Why do I need help to quit smoking?

Most smokers have tried to quit before. If you’ve tried, and failed, to give up smoking, maybe it’s time to accept that a little help will go a long way. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A decision to get help means you are taking charge of your future by taking control over something which has been controlling you, up until now. But, why should you stop smoking?

How you look in the mirror

It’s not vain to care about how you look. Good self-care is essential to long-term health and well-being. But, let’s face it. Everyone knows smoking ages you more quickly. You can see it in the extra lines around your eyes and mouth. You have probably noticed, too, that your skin seems more grey compared to others. You probably feel self-conscious when you smile because of the stains on your teeth.

How you feel in your body

You cough when you wake up and at other times throughout the day. The only thing that seems to help is another cigarette to suppress the cough. But, you know that this only makes it worse, in the end. You find you get out of breath quickly, and can’t keep up with your non-smoking friends or your children. And, in your mind’s eye, you can imagine exactly how your lungs and arteries must look.

How you act with others

You might pretend to enjoy belonging to the ‘smokers' club’, that group of people huddling outside together in all kinds of weather. But if, deep inside, you cringe every time you have to excuse yourself to get a quick fix, and try hard not to breathe over someone when you return because of the smell, you know that this exclusive club is really not for you.

How you feel inside

Many smokers carry the burden of guilt and failure around with them. You know it’s not good for you but you just can’t seem to stop, no matter what you do. The great news is that you don’t have to feel like this any more and you don’t have to do this on your own. You can become free and feel good about yourself.

But what if I’m worried about gaining weight?

It is true that some people put on weight after they quit smoking. This is due to several factors but there are lots of things you can do to make sure you are one of the people who do not put on weight. Even something simple like sucking an ice-cube instead of a sweet works brilliantly. Once you are taking charge of your future it is easy to gain control over other areas of your life.

What will help me to quit smoking for good?

There are many nicotine replacement products on the market. But, they only serve to continue your habit, and can sometimes be even more expensive than cigarettes! Because smoking is a habit, and a stress-response, you need to deal with the habit and the stress trigger, not substitute it with something else. Hypnotherapy can help to get your subconscious working with you, rather than against you, so that instead of fighting the urge to smoke you simply stop thinking about smoking altogether. If you really want to quit for good, the decision to quit smoking with hypnotherapy will help you to think, feel and act like a non-smoker right away.

What will I gain when I stop smoking?

The benefits of being a non-smoker are well known and start as soon as you stop. For example, your heart rate and blood pressure will have returned to normal 20 minutes after your last cigarette, and the level of carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal levels after just 12 hours. How you look, how you feel and how you act, as well as the money in your pocket, will all start to improve the very second you stop smoking. And you can do it, if you really want to. What are you waiting for?

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