Can hypnotherapy help me feel less anxious about my exam results?

Months of studying, preparation, sleepless nights and practice tests. We all feel a bit nervous when it comes to sitting an exam. But what about when we’re waiting for our results? How can we overcome exam result anxiety?

Exams. Does anybody really enjoy them? Research shows around 40% of us experience some form of test anxiety. Whether you go into them feeling confident or wracked with exam nerves, anxiety and stress, you know that once they are over and done with, that’s it. There’s nothing more you can do but wait. But what if you feel just as nervous after your exams are over? What if, in the days, weeks, or even months after, it’s all you can think about?

Feeling anxious after you have finished your exams can be a normal part of the process. We all feel a level of nerves or apprehension – whether that’s before, during, or even after an exam. But when those feelings start to affect your day-to-day activities, such as making it harder for you to sleep, leaving you feeling too anxious to eat, overeating to try and ignore how you feel, or feeling unable to focus on anything else, it can be a sign that you may have slipped from exam result nerves into anxiety.

What’s the difference between test result nerves and test result anxiety?

Intensity is the main difference between nerves and anxiety. For example, nerves may make you feel uncomfortable when thinking about your exam results, but those feelings come and go, meaning you can still do other activities and focus on other things in between.

Exam result anxiety, on the other hand, may feel overwhelming. It may come when you are doing something completely unrelated, leave you feeling unable to concentrate, or stop you from enjoying spending time with friends, family, loved ones, or doing things you enjoy. 

Why do I still feel anxious after my exams are over?

There can be many different contributing factors that can lead to you feeling worried after your exams have finished. If you feel you could have studied more, your performance in practice exams was lower than you had expected, or if you have anxiety, it can all contribute to how you feel. Additional pressures from friends, family, or teachers can also exacerbate worries about performance and create additional fears about letting others down. 

How can I stop worrying about exam results?

Here are some simple ways you can try to combat your nerves while waiting for your exam results.

Acknowledge that it is out of your control

Nerves can provide a helpful push when it comes to studying, but once exams are over, there’s nothing you can do to affect your results. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself how you prepared for your exams. Whether you feel you could have prepared more or not, you did the best that you could at that time. 

Start thinking about the next steps

Do you have any more exams coming up? Is there any more coursework you could be working on, preparation for your next term, or additional reading you could begin doing for other subjects? Getting prepared and creating an action plan can help you to feel more confident and in control.

Give yourself a break

Forget about exams, and do something you love. Taking a break can help you to feel more rested and rejuvenated. No one can keep pushing indefinitely. Ensure you have time to look after yourself in mind and body. Take some time out for self-care, get those natural endorphins flowing with a little extra exercise, or spend some time doing a favourite hobby. Running on empty isn’t good for anyone. 

Consider hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help to promote relaxation, boost confidence, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. With the help of a qualified, experienced hypnotherapist, you can discover how to create a calm state of mind and redirect unhelpful negative thoughts. The more you dwell on negative thoughts and past negative experiences, the more likely you are to foster a mindset that could hold you back when it comes to sitting future exams. 

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your fear of failure, find new ways to focus, foster a sense of self-belief, and boost your overall sense of motivation. To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help and to find an experienced exam stress hypnotherapist online or near you, use our advanced search or enter your details in the search bar below. 

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Written by Bonnie Gifford
Bonnie Evie Gifford is a Senior Writer at Happiful.
Written by Bonnie Gifford
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