Mobile phone mania

Mobile phone?


What's yours like? What network are you on? What apps do you have? It's a great topic of conversation, particularly when an upgrade is released.

You are probably struggling to think of anyone you know who doesn't have a mobile because they are everywhere, they do everything and are seen as an essential rather than a luxury item. 

There are lots of advantages to having a mobile - you are basically walking around with a mini computer plus camera plus phone plus sat nav plus encyclopaedia all within one outer case. What's not to like?

However, more and more people are reporting issues re obsessive behaviour, addiction to the screen, evidence of anxiety when the mobile is not available as they spend hours on end staring at the screen, plus it is way too easy to gamble on line, shop on line and not realise how much is being spent.

Putting aside the actual physical issues linked to constant phone use such as poor posture and stiff neck, there is also the isolation and anti-social behaviour which causes problems, not to mention insomnia and lack of exercise.

This over reliance on the mobile can be successfully addressed using hypnotherapy. Just as with any addictive behaviour the hypnotherapist will look to break the link with the obsessive behaviour and install positive behaviours so that the mobile phone mania becomes a thing of the past and the mobile phone becomes simply a means of communication.

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