happened to me on day two. 
On day three I knew my life had changed forever. 

Job done. 

Incredible work, done with speed and skill, an extraordinary life changing experience done by an equally extraordinary man. 

Forever grateful.

Miss T M

We would wholeheartedly recommend Chris following our experience with our 11 year old daughter. Our daughter was very shy and reluctant but Chris has a very calm and soft demeaner which helped lower her barriers. He quickly gained her trust by uncovering a common interest to casually discuss. The sessions never felt rushed and Chris always spent time with us after each session to discuss progress and offer advice.

Chris was always flexible regarding the time of the sessions so they did not impact with other activities. He was always contactable with great communication, and checked in with us in between the sessions. He would go the extra mile such as engaging with the legal team to keep things moving along too.

We highly recommend Chris based on our experience.

Thank you

Mr & Mrs F

So after 25 years and more of mental suffering, with a small thing to others, those people being the ones that have tried to guide me through this but have failed, to me a mountain that ruled my everyday life.

I have tried using my own spiritual belief, with no luck, I have tried hypnotherapy, I have tried counselling, but with no luck. But still it ruled my daily headspace, hanging over me like a black cloud.

I will be honest, I trawled the internet in desperation, to somehow find Chris, I felt initially reluctant, as I would have felt comfortable with a lady, god knows why. But I found Chris, I rang, and new instantly he was the man for the job. Don't ask me why, I just knew this was the right path to go down. I was buzzing after every session. Chris gave me the powerful tools to revert back to in everyday life.
                                                                                                                                      Chris reinforced self belief in which I never initially believed in. I have even used those tools with a friend that was about to end their life. I'll be eternally grateful for this. If you are recommended to see Chris or stumble across him like I did, please trust and have faith that he without a doubt is the man for the Job. You will live a happier and more fulfilled life. I hope this will help somebody in need to make that correct decision to seek help using Chris The Mindset Man.

Jane from Kent x

I searched for a hypnotherapist prior to an important event where I needed to perform confidently. I chose Chris as he seemed different to the standard hypnotherapist. One of the biggest challenges we face in this century is battling with our own mind and thoughts and the emotions this can trigger. The best part of the sessions with Chris that I found very helpful was it is very holistic, looks at all important aspects of my life, and then varied the techniques used from visualisation to hypnotherapy based on what I needed. I am so happy with the results you achieved, thank you once again Chris, I would have no hesitation in recommending your excellent services to anyone.

Miss P
Consultant Surgeon

Chris has helped me so much in such a small space of time, he is extremely understanding and very easy to talk to. The sessions have helped me to leave my anxiety and stress behind, and I cannot thank Chris enough for his excellent work.


Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for your unbelievable intervention in mine and my wife's life. Before seeing you, I had barely stepped out of my front door for a number of years.

The reasons you are all to aware of, however since working with you over recent times, you have totally transformed my life. In fact, I now have my life back, and for that there simply aren't enough words of gratitude.

I now go out on a regular basis, without any problem whatsoever, and we can now enjoy days out and regular date nights too, as we always loved eating out.

You made me feel at ease from the moment we met, and the entire process has been a joy, albeit a challenge at times too. However at those times your expertise and professionalism came to the fore.

Thank you so much once again, the only word I can use for what you've done for me and my life is transformational, just as you said it would be. I'd urge anyone thinking of working with you, to stop thinking about it and just do it.

Kind regards

Mr C


Three words describe my experience with Chris Brown - AWAKENING REBORN and POWERFUL.

I have been stuck all my life. Hard to imagine it but I have.

Chris was able to straight away identify what had been holding me back, and that is the greatest part of how he works that I admire.

It's been 42 years of me not having the confidence to do what I was born to do and Chris cleared this up for me in the shortest time possible - that was an amazing life changing moment for me, and so so powerful.

Chris is firm, considerate, honest, open, caring and skilful in what he says and how he works - now that is something I've not seen before.

I have spent a lot of my life looking but never feeling 100% confident, comfortable or succeeding in whatever I did.

I now feel fresh, awoken,confident, and my self esteem/self worth is through the roof. After 42 years of trauma & ptsd I left with it all completely gone. I've tried so many things in the past, and spent a lot of money to clear this up, yet nothing shifted, but in my short time here, I've been totally transformed. My experience working with Chris aka The Mindset Man, has been nothing short of miraculous.

I NOW feel absolutely AWESOME, my experience with the one-to-one is not really just about what comes out of me and how Chris deals with what I share with him, it's the after effect of it that matters the most, like I said I now feel MORE THAN ready to take on anything and everything, I need and want to achieve, I'm that confident.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone that's stuck in life, be that personally and or in their business, or has trauma or past/present problems that are holding them back. He just instinctively knows what to do and how to cut through the BS we keep telling ourselves. All I can add is, his 121's are a must do, they're as he is, truly unique and a total game changer.


West Sussex, UK

A session with Chris is a very sobering experience. He will ask you questions that, even if you don't answer them on the spot, will lead to a domino effect in your head. It's different from other coaches you may have had. Many say that the goal of a coach (or a psychologist- however you call the profession) is to ask the question, but never answer it. Chris answers. Answers when he sees you are not quite honest with yourself.

Expect to take a couple of days off after the session and big changes to come. However, know that you always know yourself best- and Chris is your guide, not the pilot. You are the pilot.

Miss A

San Francisco, CA

After seeing psychiatrists and therapists over many years for my 40+ year old issues, and getting absolutely no traction at all, I came across Chris, and what he's managed to achieve in 2 weeks is magical.
I'm totally lost for words except to say "If you'd have told me 2 weeks ago that I'd feel like I do now, I'd have happily given you my house, car, business, everything I own, and been happy with nothing, starting my life again. What you've achieved in such a short space of time is absolutely incredible. Thank you so so very much".

Mr S
Central London

I came to Chris after just leaving a six-year relationship with an emotionally abusive man. After my first session with Chris, I felt more optimistic, confident and motivated. I felt a more self-forgiveness, which is crucial for me to be able to move forward with my life, because I blamed myself for not leaving the relationship years earlier. The impact of the session left me in a much higher, happier emotional state, and thus much better equipped to handle the issue's I'm currently dealing with. I absolutely recommend his skills to anybody.

Thank you again Chris.

Ms B
Venice, California

Not only is Chris one of the most gentle, loving, kind and generous souls I've had the pleasure of meeting, he is also a powerful healer and transformational light-worker. Having had the pleasure of experiencing his NLP therapy and presence during one of the most challenging periods of last year, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Whether you are seeking purely the results of shifting your mindset to achieve more in life, or to heal the mind, body or any part of your being, Chris will be a valuable asset and guide.


Dear Chris,

As you know, previously to seeing you I've tried almost every therapy you can imagine over several decade's, and been on constant medication as well as being under a psychiatrist for over 10 years.

After seeing you however for only 5 sessions, I've now come off all medication, and my psychiatrist said 'I don't know what Chris is doing with you, but you no longer need to be on medication or need to see me further.' Which for me and ***** is nothing short of miraculous. In addition he also asked for your details, as he wants to refer some of his private clients to your practice.

I can't thank you enough for the transformational mindset work you've done with me, I no longer suffer from any of the symptoms I had when we met. The difference to our lives has been extraordinary, on the personal and business side of life.

I would recommend anyone who's suffering from anxiety, stress or ptsd to seek your help in a heartbeat, having suffered severely from all three over the years.

Kind regards

Mr S

I came across The Mindset Man through facebook friends. In desperation I decided to check him out. I'd spent endless hours of my life in counselling trying to make sense of my crazy, horrendous childhood & it had been successful in that it had helped me cope with life & with my issues. But I was aware of a deep-seated sexual trauma I had buried for very good reason. I was convinced hypnotherapy was the only way I would ever be able to get to the emotional injury in order to recover. I knew that, as a child, I had unconsciously learned how to emotionally detach when people I loved wanted to have sex with me, as an adult I had no way of overcoming this automatic response. I wanted to be whole & wholly present in an intimate relationship, more than anything in the world.

I liaised with Chris via text at great length wanting to give him as much detail as possible in order to feel confident he would be up to the task. I was surprised how much time & empathy he invested in me with no guarantee I would book him. He was very clear about how many sessions he considered I would need & the cost involved. His fees suggest he is very, very good at what he does. Having spent so much of my adult life & hard earned money in various therapies, really working conscientiously to recover, I feel qualified to judge Chris's work as priceless.

In a programme of 4 x 2hr weekly sessions, using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP & mind set work, Chris has helped me pick up the pieces & put myself back together. His deep empathy & impeccable integrity overcame my huge trust issues, without which none of this would have been possible.

I faithfully practiced the daily tasks he set me & will continue to do so as part of my everyday life.

It is absolutely amazing how such a deep-seated trauma is completely gone! Other issues I wasn't even aware of emerged & the profound effect they had on my self esteem became obvious.

Chris promised me faithfully he would hold me & keep me safe throughout and he did.

This is how I described the change in me to my family:

Inside this frame of a strong, independent, capable grandmother was a tiny little pea rattling around. This was me, the whole, unstable, frail extent of me.

During this process, that pea has grown & stabilised & concretised. Now the whole 5ft 6in frame you see is completely filled with me in all my glory, warts & all & perfectly unique. I now love me more than anyone else ever could. I was always a good survivor, I am elated to have finally achieved what had always eluded me, I am free to live life to the max, to love & be loved & be 100% present in this world. The lightheartedness is intoxicating at first but as it has all settled it has become my norm.

I always said I was born the day my daughter was born in that I was 23 before I had a reason to live.

The day I became whole (a real girl!) is memorable as it has coincided with the birth of my newest grandson!

I remember when I first spoke with Chris he said 'we'll get you sorted & on your way as quick as we can' but I could not have imagined how efficient & precise his methods are.

Its a shame so many people are unaware that people like Chris & his level of expertise are available to them.

I can't thank you enough.


Dear Chris,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the amazing turn around you’ve made in Sarah’s life since you’ve been seeing her. She is unrecognizable from the girl she’s been over the last couple of years. She is now a model student, helps around the house & will do anything to help anyone. In addition the school are extremely pleased with her progress.

We can’t thank you enough for your invaluable contribution to all our lives, especially Sarah. She has also asked me to thank you once again on her behalf , I have passed your number onto my Brother who has been seeing a Psychiatrist for more than a decade, to see if you can help him. His name is ....., I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, as what you’ve achieved with our daughter has been life changing for all of us.


Mr P S

Dear Chris,

I just had to write to you and let you know since seeing you I have totally stopped spiralling down that very dark tunnel I felt that I was in. As you know, having suffered from chronic anxiety for most of my life I never thought I could feel this free of it. I've never felt this confident in my whole life and my self worth is higher than I can ever remember, both of these things got lost somewhere over the years and I no longer carry the self-loathing I had, it has completely gone, it's like I've lost 3 stone in weight from my shoulders. I feel like I've taken all the layers off and revealed the real me.

Chris, you gave me a very safe space for me to let go, to cry, to laugh, to really be myself, to heal past hurts and to change my way of thinking, and I could not have been in more safe and confident hands. I am now so excited about a future without limits and most importantly for me, I love what I see in the mirror. You truly brought my light out from behind the darkness and for that I can never thank you enough. It's been the best decision I ever made, so thank you for your time, your care and your total support.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Campbell

Hi Chris,

Thank you for all you've done in helping to elevate my results beyond all recognition. As you know I've worked with a number of sports psychologists and other professionals on my main problem and got nowhere. Since working with you, my results have been nothing short of remarkable, and I've reached my target for 2016 already with almost half the season remaining!

I'd recommend your services to anyone, not only have you totally eradicated the issue I came to you with, you've further enhanced my ongoing performances. You're also so easy to work with, as you take control and give me clear, concise instructions on the work that's necessary.

I'm getting more and more top 3 finishes now & am expecting to finish in the top 5 in 2016, thanks once again for exceeding all my expectations, I look forward to a long and fruitful ongoing working relationship and challenging strongly for the title in 2017.


Mr M


Training, qualifications & experience

My hypnosis training is fully approved and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), through The Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. For your peace of mind, I am carry full legal liability insurance, underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Dip. FPCH – Diploma Foundation Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis

Dip. APCH – Diploma Advanced Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis

Dip. PNLP – Diploma Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Dip. PsyC – Diploma in Psychological Coaching

Dip. ARCT – Diploma Advanced Practitioner of Responsive Change Therapy

Dip. CVGB – Diploma Cressingham System Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Lic. ResHyp - Post-graduate Diploma in Responsive Hypnotherapy

Dip. MNLP – Diplom Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Therapeutic Metaphor and Story Telling for Children and Adolescents

In addition, I have undertaken further diplomas at the GHSC and ACCPH validated Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy:

Certificate in Blast technique – EMDR for PTSD and trauma

Certificate in Sub-modalities – the building blocks of your experiences

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with


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Your issues and problems are as unique as you are, which means no one size fits all. Your programme is designed bespoke and number and duration of sessions will vary from client to client.

Please call 07401 444 574 to discuss your issue confidentially in more detail, and to gain an idea of your options and suggested number of sessions to get you your best result.

When I work

Please call for latest appointments 07401 444574

Further information

Home visits, for your absolute discretion, comfort and security, a speciality. DBS/CRB Advanced checked.

I have dealt with a multitude of clients across the globe including 121, in groups, and with many National and International sports professionals. Please ask for further details. ALL work is bespoke.

* Dealing with anxiety and stress caused by Coronavirus/Covid-19. There's no need to suffer in silence. CALL TODAY on 07401 - 444574.

Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15

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