The benefits of experiencing orgasms for physical & mental health

The significance of orgasms for women during and following menopause is immense.


Despite the fact that there are still a lot of erroneous beliefs concerning the female orgasm, thankfully, there is a developing recognition of the health advantages of the female orgasm. Sexual awakening hypnotherapy assists women in opening up and uncovering the advantages for themselves.

Regardless of what sexual issues you might be dealing with or if you are in the process of or have gone through menopause, orgasms are worth striving for to address whatever is impeding you.

The benefits of experiencing orgasms

It is widely known that orgasms are a pleasurable sensation. But, many people may not be aware of the additional benefits that they can bring. Not only do they feel great, but they can also have positive effects on both physical and mental health. Here are some of the reasons why orgasms are good for you.

The joy of an orgasm is a pleasurable experience that can bring positive health benefits before any physical changes take place. During sexual stimulation, particularly during orgasm, the brain releases neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that can provide several benefits. These may include:

  • reducing tension
  • aid in getting a good night's rest
  • enhance the connection between partners
  • enhance the fitness of the cardiovascular system
  • increase the body's natural defences

Although the male orgasm is responsible for releasing sperm, women don't have to experience orgasm in order to get pregnant. Early research has indicated that when women do have an orgasm, there is improved sperm retention, which could increase the likelihood of conception.

Various types of stimulation, such as clitoral, nipple, and vaginal, can be utilised to bring about female orgasms. There are a variety of methods for achieving this.

It is evident that orgasms have some beneficial effects. Here is an overview of how they help.

Having regular orgasms can do wonders for one's mood, stress levels, relaxation, and sleep. But that's not all; the hormones released during climax can even enhance the connection we have with our partner, as well as other friends.

During the climax, oxytocin is discharged and is known as a neurotransmitter and one of the hormones of joy. It diminishes free radicals and inflammation, thus providing a more youthful appearance to the skin. Yep, orgasms make you look younger!

Orgasm has been found to reduce the levels of cortisol, which is a hormone associated with blocking reproductive hormones, difficulty losing weight, and an increase in belly fat. While cortisol does serve a purpose in acute emergency scenarios, it can be damaging if present in the body for too long.

The reason why people tend to drift off to sleep quickly after climaxing is because of the surge of prolactin, a hormone which facilitates the process of dozing off.

When an individual experiences an orgasm, it induces the release of dehydroepiandrosterone. This hormone is known to help keep the immune system balanced, contribute to preserving bone health, counter vaginal atrophy and even help with tissue healing.

The pelvic floor muscles are worked out during orgasm, as the contractions that occur cause these muscles to become stronger and healthier.

As the years pass, people experience significant changes in their lives. These can include physical, mental, and emotional changes that accompany getting older. 

Orgasm produces an increase of blood to various areas of the brain, providing an influx of oxygen. Such an oxygen boost can improve cognitive capacity, subsequently assisting in the preservation of mental functioning as time progresses.

Our bodies can more easily eliminate toxins and create collagen when there is increased blood flow. Collagen production decreases with menopause and is essential for having youthful-looking skin. These processes also contribute to having healthy and full hair.

The slowing of the ageing process can be aided by orgasms as they lower blood pressure.

The reduction in the visibility of wrinkles and lines is a side effect of better sleep.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy that is focused on sexual awakening can be beneficial in many ways. It can help individuals to become more aware of their own sexuality and become more comfortable with it. It can also help to reduce anxiety and increase pleasure during sexual activity. Furthermore, it can help to reduce any shame or guilt related to sex and to help individuals gain a better understanding of how their body works and how they can enjoy more fulfilling sexual experiences.

Hypnotherapy focused on sexual issues can assist women in conquering the difficulties which prevent them from having orgasms. As noted, regular orgasms provide numerous benefits for women. A series of sessions of this therapy can lead to the sexual enlightenment you desire and help you attain a healthier and more joyful life through achieving orgasms.

For numerous people, discussing sex can be a difficult subject; however, having frank conversations with one's partner can often help to solve any sexual issues that arise. Unfortunately, many individuals find it hard to talk honestly and break down the emotional barriers that can prevent such openness.

Women of all ages could have sexual difficulties due to a variety of causes, not exclusive to:

  • psychological issues causing distress
  • unequal amounts of hormones present in the body
  • an absence of oiling
  • vaginismus (This is a condition where involuntary muscle spasms make intercourse difficult or even impossible. These muscle spasms can be so intense that even inserting a tampon can be a challenge.)
  • experiences of past traumas
  • cynicism
  • medications that are available only with a doctor's order
  • drugs used for recreational purposes
  • consuming alcoholic beverages
  • anxiety
  • sleeplessness
  • a chronic pain in the vulva area that has no identifiable cause.
    Fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ovarian cysts are all physical issues that can be a factor.

Individuals who have gone through menopause may encounter the following:

  • pain in the vaginal area
  • a decrease in the natural lubrication of the vagina

As women come close to or have gone through menopause, their oestrogen levels drop; this may lead to dryness and thinning in the vaginal tissues. This can make penetration and intercourse painful for many women, with symptoms ranging from a feeling of tightness to feeling dry or even intense pain. There may also be an expectation of soreness in their vagina or burning in the vulva or vagina that has been experienced after intercourse in the past.

One may be scared or worried about the possibility of discomfort during or after intercourse or have issues with performance anxiety; vaginismus, a common cause of involuntary, painful tightening of the vaginal muscles, can also be a factor. Nonetheless, there is an avenue to achieving pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom.

It has been revealed that orgasms can be a source of increased body confidence. A study on women discovered that, when focusing on the pleasure their bodies can give them, their self-esteem increased, and they tended to be more sexually active. This, in turn, led to more orgasms and, thus, a strengthening of body confidence.

It has been established that increased orgasms can lead to improved health.

Hypnotherapy has been found to be an effective way of helping those dealing with anorgasmia and vaginismus. Through the adaptation of the unconscious mind, individuals can unlock their own sexual awakening and reach a newfound level of understanding and exploration of their own body. This can lead to an improved connection with their partner and the ability to experience a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Hypnosis works with men and women alike suffering from anorgasmia in just a few sessions; you can start to see improvements and enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

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Written by Marie De Bono, Solution Focused Hypnotherap, & Psychotherapy Practitioner
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