Overspending or in debt? How hypnosis can help

We have all partaken in a little "retail therapy" but what about when it becomes a crutch we use when we feel depressed? The trouble with using money and "things" like that is it can soon spiral out of control.

I mentioned a vicious circle in my last article but the truth is so many things are started by a sad feeling and then circle downwards into a hole. In this case, imagine you start out buying something small like a lipstick or some aftershave or that gadget for home - it makes you feel good to treat yourself? But then the next time your try it, you don't get the same feeling so you buy something bigger, and so the trend is set, until you are buying more and more stuff - but eventually guilt sets in and you buy things you have to hide from your partner because they start to question you.

Hypnosis can help with this because a hypnotherapist can unpick the emotion that triggered the need.

It may have been depression, or envy, or even grief which started it but now you have the problem of debt possibly added to the equation.

The truth is debt takes time to sort but the problem that caused it needn't continue to be a problem, perhaps the worst part is admitting you have a problem and I hate to use the word addiction but in effect that's exactly what this is, one caused almost certainly by the "high" you get from spending money. But the great news is hypnosis can reduce the desire to spend while replacing that "high" with a different but fulfilling feeling safely so you do not have the attachment it to things or spending.

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