Locked in anger

Anger is a powerful emotion which is natural to humans. We may feel anger when we are frustrated, disrespected, humiliated; being treated unfairly or being prevented from achieving our goals. Many would agree that feeling anger in such circumstances would be justifiable and that by expressing how we feel, “I am angry because every time we arrange to go out, you cancel” Is a positive way in which to motivate change

Anger is also powerful when it is instrumental in bringing about change in the wider context. A person may be angry due to reading or researching about the injustice of people who do not have access to adequate housing. This anger may drive the person to connect with others, and in turn form a pressure group or lobby MPs in which to change the law, or raise awareness which gives rise to funds being available for housing. Whilst this is an over simplistic example, anger in such circumstances, is a powerful way of channelling this emotion which results in benefits to society. The same is true of creative people who channel anger through art, writing, singing and performance.

Anger becomes a problem when it harms ourselves and others in a negative way. This could be both psychologically and physically damaging. Madlow (1972) found that anger can lead to many different emotions and behaviours which over time can make a person argumentative, jealous, envious, judgmental, critical, sulky which may lead to behaviours such as avoidance, excessive exercise or excessive cleaning, crying, shouting, fighting, impulsive behaviours, to over/under eating. Constantly feeling angry may also lead to shifting the blame onto others e.g. “You always make me angry because you are lazy”. Over time this behaviour may sabotage relationships, friendships, careers and work life.

Hypnosis can help by unlocking this ‘locked’ in anger which may have developed over time and which has formed elemental patterns of emotions and behaviour. For example, a person who is angry may have certain elements present (of course they may not be aware of these) which activate each time they are angry i.e. feelings of inadequacy or perceived weakness in others.

The hypnotherapist uses a variety of techniques to address the underlying cause such as direct and indirect suggestions, to building up a person's self-esteem and confidence. This equips the person to make changes. The hypnotherapist can also use powerful techniques such as regression, and/or parts-therapy, in which to ‘chain back’ these patterns of anger, in order to finally release the emotions and behaviours which have been ‘locked’ in the unconscious, and therefore guide the person out of the emotional maze.

If you are feeling angry on a regular basis and it is beginning to negatively impact upon your life, then hypnosis may be to assist.

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Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2

Written by James Tiley

Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2

James Tiley is a hypnotherapist who practices in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. He specialises in the treatment of self-defeating behaviours, psychosexual problems, anxiety and IBS.

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