Self-limiting beliefs, hypnotherapy and coaching

Nearly all of us have self-limiting beliefs. Even phenomenally successful entrepreneurs often hit a glass ceiling and don’t appear to be able to increase the turnover of their businesses. Only a few break away and become multi-millionaires. Many hover with their earnings below £200k for many years.

Often clients that visit a hypnotherapist have very apparent limiting beliefs. When these clients talk they generally say things like "I can’t stop eating chocolate", "I can’t stop drinking", or "I can’t stop smoking".

Some people will believe that they could never talk in public because they would be too nervous to be able to give a sensible presentation. More people will go on record saying that they fear public speaking than people will say they fear death. Can it be that the fear of public speaking is more widespread than fear of death?

Many friends and clients tell me that “I could never run my own business”.

All of these are examples of how our own belief systems and negative self-talk can really hold us back from achieving the amazing things that we are all capable of.

Often if a client visits with an urgent need to change their behaviour then in as little as one session they can achieve big changes in their behaviour.

An important principle of hypnotherapy is that the client has all of the raw materials necessary within their subconscious mind to achieve the lasting changes that they desire.

What if you were to look upon hypnotherapy coupled with coaching as a way of completely transforming yourself and ridding yourself of your limiting beliefs? It then becomes possible to contemplate things that you previously considered personally impossible.

Lots of people have really good ideas for businesses but because they don’t care to see themselves as entrepreneurs they never take the plunge. Or they make a half-baked attempt which is doomed to failure. Yet these same people have often managed projects for large companies and have been very successful at that. Why do they suppose that they wouldn’t be successful? I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be realistic – on the contrary – they need to be very realistic that they probably have the skills to succeed but they need also to have the beliefs that they will succeed.

I am also not suggesting that a bit of hypnotherapy can easily remove a life time of self-limiting beliefs.  However if the brakes that you put on your performance are driven by an inner voice that was given to you by events in your childhood, then it might be possible to change your perspective and empower yourself hugely by making you aware of the origin of this inner narrative. In this way hypnotherapy could be a great start to seeing things from a different perspective. Backed up with a positive action plan, ongoing coaching and potential further hypnotherapy sessions, huge personal transformation is possible.  

It is important to realise that some personal change can take time and a period of contemplation may be required, but change is absolutely possible for everyone. 

One of the simplest things for a client was to help remove a negative association and limiting belief with the Interview process. “I don’t perform well at interviews”.  When he got the chance to interview for his dream job, one session was enough to transform his performance at interview and change his entire life.

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Liverpool L17 & L3
Written by Jeff Cassapi, Hypnotherapy - DIP (Hyp) GQHP
Liverpool L17 & L3

I find hypnotherapy the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have helped people overcome obstacles and win their dream job.

I continue to be amazed at the huge power of the subconscious and just wish that I had discovered these secrets for myself years ago.

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