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Mind over weight

Danbury, Essex Open to all

Struggling with your weight? If you have been on diets, been to slimming clubs, tried exercise programmes and haven't yet found the solution that suits you then please read on.... Mind over weight is designed to help you understand the psychology behind...


Anxiety and stress management group therapy programme

Chelmsford, Essex Open to all

Returning to Writtle Village Hall... Anxiety Group Therapy Programme Starting during September 2014 every Monday evening for 5 weeks. Learn to Understand, Manage and Overcome Anxiety. Visit www.mindoveruk.com for information and registration. £15 per...


What Women (and Men) Want - Free Talk

Richmond, Surrey Open to all

We all know that men and women are 'wired' differently, but did you know that it's not just the neural networks at play it's also our hormones (both men and women's) that play a huge part in both sexes not understanding each other, sometimes to the point of...


Usui Reiki Level 1

London Open to all

This is a small group course (between 2 and 4 attendees). Original Japanese techniques and meditations are used and the day is spent using the Reiki energies and learning to self heal, treat others, send distant healing and meditating on the reiki energy as...

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